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Product Review of Stron BONE™ & Joint

No matter how much we exercise, our bones still need nutrients which our food could not solely provide.  Although proper exercise can greatly improve the strength of our bones, we still need supplements that will increase our bone-forming cells. To answer all our problems, Onnit Labs’ all new Stron BONE™ & Joint is here to rescue our broken bones and strained ligaments.


It is inevitable to have a minor fracture, strain, or sprain while doing our everyday routine. However, many of us are not aware of the danger of having these kinds of bone issues while lifting or working out. With Stron Bone & Joint, you do not need to wait for weeks or months to gain a complete bone recovery. Whether you are an athlete, a dancer or a mid-aged individual who just want to have a healthier bone structure, Stron Bone & Joint is the nutritional supplement you are looking for.

Stron Bone™ & Joint Review: Pros and Cons

We are so focused on staying healthy that we often overlook the things that are more important—bones. This is why Onnit Labs developed a revolutionary nutritional supplement that will support our joints, bones, and ligaments for better flexibility.

Stron BONE™ & Joint Pros

download Strengthens your skeletal system. As our age increases, our bone health also declines. That is why it is best to take supplements that will maintain the health of our bones.
download Faster bone recovery. Stron BONE™& Joint consists of Strontium. This essential mineral plays a significant role in the treatment of your bones and joints.
download Good bone foundation. We are so caught up in becoming fit that we even compromise on our diet. Stron Bone & Joint supports our bone foundation by strengthening our joints and ligaments.
download Improves overall flexibility. One of the keys to becoming flexible is having a strong skeletal system.
download Promotes bone formation and restoration. Strontium is also responsible in bone formation and tissue regeneration.
download Longer efficacy. Stron BONE™ & Joint is not like a pain reliever that lasts only over a certain period of time. This supplement eases the pain and even helps your bones recover from a fracture.

Stron Bone™ & Joint Cons

1194985626525719339tasto_11_architetto_fran_01.svg.medExpensive. It is already given that Onnit Labs offers high-quality products at a premium price. For me, paying extra bucks for a quality as superb as Stron Bone™ & Joint has, I am telling you, it is all worth the price.



Summary of Benefits: Does Stron BONE™ & Joint Really Work?

There are several factors that lower our bone matter density. Such as, women in the older age bracket are more susceptible to risks of fracture. The risks also increase for individuals who are exposed to smoking, steroids, drinking alcohol, and improper diet. Even though exercise has been proven to improve our bone density, it is still best to take health and diet supplements to increase our bone tissue.

Reduced Fracture Risk for up to 41%

According to study shown by New England Journal of Medicine, an individual can reduce the chance of having fracture by supplying added nutrients needed by his or her bones and joints. The essential nutrients include a dose of 680mg of strontium ranelate, which can be found in Stron Bone™ & Joint by Onnit Labs. This also includes calcium which can increase your bone density for more than 30%.

Improved Bone Formation and Recovery

Bone thinning and weakening are serious issues that we cannot take for granted. Although this phenomenon occurs naturally, there are still ways on how we can prevent it regardless of our age. Stron Bone™ & Joint consists more than 15 essential minerals to help us fight these problems. This nutritional supplement improves our bone quality by performing the following tasks:

No More Joint Pains

Stron Bone™ & Joint is a proprietary blend that will help you enjoy physical activities with much ease and flexibility. This nutritional supplement also consists Vitamin E which is responsible for easing the pain caused by osteoarthritis. To prevent joint stiffness, Onnit Labs also includes glucosamine—a component that prevents symptoms of arthritis.

Improved Flexibility

One of the key indicators of good skeletal health is having healthy joints. Aside from improving your bone mass development, Stron Bone™ & Joint also ensures the health of your joints by adding components responsible for tissue regeneration and cell signalling. After all, healthy joints mean participating in vigorous activities without worrying any bone fracture, strained ligaments, or broken cartilage.



What Makes Up The Stron Bone™ & Joint Formula and What Are Their benefits?

Stron BONE promotes a healthy skeletal structure by including necessary vitamins and minerals as well as incorporating well-researched compounds that target the bone strengthening process.

Strontium: The Overlooked Essential

The importance of strontium in our bone-strengthening process is often overlooked by various supplement manufacturers. The limited source of strontium in our food options makes it even harder to supply all the necessary nutrients needed by our body, resulting to lower bone mass density. Thanks to Onnit Labs for making strontium as a main ingredient in Stron Bone™ & Joint.

