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Legal Steroids Reviewed – A look at the 5 best

Getting a well defined, chiseled, muscular body can be a lot of work. This is because you may have to train as many as five times a week in order to make any traction. The problem is that most of the changes that you see are going to be gradual, slow and in most cases frustrating. This is especially so if you are looking to bulk up or look good in a very short time, for example when you are about to go on holiday to that beach destination. The good thing is that you do not have to frustrate yourself as you can get a little help from a number of legal steroids that exist in the market.

These steroids will help you gain muscle mass, see massive muscle growth and in most cases help you cut town on the amount of fat that you have in your body. One of the questions that you may is what are legal steroids.


A small history lesson first. In the 90’s, there was a lot of use of actual steroids like anavar and testosterone. The problem is that most of these steroids caused a lot of unwanted and nasty side effects that include water retention, acne, heart issues among a myriad of other adverse side effects. When people started shunning them and medical bodies as well as athletics and bodybuilding communities started realizing that there steroids were more harmful than helpful, the use of these steroids fell to nil.

People still wanted to experience the gains, benefits and results of using these steroids. This is why companies such as Crazy bulk came up with legal anabolic steroids. These steroids mimic the actions of various steroids without all of the nasty side effects that come with the use of the actual steroid. In this best legal steroids review, we are going to be looking at five of the best legal steroids that work and that are considered as some of the best by the bodybuilding as well as athletic communities.

1. Dianabol/D-bal

There are those times that you try everything and at the end of the day you cannot get any muscle growth. It is at those times that the use of Dianabol is advised. This is among the best known legal steroids that work as it is a strength and muscle agent. Apart from helping you increase your muscle mass, it is able to increase your strength, stamina and endurance. Aptly named the god-father of modern legal steroids, Dianabol is one of the most powerful anabolic steroids in the market.

Dianabol is based upon a formula that is meant to mimic the actions of the hormone Methandrostenolone. In doing this, it gives you all of the benefits of using the steroid but without any of the known side effects that come with the direct use of this steroid. Being a legal anabolic steroid, Dianabol creates a highly anabolic environment in the body. What this does is increase the amounts of nitrogen retained in the muscles. The net effect of this is increased protein synthesis. This is why Dianabol is able to increase muscle mass as fast as it does, sometimes as soon as two weeks after users start taking this supplement.


It is important to note that this legal steroid also helps with increasing blood flow into our muscles, as most other anabolic steroids do. By doing this, it helps push a lot more oxygen to our muscles, oxygen that is then used in the provision of energy to the muscles. In this way, Dianabol helps you work for longer without exerting your muscles to the limit. By increasing the flow of blood to the muscles, Dianabol also helps with the removal of acetic acid which is the main cause of muscle cramps especially after prolonged workout periods.

The effects and results that come from using this legal anabolic steroid come from its main ingredient, methandrostenolone. Not only does this hormone help with nitrogen retention in the muscles and increased blood flow into these muscles, it also helps with the growth of lean muscles. This is attributed to the weight loss that users of this legal steroid experience from the use of Dianabol. Apart from that, Dianabol ensures that you experience all of these effects a lot faster and on top of it all, it helps improve stamina, strength and concentration.


Some of the pros of Dianabol include:

  • Although Dianabol mimics the effects of methandrostenolone, it does not come with any of the side effects that stem from the use of the hormone.
  • Dianabol is a specialized legal steroid with a very refined formula. This is why it affords such rapid muscle growth in its users.
  • Apart from the obvious results that comes from using the best legal anabolic steroids, muscle growth, Dianabol also helps with improved strength, better concentration and better stamina while at the same time helping increase lean muscle mass.


If you are man, I am sure that by now you know the profound importance of normal testosterone levels in your body. For men, the presence, or non-presence, of testosterone is of paramount importance not only to their sexual performance but for their physical and emotional well-being as well. A lot of people may not know that male bodies need testosterone in order to grown and bulk up on muscles. Of course females need testosterone for different reasons but it is not as important to have high testosterone levels in women as it is for men.


