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Review of ShroomTech Sport

The idea behind working out and working for a result that you want is pushing your body as far as it can go in the shortest time possible. The problem with this is that our bodies can only take so much at any given time. If you are an athlete or you live in a fast paced world, then you know what this feels like: not being able to push past a certain point. I am a pusher and like every other person who works out, I hold in high regard products that help me push harder and further and see results as I do so. When a friend of mine introduced me to ShroomTech Sport, I was skeptical. There are so many products in the market for people who demand more from their bodies, why was this one different?

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To say that the results were amazing would be an understatement. The instructions on the bottle said to take one supplement 45 minutes before I went in for my work out. As most people do, I expected to feel the difference when I hit the bench. How wrong I was! In about 20 minutes, I was experiencing a surge in energy unlike anything I had experienced before. I was literally revving to go. This made me curious and so I investigated further on what could be giving me this elevated mood and sudden surge in energy. What follows is a comprehensive review of ShroomTech Sport, a supplement that is now constantly on my shelf.

ShroomTech Sport Pros and Cons

As with every supplement in the market, ShroomTech Sport has a number of pros and cons. Aggregated from actual user reviews, what follows are the pros and cons of this amazing supplement:

ShroomTech Sport Pros

  • Since ShroomTech Sport is made of natural ingredients, it can be used at all levels of competition including professional athleticism.
  • It is also approved by the sports doping agency as being safe for use by professional athletes.
  • Since ShroomTech Sport is low on stimulants, you are not going to see any twitching or fidgeting when using it. There is also no jittery buzz or any crash as is experienced when one uses energy drinks for an energy boost.
  • With its high levels of antioxidants through the addition of green tea extract, ShroomTech Sport helps mop up free-radicals in your body and thus actually helps with cancer prevention.
  • ShroomTech Sport is gluten free, soy free and does not contain any genetically modified ingredients. This means that it is a clean, natural way to get an energy boost.
  • Its vegan friendly, a fact that I love since I am vegan.

ShroomTech Sport Cons

  • Since ShroomTech Sport is low on stimulants, it will not hit you as fast as most other stimulants. Instead, it sneaks up on you over an average period of 30 minutes. Be that as it may, this is noted on the dosage instructions and this is why it is advised that you take a tablet 45 minutes before your workout.
  • A number of people noted that there is a tendency of the effects of ShroomTech Sport to plateau over a period of two weeks. Although users noted that they still experienced increased energy levels, better performance and elevated moods throughout its use, after about two weeks they did not get to a level as high as they did the first few days of using this supplement.

So, What is ShroomTech Sport?

Manufactured by Onnit, ShroomTech Sport was created with the idea that any and all supplements should first of all be safe for real athletes to use. The conception of this supplement was also based on the idea that any and all supplements should provide clean energy and use ingredients that have a history of use in high-level and demanding situations as well as provide general well-being. ShroomTech Sport is a result of a careful balance of adaptogens, cordyceps sinensis mushrooms, antioxidants and the very beneficial methyl B-12. This combination of ingredients that have been in use by high performing persons for over a thousand years is what gives ShroomTech Sport that extra jolt of power.

By this point you know what ingredients are found in the ShroomTech Sport supplement and I am sure you are wondering how it all comes together to give you better performance, an elevated mood and a surge in energy.

The Breakdown on ShroomTech Sport – The Ingredients and the benefits

ShroomTech Sport works by using a strategy unlike any other: it provides cellular energy through the utilization of ATP as opposed to using stimulants like most other supplements do. It also helps your body utilize oxygen better and thus helps you perform better for longer, recover easier and have better cardiovascular performance.

The secret behind all of this are the ingredients found in ShroomTech Sport the most fundamental of them being:
1.Cordyceps Sinesis – This is a mushroom that is found high up the mountains of Tibet. This mushroom contains cordyceptic acid and adenosine as well as other phytonutrients. Cordycepts have been show in numerous studies to help with aerobic capacity through improved utilization of oxygen and thus better utilization of energy. The fact that this is a naturally occurring mushroom makes it ideal for use by both casual and professional performers and athletes.
2. Ashwagandha – Also known as “Indian Ginsen”, ashwagandha has a lot of amazing benefits. It works the same as other adaptogens. That is, it helps our bodies deal better with stress by helping with and supporting a number of vital bodily functions. Through a careful balance of alkaloids, fatty acids, withanolides and amino acids, this supplement additive helps greatly with reaction time and mental acuity. This is thought to be as a result of its cholinergic activity which has been shown to be of particular value to athletes.Shroom-Tech-Sport
3.Green tea extract – This serves as a great source of antioxidants and caffeine. Having been in use for thousands of years, its health benefits are well documented. With its combination of catechins, polyphenols, and the highly potent EGCG, it has been shown to harvest lipid free-radicals. In this way, green tea extract helps with protecting against neurotoxicity that is as a result of excessive vital organ exertion.
4.Rhodiola – A herb that has been used in tea for centuries by Russians and Surbs, rhodiola is best known for stimulating the nervous system, decreasing fatigue, enhancing performance and of course reducing high altitude sickness. This herb is officially categorized as an adaptogen meaning that it helps greatly in dealing with chemical, physical and biological stress. Through its central nervous system and cardiopulmonary protective properties, rhodiola has been shown to work though influencing the levels and activity of opioid peptides as well as monoamines.
5.Methyl B-12 – Being the only form of Vitamin B-12 that can participate in homocysteine metabolism, Methyl B-12 helps with converting homocysteine to methionone which leads to increased levels of S-adenosyl methionone. An increase in S-adenosyl methionone helps to reduce neurotoxicity, a property that helps our bodies perform for longer and at higher stress levels.

