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Get Rid of All Digestive Issues with Onnit DigesTech

There are some conditions that are outright embarrassing: like that grunt your stomach makes for no apparent reason at the worst time. Or being boated in the middle of a meeting and not having reprieve. Digestive issues have this uncanny ability to mess up your day. If it is not the bloating or indigestion, this condition can present itself in a myriad of other ways including but not limited to stomach grumblings and absolute discomfort.

Get Rid of All Digestive Issues with Onnit DigesTech

The good thing is that you do not have to suffer any more. DigesTech from Onnit is an all-natural solution to your digestion issues. It is made up of a number of digestive enzymes and other ingredients that ease digestive issues such as bloating and discomfort. It is also touted to help with the breakdown of food and in that regard helps with increasing the absorption of nutrients in the stomach. Well, to be honest we have all heard all of this marketing fluff before. So I sought to find out if all of these claims made by Onnit and a whole lot of DigesTech users were true. Well, the findings were interesting and surprising to say the least.

DigesTech Pros and cons

DigesTech has a huge number of users who have submitted their thoughts and reviews as regards this digestive aid on various forums and platforms. What follows is a condensed version of some of the most common pros and cons submitted by actual DigesTech users on various online platforms, forums, boards and review sites.

DigesTech pros

  • By gently and gradually increasing the amount of digestive enzymes in your system, DigesTech helps you break down food in your body a lot better. This leads to better absorption of the broken down foods which in turn means you have a lot more readily available energy in your system. This translates to you being more alert as well as mentally stimulated.
  • helps your digestive system work as optimally as possible and thus helps ease any and all forms of digestive discomfort.
  • DigesTech is designed to deal with the root causes of digestive discomfort and related issues. What this means is that unlike other products that deal with the symptoms of all kinds of digestive issues, DigesTech gives you real relief and ensures that these issues are less likely to occur again.
  • All of the ingredients contained in DigesTech are natural. Onnit assures its customers that DigesTech will have any adverse effects on their bodies.

DigesTech cons

  • The only issue that a lot of users have raised about DigesTech is that people are skeptical to use it due to all of the marketing fluff surrounding it. This is partially due to a majority of these people having used other products that did nothing for them. Luckily, this does not have anything to do with DigesTech itself.

Understanding DigesTech.

What is DigesTech?

On their website, Onnit describes DigesTech as a product that is designed to help the body maximize its nutrient intake as well as help alleviate all forms of digestive distress. Through its unique combination of enzymes and other ingredients, DigesTech breaks down all the food that you eat faster and optimally and in this way helps with nutrient absorption. Its other ingredients are involved in regulating malabsorption which is seen to be the main causes of bloating, inflammation, nutritional deficiencies as well as stomach discomfort.

Onnit DigesTech

How does it work?

As you may know, enzymes play a vital role in breaking down any food that you ingest. This breakdown is what leads to the absorption of the nutrients that are included in the food that has been broken down. Starting at the mouth, salivary amylase helps split long-chain carbohydrates into smaller sugars. Once these sugars reach the stomach, its acidic environment helps emulsify these sugars. These emulsified sugars are then broken down further by the gastric acid found in the stomach. It is after these sugars are broken down in this final step that they can finally be absorbed. Amylase is one of the vital ingredients of DigesTech and you can see how it would help in increasing nutrition absorption as well as the breakdown of ingested food.

As noted above, DigesTech helps with deal with all forms of digestive failures one of the most common being lactose intolerance. It is important to note that lactose intolerance is as a result of decreased activity of the lactase enzyme. Due to this, milk sugars are not processed. This can be remedied through taking the enzyme through an appropriate dietary supplement, one of which is DigesTech. The digestive breakdown of fats, proteins and complex carbohydrates all depend on different enzymes whose levels can be altered using a dietary supplement such as DigesTech.

DigesTech also helps deal with the inflammation that often accompanies malabsorption. Its includes ginger root and fennel seeds which have been used for centuries to help deal with digestive discomfort and inflammation in the digestive tract.

DigesTech contains professional grade digestive enzymes

At the heart of DigesTech is a complex mix of digestive enzymes. Altering the levels of naturally-occurring enzymes in the digestive system can lead to increased breakdown of food, which helps eliminate the discomfort or bloating that is often associated with eating a large meal, as well as the absorption of nutrients. This increase in the absorption of vital nutrients leads directly to increased energy levels for optimal body and brain function.

Thorough the optimal combination of enzymes targeted at all of the main food classes including fiber, carbohydrates, fats, proteins and dairy, DigesTech is an all-in-one solution for all digestive issues.


