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Product Review of ONNIT’s Warrior Bar

The best health comes from great food. We can only obtain an optimum performance from authentic and natural food. We mostly neglect our physiological need and do not take care of our diet which ends up in consuming food with improper protein content. If somebody wants to perform their best in their workplace, school, sports and other miscellaneous talent competitions or simply enjoy the life, then the only option is proper energy supply.  The hunt for appropriate and sufficient amount of energy had made scientists run for years and finally the search ends through the miracle of ONNIT’s Warrior Bar. The Warrior Bar provides adequate energy supply and meet all your physiological requirements.

ONNIT brings this innovative product for buffalo meat lovers. It is a spicy protein Bar with a very innovative and new approach as most of other protein bars has chocolaty nutty taste. Warrior Bar is a modification of recipe which is prepared by pursuing century famous Lakota Sioux Warriors.  The two main components of recipe are buffalo meat and dried cranberries that make this preparation similar to large fillet of beef jerky

.Onnit warrior bar

ONNIT’s Warrior Bar is prepared by blending high quality ingredients. ONNIT, as a company always believe that their product consumers should get optimum benefits from the ONNIT products.  All the product of ONNIT set examples to prove their diligence and detailed check towards the quality and assurance of their product. ONNIT Lab collaborates with Native American Natural Foods which is the manufacturer of the primitive Tanka Bar. ONNIT do not compromise any single factor which relate to quality issues of the product. This can be totally ensured by the use of total organic natural ingredients.  In recent days there are so many protein bars commercially available in the market but ONNIT’s Warrior Bar stands separate due to its taste, organic natural ingredients and are free from antibiotics and hormones.

A Closer Look at the Pros and Cons of Onnit’s  Warrior Bar


  • Warrior Bar is a great protein serving food supplement. A pack of Warrior Bar contains 14 grams of protein and each 2 ounce serving of Warrior Bar provides 140 calories of energy and 4 grams of fat.
  •  Warrior Bar is well accepted energy supplying product due to its spicy rich flavours which makes it delicious.
  •  Comparing with other available protein bars, Warrior Bar is less salty and provides much higher protein supply per serving.
  • Although Warrior Bar is beneficial for all, but it is designed in such a manner that it can fulfil essential calorie requirements for athletes including runner, climber and other sport persons.
  • Warrior Bar uses meadow nourish buffalo and the meat is gently processed without using any antibiotics or added hormones as Federal Government restrict hormonal application to buffalo.
  • No additional nitrites or nitrates are added to Warrior Bar excluding which are present naturally in sea salt and celery juice.

Cons of Warrior Bar

  • ONNIT’s Warrior Bar do not have any negative feedback from any of the consumers.  This is very encouraging but they welcome feedback to consider it as a scope of improvement for the product.

Learn more about Warrior Bar

What is Warrior Bar? Why is Buffalo meat chosen for Warrior BAR?

For athletes, adequate protein supply is very important to meet their physiological need. In fact we all need a balanced protein diet which is very difficult to get in today’s lifestyle where we cannot have our diet calculated and end up to junk foods and extra carbohydrates. Adequate protein supply do not mean only the quantity of protein you are consuming but also include the quality of the meat which is used to process the protein. Red meat is not an ideal source of protein as it contains high quantity of fat. Buffalo meat is packed with healthiest protein and significantly low fat which can supply enough calories and satisfy the energy requirement, compared to the other red meats.

 What Specifications does ONNIT follow during Collection of Buffalo Meat?

Meat is very susceptible disease transporter, so health conscious consumers always have specific and vital queries about the quality of the meat. The usual questions that arise are to know about where this meat is coming from? What the animal ate? How it was processed? etc. The objective of ONNIT is consumer satisfaction and to ensure that the consumer do not have any question in mind regarding the product’s quality and health safety. The buffalo meat that is used in Warrior Bar is processed gently without adding any antibiotics or hormones. ONNIT personnel ensure that the buffalo is completely fed vegetarian food.

What are the Ingredients used in the Warrior Bar recipe?

The recipe of Warrior Bar contains nutrition rich ingredients which include buffalo, dried cranberries, celery juice, lactic acid, habanero pepper, jalapeno pepper, sea salt and spices. All these ingredients are completely organic and blended in such a manner that it balances the sweet and salty taste perfectly. An efficient balance is very much necessary to provide exact effect that it is designed to impart.

Onnit Warrior Bar

The Special Recipe  followed in preparing  ONNIT’s Warrior Bar?

ONNIT and Native American joined hands to find out the recipe that the caveman ancestors followed to prepare the Lakota Sioux Warriors. This century famous traditional recipe helped to keep our caveman ancestors healthy by protecting them from diabetes, cardiac diseases and obesity. In present century, the incidence of diabetes, cardiac diseases and obesity has reached a high level. To protect from these diseases and also help to maintain the normal healthy living style, ONNIT innovates Warrior Bar and succeeded to establish a modern acceptance of our ancestor’s recipe. ONNIT’s effort has again thrived to bring to our notice that ancestral recipes are still the miracles in modern world.

