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How to increase Human Growth Hormone

The human growth hormone is one of the most significant hormones in the human body and for good reason. As its name implies, it is the hormone that is responsible for growth, increase on muscle mass and has also been shown to be vital in helping with weight loss. When people begin to understand the importance of the human growth hormone, or HGH in short, in their bodies, they start looking at how to increase human growth hormone in their bodies. If you are one of these people, then you will be glad to know that a lot of research has been done in this area so that people who are looking to increase the levels of HGH in their bodies can do so easily and safely.

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Before looking at how to increase human growth hormone in the body, it is important to understand how it works and the benefits the human growth hormone affords the body. We will also be looking at how it affects and stimulates the various parts of the body to induce its effects.

how to increase human growth hormone

What is the Human Growth Hormone?

The human growth hormone is a hormone that is produced in the human body that has the ability to induce a number of changes in the human body. It also has some very significant uses in the body and we are going to be looking at some of these in this article.

One of the ways that HGH works is by inducing the growth of muscles. This is one of the reasons why HGH and other supplements that are thought to stimulate the release of HGH in the body have become so important in the bodybuilding arena. Apart from helping you increase your muscle mass and body size, HGH, also known as somatotropine, has some very potent fat-burning properties. This is why this steroid as well as the supplements that induce its release in the human body are very important to bodybuilders and people looking to lose weight.

How does the human growth hormone induce weight loss?

Well, when you learn how to increase human growth hormone in the body and you actually do it, you will find that your metabolism will increase. This is a positive effect of the Human Growth Hormone. When your metabolism increases, your body has to look energy to support the now elevated levels of metabolism. Glucose is a good fuel for the body but it burns too fast. For continuous energy provision, the body has to look for another source of energy. That it finds in its fat deposits.

Fat is a very good storage of energy and is the one that is turned to when our bodies are depleted of glucose. By raising the rate at which the body burns fat, HGH enables you to not only lose weight but to also lose fat in the body while allowing you to maintain the now elevated levels of metabolism in the body.

All of the effects of HGH make it and the supplements that are meant to either mimic its actions or lead to its release in the body very important in certain circles.

So, how can one increase Human Growth Hormone in the body?

There are two ways that this can be achieved: one is through diet and the other is through supplements. A lot of people as well as a majority of bodybuilders will know about one or two supplements that can help increase human growth hormone. A whole lot of these people do not know how to do this through adjusting their diest and lifestyles and that is what we are going to be looking at.

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Taking the diet and lifestyle changes route

The following is a list of foods that you can incorporate into your diet as well as some lifestyle changes that you can make in order to increase HGH in the body:

  • 1.Losing weight – People who have higher than normal weight also have higher levels of insulin in their bodies. Insulin has been shown to reduce the levels of HGH in the blood as well as inhibit its actions. Thus if you know you are overweight, cut some of it down to increase your HGH levels in the body.
  • 2.Sleep – Now, I am not telling you to never get out of bed but The journal of Clinical Investigations has found that deep, high quality sleep stimulates the release of HGH and it is when you are asleep that HGH works best.
  • 3.Eating more pineapples – This might look out of place but eating pineapples has been proven to lead to the release of the hormone serotonin. This hormone relaxes you and helps you sleep better leading to the effects we have talked about in the previous pint.How to increase HGH
  • 4.Increase your beef intake – Not everyone eats meat but this could be hurting you in the long run if you do not. A research done at the University of Houston, Texas found out that beef contains amino acids that help synthesize a hormone known as L-orthinine. This hormone is known to raise the levels of human growth hormone in the body.
  • 5.Weight Training – If you are a bodybuilder, then you have this covered already. Weight training not only helps the body produce more HGH, itĀ also helps it produce a number of other hormones including testosterone.
  • 6.Fasting – Not everyone will be able to go with this one but if you decide to, you will be glad to know that in a study conducted at the University of Virginia, researchers saw that after 24 hours of fasting growth hormone levels increased by up to 2000% from the baseline!
  • 7.Avoid sugars – Remember what we have said about elevated insulin levels above? When you have increased amounts of sugar in the blood, your body copes by releasing more insulin so as to break down all of this sugar. Since we have seen that insulin not only reduces the levels of HGH in the blood but it also reduces the effectiveness of its actions, reducing your sugar intake could go a long way in increasing your HGH levels.

In conclusion, here is what you should keep in mind: anything that provides the amino acids that are necessary for the synthesis of other amino acids and hormones that lead to elevated HGH levels is good for you. That goes for anything that induces better sleep, helps you train much more intensely and lowers the insulin levels in your blood.

Taking the supplement route

Granted, there are tens of supplements in the market that claim to be the best in terms of helping you raise your HGH levels in the body. When researching how to increase human growth hormone in the body, I came across many of these supplements but I am going to be highlighting just one that I think is the best of the best: HGH-X2. This is a safe and legal supplement that is manufactured by Crazy Bulk. It is used to increase HGH in the body and in this way helps with muscle growth and weight loss. HGH-X2 is one of the most famous bodybuilding supplements.

HGH-X2 helps with Rapid Muscle Gains & Fast Fat Loss

It contains natural ingredients that stimulate the pituitary gland in the brain to produce the human growth hormone. These elevated levels of HGH lead to increase in lean muscle mass, weight loss through fat loss and increase in muscle size and body size through the mechanisms we have mentioned above.

By working through the same mechanisms as the body in its HGH-production functions, HGH-X2 doe not present any of the side effects that commonly associated with the direct use of HGH.

Some of the pros of using HGH-X2 include:

  • Apart from helping you gain muscle mass, it helps you lose weight for a leaner, firmer, better defined body.
  • Its ingredients are 100% natural meaning that it does not have any side effects.
  • By increasing the rate at which the body burns fat, this supplement also avails energy that is released from this action.
  • HGH-X2 has been proven to be non-toxic to the liver and the kidneys.


HGH has been shown to have some very profound effects and uses in the bodybuilding community as well as elsewhere. It is paramount that everyone looking to either gain muscles or lose weight ought to learn how to increase human growth hormone. The good thins is that there are two ways to do this: Dieting and lifestyle changes or through the use of a safe, legal supplement such as HGH-X2.

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