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Testogen review – The Number One Testosterone Booster

Basic biology tells us that men are controlled by a number of hormones and chemicals with the most important one of them all being Testosterone. Apart from controlling the male sexual and emotional well-being, it is also responsible for a lot of other vital aspects of the male bodies. For example, it is responsible for allowing men to bulk up a lot more easily than women. It is also the reason why men are able to burn fat much faster then women, the reason why men have more muscle than fat.

Now, as men age, the amount of testosterone in their bodies begins to decline. The result of this is loss of muscle, increase in flabby muscles, low energy levels and irritability. However, there is help for those who suspect that they have low testosterone levels, Testogen.

This is a supplement that helps stimulate the release of testosterone in the body leading to a number of benefits:

  • A sharper mind due to improvement in concentration and mental agility
  • Better performance due to increased energy levels in the body
  • Leaner, firmer muscles due to the increase in the rate at which the body burns fat as well as the increase in lean muscle mass.

As you may have learn from the three benefits that we have mentioned above, elevated testosterone levels, brought about by the use of Testogen, can come in very handy for bodybuilders. The ability of Testosterone to induce muscle growth and muscle mass as well as reduce fat in the body leads to bigger muscles that are firmer and a body that is very well-defined. Therefore, if you are looking for a bodybuilder’s body, Testogen is the supplement that you ought to be taking.

What are some of the pros and cons of Testogen?

Although Testogen is a very good supplement, that does not deter people from saying what they think about this supplement, be it positive or negative. Although there are a lot of positive and encouraging reviews online and on other platforms, there are also a few negative things that have been said about this testosterone-booster. Below are the pros and cons of Testogen as collected from thousands of actual users.

The Pros

  • Testogen is effective and fast acting. Within a short time of using this supplement, you are assured of increased testosterone levels
  • It increases your energy in addition to helping improve or revive male sexual performance.
  • Since it is made put of 100% natural ingredients, Testogen does not have any side effects.
  • It increases your energy in addition to improving your stamina.
  • It helps with rapid muscle growth and awesome muscle mass increase.
  • It helps increase your metabolism and in this way directs the body to get rid of the excess fat in your body.
  • A huge number of users have said that Testogen is a lot cheaper than most other testosterone boosters in the market.

The cons

  • There are so many testosterone boosters in the market with a similar name so one might not pick up Testogen due to the negative connotations that may arise from other similarly names products.

Testogen: A detailed look at what it is

Testogen is a testosterone-boosting supplement. It stimulates the body to release testosterone especially in people who need it like people who have low testosterone levels as well as those who need increased amounts of testosterone in their bodies. The fact that testosterone is a very potent steroid that increases muscle mass and helps with burning fat makes Testogen a very important supplement for bodybuilders.

Testogen: A detailed look at what it is

As we will see later in detail in this Testogen review, this supplement contains a number of ingredients that all come together to afford you various benefits like

  • increased strength and stamina which allows you to work harder for longer leading directly to improved muscle size;
  • eliminating tiredness, loss of concentration and irritability as well as increase body fat loss;
  • improving your focus and allow you to blaze through mental-intensive tasks;
  • reversing poor libido, loss of stamina and decreased muscle tone.

Lets see the ingredients that are contained in this supplement

We all know that the benefits, effects and results that are delivered by a supplement are directly tied into the ingredients that it contains. When I looked at the ingredients that are included in Testogen, I was surprised. This is because it included more than one ingredient with a certain use and it includes very high amounts of these ingredients. What I concluded is that apart from acting really fast, this supplement is going to give you outstanding results as far as muscle building and fat loss is concerned. Without further ado, here are the ingredients that are included in Testogen:

  • 1. D-Aspartic Acid – First on the list is an ingredient that stimulates the production of luteinizing hormone. This hormone directs the testes to release testosterone. It has been proven, with clear evidence from hundreds of tests, that D-Aspartic Acid is one of the most effective compounds as far as the production of Luteinizing hormone is concerned. D-Aspartti acid is a vital ingredient in Testogen because it is directly responsible for a better sex drive, increased strength, stamina and energy levels.
  • 2. Tribulus Terrestris – This is a plant whose parts are very potent libido-boosters. Most of the people who know that it is included in Testogen say that this is the main reason why it is included. Although this claim has not been scientifically proven, the fact that has been proven is that Tribulus Terrestris can help increase the release of testosterone by between 16% and 57%. That is outstanding!
  • 3. Panax Ginseng – This ingredient is known for its ability to assist in getting strong erections. It is also known to improve concentration, endurance, physical stamina and concentration. It also increases Nitric oxide activity in the body, the result of which is improved blood flow to the muscles.
  • 4. Funugreek – Another ingredient with very profound effects that include enhanced libido, improved vitality and stamina, increased strength and normalized testosterone levels in the body. Funugreek has also very strong anti-estrogen actions,. As you may know, the increase in the levels of estrogen in the body, particularly in men over 30, leads to decreased testosterone amounts as estrogen is a very potent testosterone killer.
  • 5. Zinc – A natural mineral that not only encourages the body to produce testosterone but that also enhances its utilization. It is a known aphrodisiac and is known to promote the production of healthy sperm. There are quite a number of benefits that arise from the ingestion of zinc: it inhibits the actions of the aromatase enzyme that actively converts testosterone to estrogen, it pushes the body to produce dopamine which helps you work out for longer and it helps keep your brain sharper and more focused.
  • 6. Other ingredients – These include selenium and vitamins D, B2, B5 and B6


