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Testosterone Boosters: A review of three of the best

Testosterone is arguably one of the most important hormones as far as bodybuilding is concerned. This is because it not only helps with muscle gains, it also helps with fat and weight loss. This may be the reason why a lot of people turn to testosterone boosters when they notice their levels of testosterone falling off. For men especially, it is critical to have the right amounts of testosterone in the body. Remember that testosterone not only helps men bulk up, it also ensures their mental and emotional well-being. It is also a critical component of the male sexuality. It is possible to get the minerals and other “chemicals” that trigger the body to produce healthy amounts of testosterone from the diet but in most cases this is usually inadequate.


The problem is that in most cases, men do not accompany their diets with the right amount of exercise in order to keep the testosterone flowing. This is where a potent testosterone booster would come in. In this Testosterone booster review, we are going to be looking at 3 of the best testosterone boosters in the market. Our research is based on thousands of user reviews and submissions where they talk about the testosterone booster supplements they use. Some users have also mentioned some herbal testosterone boosters but in this review, we are going to be looking only at the supplements that are highly-regarded seeing that most herbal supplements are not held in the same esteem as other testosterone boosting supplements.

So, what are the pros and cons of using testosterone boosters?

There are only good things to be said about testosterone as a bodybuilding hormone. This is because it is a fast acting hormone which delivers rapid results as well as helps in a number of different ways. Below is a look at the pros and cons of using testosterone boosters.

The pros

  • Natural Testosterone boosters, those that are made out of 100% natural ingredients, do not have any of the side effects that are commonly associated with the direct use of Testosterone.buy-anavar
  • Testosterone boosters do not only help with muscle gain and increase in muscle mass, they also help with weight loss. This they do by triggering certain mechanisms in the body that are involved in weight loss.
  • By increasing your energy and strength as well as improving your stamina, the best Testosterone boosters on the market with help you train harder and push farther for even greater muscle gains.
  • The best Testosterone boosters also play a critical role in improving male sexual health and performance. All of the natural Testosterone boosters that we will look at in this review also help promote health sperm production.
  • By acting through other mechanisms like inducing the release of the Human Growth Hormone, Testosterone boosting supplements help push muscle growth and size increase even further.

The cons

  • Seeing that most Testosterone boosters perform best when included in a
    , their overall price may be inhibiting to some people.
  • The best Testosterone boosters on the market are usually in very high demand so there are chances that they may be out of stock in a lot of places.


What are Testosterone boosters?

By this point, I am sure you are wondering what Testosterone boosters are. Well, as their name suggests, they help to increase, or boost, the levels of testosterone in the body. You see, testosterone is a very important hormone in the human body. It is critical for certain functions like increase in muscle size, secondary male bodily changes during adolescence as well as the development of a healthy male reproductive system. It is testosterone that helps men bulk up &gain muscle and attain the masculine body form while in the adolescent stage. Although women have testosterone in their bodies, they have it in much lover quantities than men making women who are bodybuilders be in a much greater need for the best Testosterone boosters.

addtocart2for3-bottomThere are various mechanisms that a natural Testosterone booster can use to increase the amount of testosterone in the body depending on the ingredients that it includes. These mechanisms include the direct stimulation of the putuitiary gland to release lutenizing hormone that in turn stimulates the testes to release testosterone. Another mechanism is by blocking the enzymes that break down testosterone in the body. Since the testosterone is not broken down, its levels increase in the body to useful levels.


What are some of the best Testosterone boosters?

Most testosterone booster reviews focus on about 10 Testosterone boosting supplements. In this review, we are going to look at 3 of the ones I personally consider to be the best of the best. This is so that I bring to you a lot more information about each of the products and a moderately deeper look at each of these supplements.

Testosterone Max

This is a Testosterone booster that boasts the ability to give you the energy that is needed to enjoy immense power when working out. According to a huge number of users, it is a very effective natural testosterone booster with users seeing results within two weeks of staring the use of this supplement. Testosterone Max is manufactured by
Crazy Bulk
 and like all other products in this Testosterone booster review, it is completely natural and therefore 100% safe. Although it is meant to mimic the actions, effects and results of testosterone, it does so without inducing any of the side effects that are commonly associated with the direct use of testosterone.

