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How do we review?

Reviewing supplements has got to be one of the most difficult things to do. This is because it often entails the use of said supplements so as to give the most accurate and honest opinion. That said, we endeavor to at all times provide you with the most accurate reviews , opinions and reports on all of the supplements that we review. Here at supplement guide, we employ a team of people who are taking the supplements that we review. These people then advise us on their experiences, effects, side effects and any other details about the particular supplements. We then aggregate all of these reports into the reviews that we post.

How do we choose the products?
Granted, there are lots of supplements on the market, frankly more supplements than we can review. What we do is listen to the people and watch out for any new products in the market. We also ensure to follow all of the most popular supplement blogs and online platforms so as to be directly in touch with the people using these supplements.

After we have a general feel of what is popular and what is in demand, we then find people who are using these supplements and get them to tell us about their experiences using these supplements.

Apart from that, we also rely very heavily on the actual supplement websites because there is no better way to get detailed nutritional and ingredient details. It is after we have all of these things that we then go a head and write down our reviews of the various supplements that are not only causing a buzz in the supplement market but that are in demand and in use by a substantial number of people.