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Review of T+ Total Strength + Performance

T+ Total Strength + Performance is a stimulant-free, pre and post-workout mix with organic ingredients that help enhance an athlete’s strength. The main earth-grown nutrients that makeup the formula include Mucuna Pruriens, Longjack Root Extract, and Luteoli, which are easily recognized and utilized by the body, unlike other supplements with synthetic ingredients.


After a month of continuous usage of T+, my trainer and I have noticed my increased stamina in doing bench press reps and squat workout. I don’t even feel too sore after doing a set of exercises because of the supplement’s ability to help with my muscle recovery. Unlike other supplements in the market, T+ doesn’t give off temporary strength but a lasting one. It also made drastic improvements in my body’s performance over a short period of time. Since I started using it, I have already seen the massive changes in my body.

T+ Total Strength + Performance Pros and Cons

For the benefit of the discerning consumers, here I present to you the pros and cons of using T+ Total Strength + Performance, so you can decide if you want to try out this product and experience it for yourself.

T+ Total Strength + Performance Pros

downloadIt doesn’t contain any banned substances in it and it is safe to use for competition.
downloadIt was certified as drug free by the Banned Substances Control Group.
downloadThe combination of the nutrients present in the product help push the limits of a person’s endurance to strenuous activities.
downloadThe modified beta-alanine amino acid that is present in the supplement, enhances muscle endurance and improves a person’s physical performance.
download T+ also helps in improving a person’s body composition, and produces substantial changes in his muscle growth, which is also relative to his increased resistance in training.
download This supplement helps improve the muscle’s strength and recovery.
download The formula is beneficial to the body as it reduces the muscle’s soreness after some heavy and straining activity.
download T+ helps restore optimal testosterone levels in aging males.

T+ Total Strength + Performance Cons

1194985626525719339tasto_11_architetto_fran_01.svg.med There are people who have noted about its unpleasant taste. However, Onnit has replaced a minor ingredient in T+, with erythritol, a natural sugar alcohol that gives off a more natural taste to the supplement.
1194985626525719339tasto_11_architetto_fran_01.svg.med If taken with other food, the amino acids from the supplement will be reduced as it competes with other amino acids you have absorbed.
1194985626525719339tasto_11_architetto_fran_01.svg.med If taken later in the afternoon or at night, this might keep you up and awake, and might cause you to have difficulty in sleeping.

T+ Total Strength + Performance

What Is T+ Total Strength + Performance?

T+ Total Strength + Performance is a formula manufactured and produced by the supplement company, Onnit. It is designed to help muscle recovery, improve an athlete’s performance, and increase his power and strength in doing his physical activities.

A study was made involving the strength-based athletes of the Florida State University to analyze their hormone levels, body composition, and performance. After 4 weeks of continued usage, those who have taken the T+ formula have shown improvement in their powerlifting performance, and in their overall strength, 36% faster compared to the rest who have missed out on the supplement. It only goes to show how effective this supplement is in producing great results within a short period of time.

What Makes Up the New and Improved T+ Total Strength + Performance Formula and What Are Their Benefits?

If you are curious as to what comprises the T+ supplement, read the comprehensive details on what makes T+ one of the best supplements available in store, for those who are physically active and to all athletes out there.
1. Longjack – Longjack is a flowering plant that is common in Malaysia and Indonesia. In these countries, quassinoids, which are now being referred to as “new cancer therapeutics” are usually found as additives in coffee and energy drinks. It is known that longjack helps increase testosterone levels in aging men.
2. Beta-alanine – When you go through heavy training, your muscles produce lactic acid. This lactic acid is not good for your muscles as it only causes muscle soreness and post-workout muscle fatigue. Beta-alanine is a non-essential amino acid that helps moderate the production of lactic acid in your body, and also helps in maintaining the ideal pH level in your blood.
3. Luetolin – Luetolin is an antioxidant and an anti-inflammatory for non-medical conditions. This citrus bioflavonoid is commonly found in lemons, celery, oregano, peppermint, and other herbs, and just like the longjack, it also helps in producing ideal testosterone levels in men.