Some of the positive remarks made about Testosterone max include:

  • It contains twice the amounts of sapponis, the main testosterone-boosting ingredient, as other competing brands
  • It ensures an ultra-fast post work-out recovery
  • It provides explosive energy for much more beneficial workouts
  • Testosterone max increases the rate at which the body burns fat leading to fat loss and leaner, firmer muscles.
  • There are no known or documented side effects stemming from the proper use of Testosterone Max.
  • Of course Testosterone max is one of the best Testosterone boosters as far as increasing the amount of testosterone in the body is concerned.

increase the amount you can bench


This is a relatively new Testosterone booster having been released in late 2014. It has gone to upset some of the older brands and was even named the top Testosterone booster of 2015 in some of the most reputable Testosterone booster reviews. Its is manufactured by a company going by the same name, Testogen, and its high amounts of active ingredients as well as its very fast-acting formula are just two of the things that have led to the the rapid rise of this supplement. Its main ingredients are D-Aspartic acid which is very important in stimulating the release of luteinizing hormone and Tribulus Terrestris which is a very potent libido-booster.


As you can see, this Testosterone booster does not only give you elevated testosterone levels, it also helps improve male sexual performance by including libido-boosting ingredients. Testogen is known for its ability to increase energy levels as well as improve stamina and sex drive.

Some benefits of using Testogen include:

  • It helps melt away excess body fat especially around the belly.
  • Testogen is one of the best natural testosterone booster as far as building muscles is concerned. It will help you build more muscles easily and lead to massive muscle mass increases.
  • Its libido-boosting properties do come in very handy for its male users.
  • Since Testogen is a
    natural testosterone booster
    , there have been no reported side effects arising from its proper use.


This is a very well known Testosterone booster having been in use for a long time before newer supplements like Testosterone max and Testogen came into the market. That said, it still commands a huge following with most of its users swearing by it and refusing to switch to any other testosterone booster on the market.


Like Testogen before it, it contains D-aspergic acid, Ginseng, funugreek, vitamin D and vitamin B6. Perhaps the one ingredient that will stand out is Oyster extract. Most Testosterone boosters include zinc since it is a known aphrodisiac and helps with the production of healthy sperm. Oyster is one of the richest zinc sources in the world. Zinc has also been shown to have very strong testosterone-boosting properties so this is one ingredient that you definitely want in your Testosterone boosters’ ingredients.

Some TestoFuel Pros

  • All of the ingredients of this natural testosterone booster have been carefully selected which has led to its being declared one of the best Testosterone boosters on the market.
  • All of TestoFuel’s ingredients wok together to give you incredible power and strength for longer and more productive workouts.
  • TestoFuel also leads to explosive muscle growth and lean muscle mass increase.
  • TestoFuel is a completely natural testosterone booster so there are zero chances of you experiencing any side effects from the use of this testosterone booster.
  • See massive fat loss and incredible gains in strength, stamina and confidence when using this supplement as it not only provides the energy that you need when working out, it also leads to a leaner, firmer, better-looking body.

Some of the notable testosterone boosting ingredients

legal-steroidsThere are some ingredients that overlap in each of the three natural testosterone boosters that we have looked at above. These ingredients are thought to be the most important as far and testosterone-boosting properties of these natural Testosterone Boosters go. We are going to have a brief look at each of them below:

  • 1.D-Aspertic Acid – This is one of the most important addition to any testosterone boosting supplement. It works by stimulating the release of Lutenizing hormone in the pituitary gland. This hormone then stimulates the relevant bodily organs in men and women to release testosterone. It is included in the best testosterone boosters on the market because it works very fast.
  • 2.Tribulus Terrestris – This is a plant extract that is known to increase libido as well as boost the production of testosterone. That said, its potency as far as testosterone-production is concerned is lower than that of D-Aspertic acid
  • 3.Zinc – Regardless of whether it is present as the mineral or as an oyster extract, zinc has some very powerful aphrodisiac activity. Its libido-boosting powers will come in very handy especially in men whose sexual performance may have declined due to age and any other reasons.

Directions on how to use these Testosterone Boosters

Each of these names testosterone boosters have their own dosages and use. Order Testogen NowThat said, most bodybuilders take one tablet or capsule before meals even on days that they are not working out. On the days that they are, they usually take a tablet or capsule 30-45 minutes before going to the gym.

General advice and warnings

Although the safety of the above natural Testosterone Boosters has been proven through the thousands of positive user reviews that have been left online, these supplements are not for use by pregnant or nursing mothers. They are also not to be used by persons who are under 18 years of age. All users are advised to discontinue the use of any of these Testosterone Boosters and talk to a healthcare specialist should any adverse side effects arise from the use of any of the above-named supplements.


All of the above Testosterone Boosters seem to work the same: they help increase the amount of testosterone in the body. The only difference is the other ingredients that are included for various other benefits such as increase in libido among others. The other difference is the amounts of the different ingredients included in the individual Testosterone Boosters. That said, all of them have very potent testosterone boosting properties and they go a long way to help with muscle gain, fat loss and male sexual performance (read libido and fertility).

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