It is possible for the male body to maintain normal and above normal levels of testosterone on its own. This is achieved through a good diet, regular exercise as well as a healthy sex life. The problem arises in men who are usually over 30 who start to see the decline in the levels of testosterone in their systems. Then there are those looking to take advantage of the results of elevated levels of testosterone such as bodybuilders to whom testosterone is very important for muscle growth. For these classes of people, a legal steroid such as Testogen would come in handy.

Regarded to as one of the best legal steroids that work, Testogen is a supplement that jolts the body into producing testosterone. It does this through the use of its main ingredient, tribulus terrestris. As in most other testosterone boosters, as well as in those that we will see in this legal steroids review, tribulus terrestris stimulates the testes to produce testosterone.

These elevated levels of testosterone have a few benefits that include:

  • Stabilizing the emotional state of men and reducing the violent, aggressive nature that is often seen men with low testosterone levels.
  • Helping users of a legal steroid such as Testogen in seeing massive muscle gains with little effort.
  • Increasing the rate at which the body burns fats leading to leaner, much more defined muscles and bodies.

addtocart2for3-bottomApart from Tribulus terrestris, Testogen also contains a number of other ingredients that include vitamins, amino acids, as well as a number of other very important minerals. A couple of herbs included in Testogen, funugreek and ginsen extract, also go a long way in helping improve sex drive and sexual performance especially in men.

Following below is a number of Testogen pros

  • It is a rapidly acting supplement with users experiencing the energy surge that is often associated with elevated testosterone levels in as few as 14 days.
  • It is made out of completely natural ingredients meaning that you will not see any side effects from the use of this supplement.
  • Testogen leads to elevated energy levels: energy that could come in very handy during your work out sessions.

3. Testosterone Max

Next we are going to look at a legal steroid that I think has some of the most profound effects and results and helps not just with bulking up and muscle gain but with the improvement of sexual drive and performance. Testosterone is the main male hormone. It is the hormone that is responsible for the bodily form of men. It is the reason why men are able to have more muscles than fat and it is also one of the most important hormones as far as male sexual health is concerned. The direct use of this steroid has been known to cause quite a number of different adverse side effects hence the development of Testosterone max. crazybulk testosterone max

This is a safe and legal steroid that is meant to mimic the action of the hormone testosterone without all of the nasty side effects that come with its direct use. Aopart from being a legal steroid that works, its effects and results are very rapid with users reporting increases muscle growth as soon as two months after starting the use of this supplement. Its actions rely very heavily upon an extract known as Tribukus Terrestris. This extract prompts the pituitary gland to produce a hormone known as lutenizing hormone. It is this hormone that then triggers the necessary bodily organs, in this case testes in men, to produce testosterone.

The testosterone so produced helps with nitrogen retention in the muscles as well as increasing the number of blood cells. The increase in the amount of nitrogen in the muscles prompts the muscles to synthesize more proteins resulting in rapid muscle growth and increase in muscle mass.

crazy-bulk-stacksThe increase in blood cells that are prompted by the use of this supplement help increase the amount of blood that reaches the muscles meaning. This translates to this supplement directly helping increase the amount of oxygen reaching the muscles as well as the rate of removal of toxins and other wastes that are by-products of muscle exertion. The result of all this increased strength, stamina and fast recovery periods that help you work out more frequently.

Some of the pros of using Testosterone Max include:

  • This supplement is based on a proven formula that will help you gain muscle mass and do so in a very short period of time.
  • As mentioned, Testosterone Max also helps improve sexual performance in men. It is one of the legal steroids that are known to boost sex drive and fertility.
  • Being one of the most well known androgenic as well as legal anabolic steroids means that Testosterone Max is not only able to help increase protein synthesis in the muscles, it is also able to increase muscle mass.

