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Product Review of Earth Grown Nutrients from Onnit

We know our biological system and its requirements, but mostly fail to meet the need. Some essential nutrients are present in the nature and termed as super food, but due to their unpalatable taste we do not add them in our diet. Our busy schedule and hectic life style often restrict us to consume various vegan resources which supply us optimal health benefits.


ONNIT solve this problem by preparing some great combinations of Earth Grown Nutrients. Addition of EGN in your diet chart ensures the fulfillment of basic physiological need and enhances our system to fight against different ailments. EGN is considered as Powerfood as it covers the bases by including some vital vegetation which act as antioxidant and fight against range of diseases.

The Pros and Cons of Earth Grown Nutrients.


  • Earth Grown Nutrients is an example of advanced perfect fusion of healthiest nutrients which is recommended by nutritional experts, physicians and trainer of different sports and athletics departments. They acknowledge that Earth Grown Nutrients provides optimal health benefits which results in improvement of bodily performance.
  • A traditional nutritional base that blends with an innovative way is marketed as Earth Grown Nutrients- EGN become a popular food supplements as it fulfill all the essential bases and supply optimal level of nourishment to all the tissues and enhance the power of whole body systems.
  • The profile of the manufacturer company ONNIT is a pronounced Food supplement supplier. ONNIT provides the assurance of the authenticity of all products which are invented and manufactured by them.
  • Earth Grown Nutrients is powdered formulation which can be mixed effortlessly with any juice, easy to consume and digestible.
  • The taste and flavor of Earth Grown Nutrients are well accepted and everybody enjoys it while beginning their day with a healthy yummy drink with EGN.
  • Consumption of Earth Grown Nutrients is an assurance of getting adequate vitamins, mineral and micronutrients which catalyze all the metabolic reaction conducted in the body and detoxify the vital organs like kidney, liver and prostate.
  • Earth Grown Nutrients is a natural multivitamin which provides overall health benefits by boosting our immunity system.
  • Potency and effectiveness of Earth Grown Nutrients is doubtless as it integrates all the essential nutrients obtained from earth grown and marine sources.
  • Different five categories of Earth Grown Nutrients meet the need of individual requirements.
  • Efficiency and potency of Earth Grown Nutrients are applicable for all.
  • Earth Grown Nutrients improve power of eyesight, augment urinary tract health and strength robust performance.


ONNIT’s Earth Grown Nutrients has no negative comments. Quality and value of the product is rated maximum by the consumers.

  • Only notable point is that Earth Grown Nutrients is only available through online shopping option and not available as other general Health products.

Learn more about Earth Grown Nutrients.

What is it and How does it works?

EGN- orac

Earth Grown Nutrients is known as the ‘Master of Superfood’. The ‘MASTER’ term used here because to emphasizing the potentiality of EGN in comparison with other available food supplements in market which are also termed as ‘Superfood’. The amazing fact about Earth Grown Nutrients is that it has great Oxygen radical absorbency capacity (ORAC) number and possesses efficient antioxidant property. Advanced medical science explained that fast aging and development of different diseases are due to results of generation of free radicals, may be due to our lifestyle or industrialization of the modern society. The stunning ORAC number of ONNIT’s Earth Grown Nutrients neutralizes free radicals and promotes potential power of the human physiology. Earth Grown Nutrients feed our overall health and improve the power of the body. This specificity makes EGN as ‘POWERFOOD’.

What makes Earth Grown Nutrients the Best Antioxidant?

The antioxidant property of EGN is due to presence of some nature best antioxidant food mixtures which are obtained from land and marine sources and list of these foods includes purple corn, acai fruit and campus. The essential nutrients present in these natural foods are able to counteract the electron-scavenging vile which hampers the body defense mechanism. The positiveness of EGN is that it is free from any synthetic substances, so the interaction between ingredients cannot reduce the potentiality of these natural nutrients. The optimal health benefits obtained from EGN is without any side effect and is made by 100% natural ingredients. Load your body with ONNIT’s EGN Power food and get charged your body defense mechanism.

How does Earth Grown Nutrients provides you Extra Energy?

The modern life style is actually full of stress, tension and lots of workload. Lack of balanced diet easily affects our energy level and makes us feel fatigue after some physical activity. After consumption of Earth Grown Nutrients, consumers provides feedback that they feel strong and the energy derived is so much organic and clean. EGN has all potential vitamins, minerals and micronutrients available in nutrient rich natural sources.

The Five Exotic categories of Earth Grown Nutrients

1.Earth Grown Nutrients Champion Antioxidant Blend

The score card marked 90,000 ORAC number per serving is a great value acquiring after consumption of EGN. This unbeatable antioxidant effect obtained due to presence of Purple Corn, Acai Fruit, Grape Skin, Camu Camu, Maqui Berry and Lucuma. Presence of anthocyanin compounds such as Cyanidin-3 Glucoside, Pelargonidin and Peonidin in Purple Corn and maquil berry and acai fruit made them affluent sources of antioxidant which boost our immunity power. Grape skin has anti-inflammatory property and reduces cholesterol level and improves the heart condition. Lucuma is a natural low calorie sweetener improves the taste of EGN.  Camu fruit is full of vitamin C and amino acids. Valine, Leucine and Serine are the three major amino acids found in Camu.

