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Hemp Force Review – The complete Overview of Pros and Cons

In a quest for a delicious complete organic health drinks that can provide you all time energy supply, your search will end here! For the health conscious people who need an extra protein supply to meet the need of physiological requirement, ONNIT brings an entirely new vegetarian combination named as Hemp FORCE™. Hemp FORCE™ is a standardized blend of natural plant ingredients which is made after enormous R&D research in ONNIT. This composition constitutes a perfect balance of protein, essential fatty acids and fibres. Keeping in mind the individuals likings, the most acceptable two flavours are chosen for Hemp FORCE™ and they are Choco-Maca and Vanilla Acai flavours. You definitely need to read this complete and compact review to know about the formula applied to prepare this Hemp FORCE™ Choco-Maca and Hemp FORCE™ Vanilla Acai food supplements.

Hemp Force

The pros and cons of Hemp FORCE™


  • Hemp FORCE™ is 100% organic and contains no artificial additives.
  • It is also extremely nutritious
  • It mixes well apart from the hemp seed that can sometimes settle at the bottom
  • It is high in fiber and proteins which are very beneficial.
  • But nutty chocolaty textures of drinks are considered delicious and preferable to most users.


  • A number of people are of the opinion that this supplement is a little bit on the expensive end.
  • Hemp seeds settle at the bottom of the drink which makes it difficult to consume while drinking. Using a spoon is suggested .

What is Hemp FORCE™?

Well, it is An Immense Protein Super Food

With the advent of science in recent days in compare to previous centuries, people has become more health conscious and likes to compare and verify each and every detail about it before choosing a product for their health improvement purposes. This remarkable development in thought process is noticeable as the life expectancy is increasing with present century.  It is always advisable to utilize the natural sources to improve your health as they can provide prolong potential effect without any side effects. The common demerit with most of the natural food supplements are that they can be easily adulterated and may have quality issues or are not edible due to their unacceptable taste and flavour.

The unique combination of Hemp FORCE™ makes it exceptional as an essential nutrient supplier in the food supplement market. The factors related to quality and tastes, both are getting high positive responses. For preparation of Hemp FORCE™ Choco-Maca, ONNIT uplifts the hidden power of hemp seeds, coca and macca root. Key ingredient, the organic hemp seeds are considered as a superb plant source of protein as they can potentially supply the essential amino acids, all three branched chain amino acids (BCAAs) and a grade range of essential fatty acids that combine omega three, omega- six, omega-nine and dietary fibres.

Presence of dietary fibres makes it easy absorbable nutrient source without creating any gas. This health drink is meant for everybody, as its combination is beneficial for athletes, sports persons, fighters, body builders and even for office goers and home makers. The vital conclusion that can be drawn from individual users about Hemp FORCE™ is that it is able to deliver adequate nutrients after tremendous physical work-outs and is competent to maintain the muscle tonicity which gets hampered due to regular wear and tear of the muscles and  do not get the sufficient balanced diet.

hemp force

Delicious taste able to hide the cooking tension

Preparation and maintenance of balanced diet is a huge task and if you are a vegetarian then it is a real fuss to plan for a balanced diet chart! Delicious taste and lip smacking flavours of Hemp FORCE™ solve these issues for bachelor and even for vegetarian home makers. Simple steps for the preparation of a yummy shake or smoothie is to add three scoops of Hemp FORCE™ in two cups of water and shake it in shaker or blend it in a blender. ONNIT gives you the option of choosing depending on your choice as Hemp FORCE™ is available in two exquisite flavours of Choco-Maca and Vanilla Acai.

Hemp Force as shake

Additional tips to make it more tempting health drink

The following additional tips will motivate you to take another drink. Prepare the drink for Hemp FORCE™ Choco-Maca with coconut milk or almond milk instead of water and take it with frozen berries that can enhance the taste. Those who prefer more nutty texture then an addition of almond crush can make it more perfect one for them. Fruity flavours can also build up the taste, most expert recipe advisors prefer banana.  After extensive work out, a feel of cool and rejuvenation can provide a heavenly atmosphere which can be brought by addition of ice cubes.  Addition of ONNIT’s walnut, almond and cashew butter can positively improve the texture of smoothie.