What are the benefits of using ShroomTech Sport?

Having had a look at all of the vital ingredients that are found in ShroomTech Sport, you can already begin to see the benefits that you stand to reap from incorporating this supplement into your daily workouts. Firstly, by incorporating methyl B-12 and cordyceps sinesis, ShroomTech Sport helps you perform at higher stress levels and help you recover faster from fatigue. This is particularly useful for those who participate in activities that need short spurts of energy and exertion followed by short rest periods.personal-shroom-tech-sport-review

Ashwagandha helps with your mental acuity and reaction time. This I can attest to. I am able to concentrate better for longer as well as think more clearly than I normally do as long as I get my supplement before my workouts. The green tea extract ensures that I do not have to worry about neurotoxicity. Its potent mix of catechins, polyphenols, and EGCG help eliminate free-radicals in my body as well as help with getting rid of the by-products of vital organ exertion.

Coming to something that is very close to the hearts of the majority of athletes, rhodiola helps with an increased resistance to various levels of biological, physical and chemical stressors. Its cardiopulmonary properties as well as central nervous system activities ensure that it enhances performance levels as well as lower levels of fatigue.

Will ShroomTech Sport Work for You? Who is it made for? Is it safe to use?

There is a common misconception where the majority of people think that supplements are made for athletes and body builders. These people could not be any more wrong! ShroomTech Sport is a well-being supplement over and above being a supplement helps with improved performance. This means that in addition to having some very potent mentally- and physically-enhancing properties, it also has some mood enhancing and well-being properties. This is why in addition to giving you a much needed energy boost, it also helps with your mental acuity as well as agility. It helps you concentrate better and remain alert for longer.shroomtech-sport

What does this mean for you? It means that no matter who you are, ShroomTech Sport has lots of properties that will be of benefit to you. Do you work long hours? Do you undertake physically and mentally challenging tasks on a day to day basis? Then ShroomTech Sport is the supplement for you.

In essence, ShroomTech Sport is made for everyone who wants better performance and well being. As far as ShroomTech Sport’s safety is concerned, it is approved by the international anti-doping agency which has one of the highest safety standards in the world. Its is also an all-natural supplement utilizing natural occurring ingredients that have been shown to have beneficial qualities for thousands of years.

It has also undergone rigorous FDA and other authority approval tests and steps for it to be on your shelf. As far as safety is concerned, you have absolutely nothing to worry about as far as this amazing supplement is concerned.

Onnit offers a word of caution though. Although this supplement is absolutely safe for use by practically anyone, it is not for use by pregnant or nursing women or those who are under 18 years of age. Onnit also advises that if you are using any other medications especially blood thinners and other cardiac related drugs, you ought to talk to a healthcare professional before using this supplement.

Does ShroomTech Sport Have Any Side Effects?

One of the things that truly stood out for me about ShroomTech Sport is the fact that it does not have any documented side effects. Yes, there is no documented evidence that ShroomTech Sport causes any adverse effects. As odd as this may be to hear, there is quite a simple explanation. There is no single ingredient in ShroomTech Sport that is chemical in nature. All of the components in this supplements are naturally occurring and are actually manually cultivated in the Onnit gardens.


With that said, as with any supplement, our bodies react differently to different substances. There may be people who have experienced side effects when using this supplement but the fact that they have not seen these side effects adverse enough to document or report them is a plus for ShroomTech Sport. That being the case, it is always a good idea to talk to a healthcare professional should you have any adverse reactions or side effects when using any supplement including ShroomTech Sport.


We are all looking to perform and be better at various tasks and for most of us, be better at our day to day activities. ShroomTech Sport helps you perform better, have better stamina and be victorious in all that you do. Although initially created for athletes and people performing in various platforms and other areas of stress, ShroomTech Sport has proven to be a vital addition to the shelf of anyone looking for better performance, mental, physical and biological stamina, acuity, endurance and performance.