What Is Strontium? How Does It Work In Our Skeletal System?

Similar to calcium, strontium is also a natural essential we get from whole grains and protein-filled food. Since 1890, strontium has been recommended by medical practitioners as a dietary supplement for individuals who want to optimize their bone health.

Additionally, strontium reduces the risk of osteoarthritis by boosting the production of cells which are responsible in the bone formation. This supplement is ideal for people who have suffered a fracture because these individuals are often more prone to having a fracture again at the same part of the bone.

Stron Bone™ & Joint Active Ingredients

Onnit Labs understand the importance of having a well-maintained and healthy connective tissue. Found in Stron Bone™ & Joint, these three essential compounds are geared to improve our overall skeletal system.

Three Substantial Natural Compounds

  1. N-acetyl D-glucosamine. Minimizes the degradation and thinning of bones by aiding in the breakdown of chondrocytes found in synovial tissue.
  2. Methysulfonlymenthane (MSM). This compound is also a natural derivative proven to improve our skin, hair, and connective tissues.
  3. Hyaluronic acid. This natural ingredient regulates key cellular processes and is also responsible in the regeneration of tissue, cell signalling, and construction of the extracellular matrix.

Other Support Ingredients

  1. Vitamin K2 (Menatetrenone) – Found in various dairy products, organ meats, and eggs, this vitamin plays a crucial part in the regulation of calcium in our bones.
  2. Vitamin D-3 (Cholecalferol) – Helps in the bone-forming processes by regulating the blood levels of calcium and phosphorous.
  3. Vitamin E (Succinate) – Aside from improving our immune system, this essential fat is also capable of reducing joints discomfort caused by osteoarthritis.
    Magnesium (Chelate) – Comprising more than 50% of our body, magnesium is also vital in having a good skeletal health.
  4. Potassium (Chloride) – The abundance of potassium in our bones is an indicator of having a well-maintained skeletal system. This mineral enables our bones to store calcium and regulate excess metabolic acids, leaving our skeleton more intact.
  5. Copper (Citrate)– Found in liver and oyster, copper has become difficult to ingest because of its not-so-ordinary food sources. Because of its vital part in absorbing protein and iron, Onnit Labs included this trace mineral along with Manganese and Boron—which prevents our body from further bone loss.
  6. Bioperine (Black Pepper Fruit Extract) – this supplement eases bone problems by combatting inflammation and stress.

To Whom is Stron Bone™ & Joint Made for?

Living an athletic, active, and on-the-go lifestyle requires us to maintain strong and flexible bones. Stron Bone™ & Joint is geared to help people who have joint pains, bone thinning disorders, and other bone-related problems. This is also ideal for individuals who have active lifestyle such as a sport enthusiast, power lifter, or a dancer.

 Screenshot009Suggested Dosage

Take one serving of three tablets early in the morning after having a light meal. Stron Bone™ & Joint will best effect when taken with RDA levels of calcium. However, when you do this, we recommend you not to take the calcium supplements within four hours after taking Stron Bone™ & Joint. This is because; the calcium supplements will most probably compete with strontium to be absorbed by the bones.

Just like other Onnit Labs supplements, we strongly advise you do not exceed more than three tablets within a 24-hour period. Consult a medical health practitioner for more information.

Where you can buy Stron Bone™ & Joint?

We are not getting any younger! Start your daily bone supplement by purchasing Stron Bone™ & Joint in the nearest outlets near you. You can also search various authorized Stron Bone™ & Joint distributors through Onnit ™ Labs store locator.

Take advantage of existing Onnit promos when you purchase Stron Bone™ & Joint along with other products. They also offer free shipping and 30-day money back guarantee for consumers who are not satisfied with the results.

Conclusion: Is Stron Bone™ & Joint Worth the Try?

Among other nutritional supplements, only Stron Bone™ & Joint has a powerful combination of compounds designed to improve the health of our bones. Its components have individual functions which are vital in our bone formation and strengthening processes.

Aside from making our bones stronger, Stron Bone™ & Joint also enhances our joints so we can move freely, regardless of our age. This supplement does not only ease our joint pains but also prevents our connective tissues from breaking down. Though it is more expensive than other bone supplements, Stron Bone™ & Joint will surely provide all the necessary nutrients we need to keep us going.