4. Anadrol – Anadrole

Fourth on this list is Anadrol. This is a legal steroid that is known to help with rapid growth of lean muscles. It is meant to mimic the actions of the hormone Oxymethalone. Oxymethalone is one of the most well known bodybuilding steroids in the world but its direct use is now almost non-existent. This hormone has been known to cause quite a number of side effects making it both unsafe and illegal in most countries.

Anadrole (anadrol)

Anadrol is among the legal steroids that work without all of the side effects caused by the steroids that they are meant to mimic and replace. The way Anadrol works is through boosting the levels of red blood cells in the body and thus increasing the amounts of oxygen delivered to the blood as well as increasing the rate of removal of wastes and toxins from the muscles and other tissues that are exerted during your workout sessions. The net effect of this is that you are able to work for the body that you need for longer without tiring out.

Anadrol is also in the legal anabolic steroids group. It helps increase nitrogen retention in the muscles. As you may know. Muscles are made out of proteins that are in turn synthesized from proteins in the body. When Anadrol causes an increase in the amount of nitrogen retained in the muscles, the body has to find way of dealing with it. The best way that it knows how is through using it to synthesize proteins. In this way, as with most other best legal steroids, it helps with rapid massive growth as well as muscle mass increase.

The actions of this legal steroid are tied into the ingredients that are included in it. These ingredients include Acetyl L-Carnitine,DHEA, Shilajit, Soy Protein, IsolateTribulus and Whey protein Isolate. All of these ingredients have their own functions and they all come together to give you all of the benefits that come from using this legal steroid as that we have seen above.

Some of the pros of Anadrol include:

  • Not only does it help with massive muscle growth, it also helps you recover very fast post-workout. This means that you are able to train for longer when using this legal steroid.
  • It acts very fast with users reporting massive and rapid muscle growth after two weeks of use of this supplement.
  • By increasing the amount of blood reaching the muscles and in this way increasing the amount of oxygen reaching the muscles, Anadrol is able to prolong your workout sessions.
  • Anadrol is made out of 100% natural ingredients. This means the chances of you experiencing any side effects from the use of this supplement are slim to none.



This supplement is also classified as a testosterone booster but is not as well known as most of the other legal steroids that we are looking at in this legal steroids review. That said, it has proven itself to be a potent testosterone production booster among those who have used it. Seeing that there are lots of user reviews online and an almost messianic following behind Testosterone max, I have no choice but to include it on this legal steroids review.

Although it includes tribulus terrestris just like the other testosterone boosters in this review, it is made out of a completely different formula that includes calcium and zinc. This ensures that this legal steroids packs a number of other benefits above and beyond those offered by most other legal steroids that elevate the levels of testosterone in the body.


Some of these ingredients include longjack which is a herb that has been used all over the world for centuries for its ability to stimulate the production of testosterone, increase sex drive as well as improve physical performance. Two other ingredients, muira puama and maca, help increase strength, improve stamina and enhance sexual function. Ginkgo biloba, another ingredient, is included to improve blood flow into the muscles, boost muscle growth as well as boost metabolism which is why Testosterone+ helps with fat loss.

Some notable Testosterone+ pros

  • Its unique combination of minerals, plans and herbs combine to boost testosterone production, improve overall well-being and health.
  • These ingredients also help increase strength to make you stronger, a lot fitter and muscular.
  • Since all of the ingredients we have talked about are 100% natural, there are no adverse effects if you use this legal steroid correctly.


While there are literally thousands of legal steroids in the market, none of them work as well as the ones included in this legal steroids review. It will also come as no shock to you that all of these steroids come from a company that is the god-father of bodybuilding supplements, Crazy bulk.

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It is now safe to say that you know what legal steroids to include on your steroids cabinet. You have everything that you need to go out and get that well defined, chiseled body that you have always wanted. With all of these legal steroids, you also get some added benefits like the improvement of male sexual performance in the case of testosterone. Although these legal steroids can be stacked together, please remember to follow any and all directions as far as stacking, dosage and use are concerned.