How does Testogen works

We have seen that there are so many benefits that can arise from the use of this supplement. The most profound of these benefits are:

  • Increased libido and improved sexual performance
  • Improved stamina, strength and energy which leads to longer work out times.
  • Increased rate at which the body burns fat leading to fat leading to rapid weight loss
  • Increase in muscle mass and the growth of lean muscles leading to a firmer, better defined body.

Now, all of these benefits stem from the way the ingredients in Testogen come together to work together to deliver all of these benefits. Testogen stimulates the pituitary gland to produce Lutenizing hormone. This hormone then stimulates the testes to produce testosterone. This leads to increased testosterone in the body, testosterone that goes on to work on various tissues, organs and muscles to produce all of the effects that we have talked about in this Testogen review.

What benefits does Testogen afford over other testosterone-boosting supplements?

One of the things that truly stands out about Testogen is its unique combination of ingredients. For example, most testosterone-boosting supplements will have either D-Aspartic acid or Tribulus Terrestris. Testogen goes above and beyond and includes both of these very potent ingredients. It does not only this but it also included higher amounts of these ingredients that any other testosterone supplements. This gives faster, more profound results in a very short time.

Secondly, Testogen includes vitamins that are not included in other testosterone supplements. A lot of supplements only have either of the two ingredients we have mentioned above and a few minerals. Testogen goes above and beyond and includes a number of very important vitamins in its formula.

Although this is not a functional benefit, Testogen is cheaper than most other testosterone boosting supplements in the market. This not only makes it affordable, it avails it to a huge number of people who cannot afford the other testosterone boosters in the market.

Finally, Testogen delivers rapid muscle bulking benefits as well as fat loss properties. This it does through a combination of ingredients that do not only help you lose fat in the present but that also ensure that the fat will not come crashing back as soon as you stop taking the supplement.

How safe is Testogen?

A lot of people worry about the safety of steroid supplements and for good reason. There is quite a number of supplements out in the market that have some very nasty side effects. Testogen is made out of 100% natural ingredients. This means that you are not going to be subjected to any of the nasty side effects that are experienced through use of unsafe and illegal supplements.

Testogen stimulates the body to release testosterone through its own mechanisms. Testogen does not introduce any testosterone in the body. This ensures that you do not experience any of the side effects are that associated with the direct use of testosterone.

Does Testogen have any side effects?

Although there are thousands of Testogen reviews online, not one of them mentions any side effects stemming from the proper use of this supplement. However, it is important to remember that overdosing on this supplement may cause adverse reactions which may be fatal.

How to use Testogen and its recommended dosage

You are advised to take four capsules spread throughout the day. When using this dosage option, you take one capsule after breakfast, one after lunch and one after dinner. The last capsule is to be taken later in the evening.

A number of Testogen uses have come up with another equally beneficial dosage plan. This includes taking 2 capsules after breakfast and two after dinner. No matter which route you decide to follow, just remember that overdosing or misusing this supplement may cause adverse effects that may be fatal.

General advise and warnings

Although Testogen has been proven to be 100% safe by a majority of its users, it is not to be used by pregnant or nursing mothers. Testogen is not also to be used by persons who are under 18 years of age. Remember that Testogen is not a cure or a replacement of any medication. Be sure to talk to a healthcare processional before using this supplement if you have any medical conditions or are taking any other medications. Testogen is not to be used by people undergoing any medical procedures now or in the near future.

Although almost impossible, please discontinue the use of this supplement and talk to a helthcare professional if you experience any adverse effects from the use of this supplement.


Testogen came out of nowhere to challenge other market leaders in the testosterone boosting category. It has proven itself to be a potent testosterone booster and based on the number of positive reviews online, this is a supplement that will go on to dominate the testosterone market. Testogen is the best new testosterone booster beating all others hands down!