2.Earth Grown Nutrients Power Green Blend

It is the fusion made between land and sea growing greens which are full of micronutrients, vitamins and minerals which can able to supply 2000lb racehorse or 200lb human energy. This much fuel is obtained by combining organic wheat grass, kale, spirulina, barley grass, oat grass, dulse flakes, kelp extract and alfalfa juice. Organic wheat grass is rich source of living chlorophyll which acts to detoxify the body by flushing out toxic substances from the different excretory organs including liver.  Power Green acts as a multi vitamin because significant amount of vitamin A, vitamin C and vitamin K is present in organic kale. Organic spirulina is enriched with protenieous elements and promoting immunity system and averts allergies. Organic barley prevents joint disorders by preventing unnecessary deposition of calcium at the joint as it is a rich source of sodium, and calcium. Large quantity of Vitamin B1 and Vitamin C is present in the barley grass. Oat grass contains beta carotene which is an excellent antioxidant and also has multi-vitamin such as vitamin K, Vitamin B and Vitamin C. Trace amount of iron and calcium are also present. Kelp extract make Power Blend as a rich source of minerals as it contains sufficient amount of manganese, chromium, zinc, copper and many others. Dulse is red seaweed which provides adequate amount of essential amino acids with iodine, magnesium and iron.  Alfaalfa is a deep green leaves and source of Manganese and Phosphorus. It also improves blood circulation.

.wheat grass- EGN

3.Earth Grown Nutrients Rainbow Blend

The name itself tells us the presence of multi colored natural nutrients which include Organic carrot, beat root and cranberry fruit. Organic carrot and beet root are rich source of orange red pigments known as beta carotene. Carrot is a superb source of Vitamin B and C and also acts as diuretics and helps to eliminate toxins via urine. Carrot is always recommended for healthy eyesight as it contains Vitamin A. beet root acts as antioxidant as it contains carotene but other than this it also maintains the oxygen consumption in the body by increasing nitric oxide amount it raises blood circulation and improve oxygen supply to every part of the body which help to maintain the energy level.  Like other berries different phytochemicals present in the cranberry and possess excellent antioxidant property but other than this it improve the urinary health by preventing Urinary tract infection by restrict the bacterial growth including E. coli in the uterus and bladder.

4.Earth Grown Nutrients Detox Blend

Detox refers from detoxification. The different nutrients present in this category which help to detoxify our whole system. It mainly contains three natural ingredients which include dandelion root, milk thistle seed and olive leaf seed. Dandelion root is having mild diuretic property which excretes toxins from body and it also a chief source of Vitamin A as it contains beta-carotene which converts to Vitamin A. Other than this dandelion is as excellent source of magnesium, potassium, iron and zinc just to name a few. Milk thistle seed solves the issues related to gallbladder and also potential to prevent gallstones. Milk thistle seed is well known hepatic healthy nutrient. Oleuropein is a compound present in olive leaf seed and helps in combating against ailments.

5.Earth Grown Nutrients Digestion Blend

If you want to strengthen your physiological system then you have to improve your digestive system. The different degenerative condition arises due to gastrointestinal disorders. Proper digestion helps to make the absorb-able nutrients which nourishing every parts of the body. Earth Grown Nutrients Digestion Blend prepared by addition of powerful digestive natural enzymes which include papain, papaya fruit, hemicelluloses and phytase. To fortify the gut wall 8 strains probiotics, the helpful intestinal bacteria reinforce digestion and absorption of essential nutrients from the food.  Digestive high fibers present in hemicelluloses help to clear the bowel.

EGN- green shake

Can Earth Grown Nutrients acts as a meal replacement?

Remember Earth Grown Nutrients are not meal replacement but provide all the essential nutrients which we cannot obtain from our daily diet. It improves our body defense mechanism and acts as potential anti-oxidant.

Is Earth Grown Nutrients safe?

Earth Grown Nutrients is made totally from organic vegan sources and during and after manufacturing the batches of EGN all the risk factors are positively checked in ONNIT labs and assurance is provided that all the material are not adulterated and quality ingredients are used for every batches. EGN not contains any synthetic or artificial health nutrients and so chances of development of side effects are negligible.

Can I recommended it to pregnant women?

Earth Grown Nutrients is prepared keeping every aspects of safety profile in mind but during pregnancy every woman’s body act differently, so it is advisable to consume this product during pregnancy with recommendation from physician.

Earth Grown Nutrients Price & Where to buy it

For 180 gm tub, the price of Earth Grown Nutrients usually retails around $32.95. If you once use this product you can match the value of the product with its efficacy and quality. For quality potential organic vegan Earth Grown Nutrients is not costly product for health conscious individuals. Use EGN coupon and get 10% discount.

Earth Grown Nutrients is available only in online shopping. You can obtain it directly from ONNIT site or other online shops. Shipping is easy and you can get the product without any harassment. Do not waste time, buy Earth Grown Nutrients and feel the positive effects of this product.

Dosage instruction

One scoop of EGN with 12 oz of water or any fruit juice of your choice. Do not take more than one scoop per day or as directed by physician recommendation.

Earth Grown Nutrients review summary

Earth Grown Nutrients provides essential nutrients balance in daily use. Twenty four natural ingredients greatly combine with each other and become world’s healthiest nutrient. It is a perfect blending of marine and land growing multivitamins, minerals and other essential amino acids. It is easy to prepare and instant energy supplier. It is fully vegan product effective for all. Taste of EGN is unbeatable with any other competent food supplement; once you drink it you cannot resist your taste buds to taste it again.