4. Panthothenic Acid or Vitamin B5 – Pork, sunflower seeds, shiitake mushrooms, and other earth-grown food provide vitamin B5. For those who are undergoing mental and physical stress every day, vitamin B5 is good for you.
5. Vitamin B6 – This B vitamin that is commonly found in meats and fish, and is present in the T+ supplement is essential to our body, as this helps fight off premature aging caused by free radicals. What’s more, this vitamin, is needed in protein metabolism and in keeping cell energy.
6. Bioperine (Black Pepper Extract) – According to clinical studies, bioperine, which is extracted from black pepper, helps in the quick absorption of nutrients and other beneficial compounds in this supplement.
7. Resveratrol – The resveratrol in a glass of wine, and in this supplement, shows potential in helping manage weight.
8. (Magnesium) Aspartic Acid – When we eat nuts, pumpkin seeds, and other vegetables, we get magnesium that helps in the enzymatic processes in our body, and in muscle contraction. Avocados, beets, and oats, on the other hand, has aspartic acid which helps in developing brain hormones and neurotransmission.
9. BCAA Amino Blend – The combination of taking in these three essential amino acids valine, leucine, and isoleucine, helps the body in its muscle production, preventing the breakdown of muscle tissues. By taking T+, you get to increase the levels of BCAA in your body, which will help in supporting energy levels, fat oxidation, and in generating new proteins.
10. Red Clover Flower Extract – The flowers of this wild herb have nutrients in them that help balance out the disruptive hormonal changes in your body.
11. Nettle Root Extract – The nettle root extract is known to be beneficial as it helps in one’s overall recovery. It is also a good source of fiber.
12. Mucuna Pruriens Seed Extract – The seeds from this shrub actually help the body provide support in the dopamine system in the brain, which is responsible for starting a body’s movement.


What Are the Benefits of T+ Total Strength + Performance?

As you have seen above in this T+ Total Strength + Performance review, the combination of all these beneficial and all-natural ingredients that are present in the T+ formula, produce outstanding results to those who take them in a regular basis. Those who are active in sports just like cyclists, sprinters, rowers, or even boxers, this supplement is the right one for you as the beta-alanine amino acid in this formula helps enhance your muscle’s endurance to your training and exercise.

Who Should Take T+ Total Strength + Performance? Is It Even Safe to Take?

The T+ supplement is applicable to everyone, be it athletes and body builders, or for anyone who is physically active, is into sports, and to those who clocked in everyday to work for 8 hours or more. If you want that extra energy to start your day, the T+ supplement will provide you the kickstart you need to working and sweating it out, giving you longer endurance to strenuous activities. Consult with your doctor if you feel any side effects while taking this supplement.



T+ Total Strength + Performance Suggested Usage

It is strictly advised for individuals who weigh under 165 pounds, to take two scoops of this supplement, 30 minutes prior to your training. For those who weigh between 165 to 205 lbs., you may take two scoops of this supplement, 30 minutes prior to your training, and another scoop 30 minutes after your training. On days when you are not training, you may divide the recommended serving evenly with your breakfast and lunch. Do not go over four scoops of this supplement within the 24-hour period unless it is prescribed by your doctor.


My Personal Verdict

In totality, you wouldn’t ask for more when you see the good results after consistently taking the T+ supplement. Within a short period of time, you will already feel an increased staying power when doing your regular physical activities, just like what I have experienced for myself. Notice that over time, you can last longer in doing heavy training, and be able to lift heavier weights. The best thing about the T+ supplement is that, it doesn’t only help you increase your muscle size, but it also helps lessen your muscle’s soreness while improving your body’s ability to recover fast. You will notice immediately a sudden boost in your energy, pushing you to your body’s limit while undergoing heavy training or exercise. You wouldn’t be caught just lying around now with that extra increase in your stamina. See your body progress with the T+ Total Strength + Performance supplement. If in case this product doesn’t work out for you, Onnit offers a refund policy which you can actually return their product.