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Hemp Protein, Fulfilling all Your Protein Needs

One of the most important food classes is proteins. This is because they contribute to muscles which are what most of our bodies are made of and they play a huge role in the repair of muscle and growth of other body parts such as healthy nails and hair. Although the human body is able to synthesize some proteins on its own, there are 9 essential amino acids that the body is not able to synthesize but it needs for protein synthesis. These amino acids we must get from our diets. This is the reason why having a diet that contains different types and sources of proteins and amino acids is so important.


Although there are lots of different foods from which we can get these 9 essential amino acids that our bodies need, such as different kinds of meats, one of the most interesting sources is hemp protein. We are going to be looking at a few reason that make hemp protein one of the most interesting sources of proteins and amino  acids for our bodies.

What is Hemp Protein?

Well, Hemp protein is a type of protein that is extracted or found in hemp seeds. Once ground, these seeds are a very important source of proteins. If the name Hemp sounds familiar to you, you may be recognizing it from the family of cannabis to which it belongs. One of the things to note about hemp is that it does not contain tertrahydrocannabinol which makes most other plants in the cannabis family be classified as drugs.

One of the reasons why a lot of nutritionists and trainers will advice you to use hemp protein is because first of all it is organic. Due to the nature of the plant itself, which grows very tall smothering all weeds that may grow under it and is repellent to insects, Hemp is not grown using any pesticides or chemicals.

Another reason is that Hemp is one of the most potent sources of proteins. Researchers have found that one ounce of Hemp powder supplies your body with approximately 14 grams of protein. This is very high concentration of proteins in comparison to other protein sources. Hemp protein is also a complete protein. What this means is that it contains almost all if not all of the proteins that the body needs. Some of these proteins are among the 9 that the body cannot synthesize on its own but needs to get from dietary sources.


Without these dietary proteins, your body would not be able to build or repair muscles. This is one of the things that make hemp protein such an important supplement to athletes and body builders.

Hemp, the plant from which hemp protein is synthesized is unique for one reason. It is very rare to find plant proteins that contain all of the essential proteins and amino acids that the body needs. Hemp seeds, which are ground to produce hemp protein, contain all of these essential proteins and amino acids making hemp protein not only unique but very important in a number of ways.

A good source of fatty acids

The benefits that you get out of hemp protein powder do not end at getting your daily requirements of protein intake met. Hemp protein has also been proven to be a very good source of fatty acids. Most of these fatty acids your body is also not able to synthesize and thus must be sought from dietary sources. There fatty acids are vital to your overall health making hemp proteins a vital addition to your diet. It has been noted that 15-20% of the fats that are found in hemp seeds is alpha-linoleic acid. This acid is a precursor to omega-3 fatty acids that your body needs. A one ounce serving of hemp proteins gives you about 1 gram of alpha-linoleic acid which is what the body needs on a daily basis.

Hemp Force

There fatty acids do not only contribute to your overall health, they also help prevent heart disease and give you a healthy heart, improve some neurological conditions as well as help reduce inflammation on different body parts.

As you can see, hemp protein is actually a very important addition to your diet. It has so many benefits apart from helping supply the essential fatty acids and proteins that you need on a daily basis. It is therefore important that everyone who is concerned about their overall health and well-being finds a way to incorporate at least one serving of hemp protein into their diets on a daily basis.