The exclusive ingredient of Warrior Bar is buffalo meat which provides low calories and fats in comparison with other red meat. Additional benefits obtain from Warrior Bar is that the buffalo is fully fed vegetarian foods therefore; the contamination of infection from other non-vegetarian source is negligible. Warrior Bar has no additional hormones and antibiotics, this again provide us an additional assurance that the Warrior Bar is completely free from side effects.

Other essential ingredients of Warrior Bar include the presence of spices and cranberries. The spices and cranberries used in Warrior Bar is obtained from organic sources and completely natural. To maintain the shelf life and retain its original taste, “encapsulated lactic acid” is added as preservatives. Do not worry about this additional preservative as it is the most conventional preservatives used in the food industries to maintain a long term stability to certain products.

What propelled Onnit’s Warrior Bar to Number 1? Why is it so Unique and loved?

With other protein bars, you can always expect some milky-sweet, chocolaty-fudge or crunchy taste. No originality no uniqueness. Consumers are fed up with usual nutty caramel texture and undistinguishable and artificial taste from protein bars. But the presence of spicy buffalo jerky, which is less sweetened, makes it a special for all consumers. The balanced sweet and salty taste had kicked Warrior Bar in number one choice for all the consumers who need appropriate protein diet. The Warrior Bar is a perfect recipe of buffalo meat with cranberries. An addition of traditional spices makes it authentic preparation which follows the ideal taste of the Lakota Sioux Warriors. This protein jerky has chewable gummy layer as similar to others, but the inner layers of Warrior Bar is sprinkled with dried cranberries which impart a soft texture to the bar. These specificities make ONNIT’s Warrior Bar an original and natural flavoured protein jerky.

Why ONNIT’s Warrior Bar is a great snack for All

It always sound wonderful if you get a benefit of two things while paying for one. ONNIT’s Warrior Bar has a similar property. Most of the consumer remarked Warrior Bar as a great snack along with being a protein bar.  Warrior Bar is not a meal replacer but it is hefty food and can give you a fill for a while as it contains buffalo meat and dried cranberries. While your travel, if it is in your bag then you enjoy its lip-smacking taste and you do not become tired as ONNIT’s Warrior Bar continuously provides required energy.   After heavy workout your body sweats and causes decrease in sodium level which brings a demand for a sodium supplement along with a huge need of energy. ONNIT’s Warrior Bar provides instant energy and replace sodium content as it is also a great source of sodium.  For toddlers and school going children who require continuous energy to enjoy their childhood and compete with their peers, ONNIT’s Warrior Bar not only provide them required energy but also a delicious snack for them.  Purchase ONNIT’s Warrior Bar and become tension free from making delicious healthy snack for whole family.

ONNIT’s Warrior Bar is free of soy, gluten and lactose which make it amazing protein bar for food sensitive person and also for Paleo athletes.

How Stable is ONNIT’s Warrior Bar?

ONNIT is much concern about the stability of the product. ONNIT’s Warrior Bar provides the assurance that their bars are shelf stable up to 12 months.

Let’s get some nutritional facts about Onnits’s Warrior Bar

Nutritional fact of protein bars is extremely important as they help to build body by supporting proper muscle growth and also enhancing physical capability which ultimately boost overall health.

The evaluation of nutritional fact of Warrior Bar illustrates that it can be a netter match with your genetics and assists to keep you flexible, muscular and energetic. Two ounce serving of Warrior Bar contains 14 gm of protein and 14 gm of carbohydrates with a total fat of only 4 gm. One Warrior Bar of 2 oz, supplies 140 calories of energy. It is a considered as paleo diet as Warrior Bar serves only 4% carbohydrates and 0% Trans fat. High quantity carbohydrates and Trans fats are unsafe for healthy living.  The high sodium content i.e. 520 milligram makes Warrior Bar able to counteract sodium deficiency during sweat-deluge physical activity. The sugar content of Warrior Bar is quite high i.e. 12 gm but this sugar is obtained from dried cranberries which is a natural source. The sweetness from cranberries is less harmful than synthetic sweeteners. The 2 gm of fibers that is present in Warrior Bar aid for digestion.

Athletes mostly prefer to take ONNIT’s WarriorBar as it provides sufficient amount of protein which is not loaded with high carbohydrates and calories.DSCF0843_compressed_compressed

Where to buy ONNIT’s Warrior Bar

One box of ONNIT’s Warrior Bar contains 12 stripes of protein jerky. If you once use this product you can match the value of the product with its efficacy and quality. Use ONNIT’s Warrior Bar coupon and get 10% discount. Bulk purchase may also provide some discount.

ONNIT’s Warrior Bar is available only in online shopping. You can obtain it directly from ONNIT site or amazone.com. Shipping is easy and you can get the product without any harassment. Do not think much, buy ONNIT’s Warrior Bar and enjoy a protein rich delicious snack.

Recommended Dosage

It is not a medication, so instead of a bar it is better to give a single strip to children who are less than 10 years of age and for the adults if you cannot resist yourself to take another strip then try for one more for a day.

ONNIT’s Warrior Bar review summary

ONNIT’s Warrior Bar is a new innovation of buffalo meat with dried cranberries which is completely free of any antibiotics, hormones, MSG, Nitrites, Soy and gluten. Perfect balancing of sugar and salty taste make the preparation delicious. It is a rich source of protein with low calories and carbohydrates. A 14 gm of ONNIT’s Warrior Bar provides 140 calories.