The key ingredients that make up DigesTech include:
1.Lipase – This is the main lipid digesting enzyme in our bodies. The enzyme lipase is particularly useful in the breakdown of lipids that are too big or complex to absorb.
2.Amylase – Amaylase helps with breaking down complex carbohydrates such as those that are found in vegetables, nuts, seeds, legumes and grains. It breaks down these complex carbohydrates into glucose which is a direct energy source for the body.
3.Protease – Protease includes a group of enzymes that break down the peptide bonds that hold together amino acids and thus help form long peptide chains. Apart from breaking these protein long chains, protease also breaks down the cellular walls of other dietary components such as cellular debris and other toxins.

Apart from the three main enzymes noted above, there are other DigesTech ingredients which include:
1.Serrapeptidase – This is an enzyme with very strong anti-inflammatory properties.
2.Ginger root – Ginger root helps DigesTech with alleviating indigestion, easing nausea, dealing with vomiting, diarrhea, heartburn, motion sickness and stomach cramps.
3.Fennel seeds – These seeds help reduce spams in the stomach walls and in the intestinal tract. In this way, they help reduce digestive discomfort.
4.Pepsin – This is an enzyme that helps with the breakdown of proteins into polypeptides. It helps with the first step of protein digestion making the proteins ready to be broken down by protease.
5.Cellulase – Helps break down the plant cell walls of cellular fiber and help turn cellulose into usable glucose.

Other ingredients and enzymes that are found in DigesTech include beta glucanase, xylanase, pectinase, hemicellulase, alpha galactosidase, glucoamylase and maltase.

Who is DigesTech for?

This supplement is made primarily for those who have digestive issues. These issues can range from indigestion, bloating and inflammation of the digestive tract. DigesTech can also be a huge relief for those who suffer from acid reflux as well as stomach cramp. Remember that we have noted that apart from helping deal with all of the above issues, DigesTech also helps with the breakdown of ingested food.

This means that DigesTech can also come in handy for those who are just looking to improve and optimize their digestive systems. It is also very helpful for those who may be looking for better performance, improved energy levels as well as mental clarity and agility.

Remember that the more comfortable we are, the better we are able to deal with our day to day activities. If you are looking for that extra boost, then DigesTech is for you.

Benefits of using DigesTech

DigesTech is a dietary supplement that helps deal with any and all digestive issues. This it does though availing a number of important enzymes that help breakdown the food that you ingest. Apart from that, it helps ease other symptoms of indigestion such as bloating, inflammation, acid reflux, nausea and stomach cramps. In this way it helps give relief to those who suffer from digestive issues repeatedly.

Its is also important to mention that through breaking down complex carbohydrates and proteins faster and completely, DigesTech helps with the absorption of a varied number of nutrients that are vital for bodily functions. This is what gives one increased energy as soon as they start incorporating DigesTech in their daily supplement plans.Onnit DigesTech

Those who also stand to benefit a lot from using DigesTech are those who suffer from lactose intolerance. Thorough availing a substantial amount of the lactase enzyme, DigesTech helps breakdown lactose found in milk and related dietary products. DigesTech also contains cellulase which is an enzyme that helps breakdown cellulose that is found in ingested fiber into glucose. This has the net effect of helping with the movement of waste though the intestine and helps reduce instances of constipation.

How to use DigesTech

Like every other Onnit product, DigesTech is very easy to use. For adults, it is advised that they take 2 capsules at the start of their meals. It is advised that you do not use more than 8 capsules in a 24 hour period unless you are advised otherwise by a health-care professional.

Side effects and warnings

Due to the fact that DigesTech is made completely and wholly using naturally occurring enzymes and ingredients, there have been no documented side effects that arise from using DigesTech. However, it is always advised that you get in touch with Onnit and visit a health-care professional should you experience any adverse effects when using DigesTech.

DigesTech is not for use by persons who are under 18 years of age. Its is also recommended that you see a health-care professional before using DigesTech if you are pregnant or nursing. As with all other supplements and drugs, should you experience any adverse effects, please discontinue the use of DigesTech and talk to a health-care professional.


I approached DigesTech with skepticism. This was mainly due to the fact that I had heard a lot of the same marketing talk that is being used by Onnit to advertise and promote DigesTech from other companies. Once I tried DigesTech I was surprised. It actually works as advertised!. I experienced elevated energy levels as and I did not experience any of the nasty effects I usually did after eating a fairly heavy meal.

If you are suffering from digestion issues, DigesTech is the supplement for you. Get help with bloating, acid reflux, indigestion as well as gastrointestinal inflammation. DigesTech does work!