Hemp Force with Banana

For Hemp FORCE™ Vanilla Acai, it is preferable to mix it with half of water and half of Rice Dream. Hemp FORCE™ Vanilla Acai can also be added in your coffee or tea but not more than a single scoop. Enjoyable smoothie can also be prepared adding coconut oil.

What are the Ingredients present in Hemp FORCE™?

Hemp FORCE™ is a food supplement totally based on plant source, and its potentiality is obtained due to bioactivity of the ‘phytochemicals’ presents in Hemp seeds, Cocca, Maca roots and leaves of Stevia rebaudiana plant. These key ingredients blended together to prepare Hemp FORCE™ Choco-Maca. To enhance the flavour natural vanilla extract is added to Hemp FORCE™ Choco-Maca. Combinations of these bioactive products make Hemp FORCE™ unbeatable in comparison to other supplements available in market.

Hemp Seeds

Protein value of hemp seeds are comparable with meat as it contains BCAAs, essential amino acids, complete proportional presence of omega-three, omega- six and Omega-nine essential fatty acids, the optimum ratio of edestin and albumin protein is 3 is to 1 which is obtained in hemp seeds. In entire plant kingdom, only hemp seeds contain albumin protein; other sources are all related to animal. In human body albumin is made in liver and easily absorbed in blood. Most vegetarians suffer for lack of albumin content in their blood and faces muscle fatigue problems, hepatic and kidney related disorders.

Hemp seeds help to increase the blood albumin level and boost the muscle power and also emphasize liver to produce more albumins in body. Thus, help to recover the albumin deficiency disorders by maintaining the blood pH, reducing the swelling and contributing the balance of osmotic pressure. Hemp seeds are more efficacious rather than soybeans as it is a single plant source of edestin and the presence of dietary fibres make it very easily digestive and absorbable in the body.


Cacca contains bioactive phytochemicals that are extensively good as an antioxidant which help in nourishing muscular tissues, control blood glucose level and aiding in hormonal and neuro-chemicals activities of the human body.

Maca Root

Maca root is an affluent resource for vitamins, amino acids and also contains trace amount of iron, iodine, manganese, copper and zinc which boost strength and energy. Another unclear approach is of its natural seductive characteristic which improve libido.

Stevia rebaudiana Plant

The leaves of Stevia rebaudiana plant simply known as Stevia are a specific natural sweetener which does not cause even an increment of 1% calorie. Stevia is known as zero calorie sweeteners. The sweet taste of Hemp FORCE™ is due to the presence of stevia, which regulates blood glucose level as body unable to metabolize the plant glycosides. It also boosts immunity.

Hemp Force with Almond

Hemp FORCE™ Vanilla Acai contains a lot more

Other than the above ingredients in Hemp FORCE™ Vanilla Acai, it contains some other ingredients. The blending is not an easy task for ONNIT, almost a year of extensive research in R&D revealed a perfect ingredient list which can blend with cocca and maca roots is an incredibly well accepted tasty protein supplement.

Natural Vanilla Extract

It not only enriches the flavour of the drink but also assists in reducing blood cholesterol level, and acts as anti-inflammatory agent due to its antioxidant property. It is also a good source of vitamins, especially vitamin B complex.

Powder of Mesquite Pod

Mesquite is considered as a super food and gives a sweet, nutty and caramel flavour. It is a taste enhancer and gets blended with cocca and maca. It is added in different food supplements, deserts and smoothie. It controls blood glucose level, so it can even be used for diabetic patients.  Mesquite powder contains iron, calcium, potassium, magnesium, zinc, lysine and dietary fibres.

Açaí Berry Fruit

Acai Berry is a small reddish-purple coloured fruit originated from central and South America. Like other various types of berries, acai berry is a potent anti-oxidant. It contains fibres and essential fatty acids which help to maintain body weight. Researches are on the way to produce more data about its benefits.

