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Want Stronger Teeth and Bones? Get Onnit’s Coral Calcium

As we all know, the main support structure in our bodies is the skeletal system. This is composed of bones and muscles but bones are mainly what people mean when they talk about the skeletal system. Movement and protection of vital body organs such as the brain all depend on the skeletal system. Apart from that, the muscles which aid in such vital functions as breathing and digestion among others are all held in place by our skeletal system. In order for you to ensure that you have a properly-functional skeletal system, you have to know how to take care of it vis a vis what is is made out of.

The skeletal system is made up of bones whose main component, in addition to a number of other minerals, is calcium. Without enough calcium in our bodies, our bones would become weak and brittle, a condition that is known as osteoporosis. By not having enough calcium in our bodies as well as in our bodily reserves, we also risk having weak teeth seeing that the enamel that makes up about 70% of teeth is composed almost entirely of calcium. In order to prevent this, we have to make sure that we have enough calcium in our system, the main way of doing this being through dietary intake or using supplements such as Onnit’s Coral Calcium.

Onnit Coral Calcium

As far as the diet is concerned, milk is the main supplier of calcium to our bodies. It is important to keep in mind that most other foods, especially green vegetables, contain a substantial amount of calcium as well as a number of other important minerals. If you decide that you would like to strengthen your bones as well as your teeth by taking a supplement, Onnit’s Coral Calcium contains all the calcium that you need to achieve this.

Does Onnit’s Coral Calcium have any pros and cons?

We look at the two sides of the Coral Calcium proverbial coin, one side being its pros and the flip side being its cons.

The pros

  • Through availing to our bodies the required amount of calcium, Onnit’s Coral Calcium helps strengthen our bones and teeth.
  • Onnit’s Coral Calcium contains a number of other vital minerals, including magnesium, therefore standing tall as a very beneficial supplement.
  • For athletes and other performers, Onnit’s Coral Calcium has been endorsed by a number of professional MMA fighters who say that since they started using Onnit’s Coral Calcium, they have seen a reduction in the number of fractures they have had.
  • Onnit’s Coral Calcium is made entirely of natural Coral Calcium as well as other minerals. This means that apart from being very beneficial in a number of ways that we will look at in a while, it has not documented side effects.
  • Onnit’s Coral Calcium helps regulate body P.H, a sort of an “unwanted” effect that can come in very handy for people who suffer from diseases such as kidney stones, diabetes among others.

The cons

  • One of the biggest issues concerning mineral-based supplements is the risk of overdose and Onnit’s Coral Calcium is not an exception. A lot of people think that the more calcium you take, the better the results or the faster it acts. This is not actually true as unused calcium pass right out of our systems and can cause issues such as imbalanced bodily PH among others.
  • The magnesium included in Coral Calcium can be fatal for people who have heart conditions or magnesium allergies who do not read the instruction on the package.

Onnit Coral Calcium

So much good stuff to be said about Coral Calcium, What exactly is it?

Coral Calcium is described by its manufacturing company, Onnit, as a mineral supplement that is meant to supply natural sources of calcium and other minerals. As we have mentioned above, calcium is vital in maintaining the integrity of our bones and teeth. It is also true that a lot of people do not get enough calcium from their diets and thus the need for this supplement. People who are lactose intolerant and therefore cannot consume milk and other dairy products fall into this group. Since they cannot have any milk and other dietary products in their digestive systems, they need an alternative source of calcium.

Coral Calcium is harvested from 100% coral that washes up the beaches of Brazil. The coral collected in this way is then specially preserved to ensure that it supplies you with all of its natural minerals, most of which would be lost if the coral is not handled properly. Being one of the purest and richest sources of magnesium, calcium and a number of other vital trace minerals, Onnit’s Coral Calcium is the ideal way to help maintain healthy circulatory, skeletal and overall systemic health.

Why does Onnit insist on coral calcium and not other forms of calcium? Dietary sources maybe?

It has been a secret in the scientific community that for the last two decades or so, foods contain fewer and fewer amounts of calcium. This means that every passing year, you get increasingly fewer and fewer amounts of calcium than you ought to. What this means is that there is an alarming need for all of us to either increase our intake of foods that contain a lot of calcium or take some supplements that supply all the calcium we need on a day to day basis.

The question that arises when I tell people that Coral Calcium is better than dietary calcium is, “Why is it better?” Well, for several reason to be exact. Firstly, it is a pure, rich source of measured amounts of calcium. By looking at the packaging of Coral Calcium, you will clearly see that it supplies a given, measured amount of calcium in a capsule as opposed to dietary calcium whose amounts are not measured. This makes it easier to measure and maintain your daily calcium intake.

Secondly, it is the best coral calcium in the world. This is because, since it is collected from the shores of the Brazilian beaches that are virtually untouched, it is unadulterated. Apart from that, it is harvested devoid of sand and other impurities that are often included in coral calcium that is collected from the ocean floor.

Ok, all of that is well and good. What are the ingredients that are contained in Onnits’ Coral Calcium?

Well, there are three very important main ingredients of Onnit’s Coral Calcium. These are
1.Calcium – Of course. This is the most important of them all and it is important in helping build and maintain strong bones as well as teeth. It is also involved in muscle contraction which plays a vital role in movement. It also helps with blood vessels expansion and contraction, helps with sending impulses through and across the nervous system as well as helping with the secretion of various enzymes and hormones.
2.Magnesium – Magnesium plays a vital role in helping build a healthy nervous system, helping regulate blood pressure through the regulation of our heart beats as well as hundreds of other bodily functions.
3.Trace minerals – These help support the bodily functions of calcium and magnesium as well as perform various other functions on their own.
4.Vitamin D-3, cellulose and water

There are lots of benefits that come from using Onnit’s Coral Calcium

We have laid out quite elaborately some of the most important functions calcium plays in the body. Unknown to most people is the fact that there are so many more benefits that come from using Coral Calcium. One of these functions that we have touched on briefly is the regulation of the synthesis and release of certain hormones. One of the most important hormones that is affected by this is the hormone insulin. As you may know, this is the hormone tasked with regulating the levels of glucose in our bodies. By helping in regulating the synthesis and release of this hormone, calcium can help alleviate symptoms of diabetes as well as symptoms that are brought about by the complication that is elevated blood glucose levels.

Calcium has also been liked with helping with the prevention of cancer. This it does by regulating the bodily P.H whose levels below 6.0 have been liked to over 150 degenerative diseases with cancer being at the top of that list. Included on that list are other degenerative diseases such as arthritis, heart disease, kidney and gall stones as well as diabetes as we have seen above.

Calcium is known to increase the amount of oxygen in the body. This is very important in allowing the body to get rid of any and all toxic waste. This is vital in preventing the development of such health complications as large intestine tumors.

How safe is Coral Calcium? Who can use it?

As one of the people who left a review on Onnit’s site said, it is as safe as “the water you drink from your tap” . Yes,it is absolutely safe and comes recommended by hundreds of users not only on the Onnit website but also all over the internet.

As far as who can use Coral Calcium goes, anyone can use it apart from pregnant women and women who are nursing. Coral Calcium has been seen to be of particular help to people who would like to strengthen their bones such as athletes and MMA fighters. It has also come to be embraced by lactose intolerant people as their go-to source of calcium. Their inability to take milk and its products means that if they do not get their calcium from other sources, such as Coral Calcium, they risk all of the diseases and conditions that are associated with calcium deficiency.

When women reach menopause, their bodies start to lose calcium at higher than normal rates. What their bodies do to remedy this and maintain normal calcium levels in the blood stream is get the required calcium from their bones. This can lead to brittle bones, a condition known as osteoporosis. In order to prevent this, women who have reached menopause would benefit greatly from Coral Calcium.

coral calcium

How to use Coral Calcium and its dosage

As with other Onnit products, Coral Calcium is very easy to use. For adults, 3 capsules up to three times a day is recommended. It is also advised to take the capsules with food. Onnit advises that you should not take more than 6 capsules of Coral Calcium in a period of 24 hours unless explicitly told so by a health care professional.

Side effects and warnings

There have been no documented side effects arising from using Coral Calcium as recommended. However, there have been some adverse reactions reported from those who overdosed on this supplement. These include dry mouth, headache,depression, irritability, increases thirst, fatigue, constipation and loss of appetite. These are really nasty side effects so stay within the remember dosage levels of Coral Calcium.


There are so many benefits of using Coral Calcium that there is no reason that you should not be using it. From strengthened bones and teeth to helping prevent conditions such as diabetes and kidney stones, Coral Calcium has so many benefits. Seeing the benefits and research laid so bear has caused me to rethink my health choices. I am going to incorporate Coral Calcium into my diet and advise everyone I interact with to do the same.