Chia Seeds

Chia seeds are a rich source of protein, complex carbohydrates, essential fatty acids like omega three fatty acids and omega six fatty acids, dietary fibres and some important minerals which include calcium, potassium, sodium, zinc, phosphorus, copper and manganese. It is having 0% cholesterol which is good for cardiac health. Chia seeds are packed with different vitamins and its anti-oxidant properties promotes immune system. This seeds boost physical as well as mental energy.

Flax Seed

Flax Seed reduces the chance of development of malignant diseases like, diabetes and cardiac disorders. The list of bioactive phytochemicals contains omega-3 fatty acids and an amino acid like ligan with antioxidant property. Comparing other plant sources, the amount of ligan is 75 to 800 times more in Flax seeds. Flax seed also acts as an oestrogen hormone and soluble and insoluble fibres.

Authenticity of Hemp FORCE™

ONNIT is an authentic nutritional company with thorough research through credible scientific approaches and continuous improvement strategies. It also values feedbacks from physicians and consumers. All the plant ingredients which are present in Hemp FORCE™ are 100% organic and earth grown.

Should I have any Concerns about of Hemp FORCE™?

Hemp FORCE™ delivers the body with an all-natural impact and also maintains the proper nutrition profile contrasting with any other protein food supplements available. It has been proved that Hemp FORCE™ does not contain any traceable amounts of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) or other psychedelic substances. Hemp FORCE™ passes the Cologne Test (a globally accepted list of nutritional supplements which are tested for banned substances).   Using of Hemp FORCE™ does not create any hindrance for obtaining a new job or athletic testing. However, unfortunately Hemp FORCE™ ingestion is restricted in United States Military as they do not allow intake of any formulation of Hemp Seeds.

 How to get Hemp FORCE™

Online direct purchase from ONNIT website is available for the product. By using the ONNIT Hemp FORCE™ coupon code, you can obtain a discount of 10%. Purchasing bulk amount also has different discount options. This product is also available in amazon online shopping. Easy and quick shipping option helps to get the product without facing any harassment to consumer

The packaging quality of this product provides convenience to the user to carry it anywhere because of its compact nature and is less space consuming.

Future Aspects

Hemp FORCE™ is a next generation protein supplement, equally useful for all individuals. According to Aubrey Marcus, CEO of ONNIT, the cost of hemp seed is high due to the monopoly business by some Canadian farming companies who supply hemp seeds. Harvesting of hemp is restricted in United States, thus making the product expensive. Hope easy availability of hemp seeds in future can reduce the price of Hemp FORCE™.

Expert Comments

Hemp FORCE™ is recommended by Joe Rogan, Dr. Dan Engle, Mike Dolce, John Romaniello, Joe DeFranco, Michelle Waterson and many other professionals and experts.

Joe Rogan


“Not only is hemp one of the best proteins for you, this blend is the best tasting chocolate mix I have ever tried. You’re gonna love it!”

Dr. Dan Engle


“One of the things I like about Hemp FORCE the most is that it’s a simple formula. It’s hemp protein, cacao, and maca. Those three together really help to upregulate peak performance, mental clarity, mood boosting, and that adaptogenic endurance factor.”

Mike Dolce


“I was on the road 189 days last year and Hemp FORCE was in my bag every single one of those days. It has the nutrient profile and ingredients I am looking for, and a truly great taste.”

John Romaniello


“I don’t know that I’ve ever been as surprised in my entire life as I was to find out how good the Hemp Force Tasted! This stuff is delicious. It is the only protein that going forward I will recommend to my clients who are vegetarian or vegan or just don’t want animal based protein.”

Joe DeFranco


“I’ve been having my athletes cut down on dairy consumption because of the bloating, inflammation and joint pain associated with it. Hemp Force has been a great replacement to Whey protein, and it tastes awesome.”

Michelle Waterson


“I have to be honest, it took me awhile to get use to the texture of the hemp pieces but once I did I actually enjoyed them. It has a nutty taste to them and I like chewing on them at the very end. I also like that it doesn’t make me feel bloated like some other protein shakes!”