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Full Review of Spirulina & Chlorella by Onnit

The secret to a long life is no longer hidden. Since we were young, we have been   told that in order to stay healthy and strong, we should include “green food” in our diet. However, today’s vegetables no longer offer the same concentration of nutrients they once did. Thanks to Onnit Labs for creating the super green supplement, Spirulina & Chlorella.
Saying Spirulina & Chlorella is an effective overall health supplement is an understatement. This super green supplement can help us fulfill the missing nutrients needed by our body without having to eat plenty of green, leafy vegetables. So if you are constantly on the lookout for options and alternatives to enhance your dietary nutrient profile, Spirulina & Chlorella might be the one you are looking for.


Imagine a plant that can provide all the protein we need, strengthen our immune system, and even help us eliminate toxins from our body. Do you ever wonder if this powerful combination ever exists? These are the reasons why Spirulina is called the “Superfood.” The good news is, it is the key constituent in Spirulina & Chlorella.

Spirulina & Chlorella Pros

download Extra energy throughout the day. Spirulina & Chlorella contains impressive amounts of Vitamin B, which plays an important role in turning our food into energy.
download Great way to remove toxins out of your system.
Chlorella, which is a key ingredient in Spirulina & Chlorella, has been shown to support the removal of heavy metals by improving the functions of our liver.

downloadGMO, soy, and gluten-free

downloadAlternatives for individuals who are trying to eat more green food. Looking for nutrient-rich food sources and its alternatives is becoming more and more difficult. This is why Spirulina & Chlorella is here to complete our recommended daily consumption of superfood.

Spirulina & Chlorella Cons

1194985626525719339tasto_11_architetto_fran_01.svg.med Efficacy. Spirulina & Chlorella are in tablet forms, which are known to be coated by sugars and other similar substances. These elements cannot enter our bloodstream immediately, making the tablet harder to be absorbed by our body.

1194985626525719339tasto_11_architetto_fran_01.svg.med Tablets. Tablets are harder to swallow than capsules. Not to mention the aftertaste it gives right after you took four to eight tablets for your everyday servings.


SPIRULINA & CHLORELLA SUMMARY OF BENEFITS                                                 

The food we had in our plate are not as nutritious we think they are. Many food manufacturers have no choice but to grow fruits and vegetables in depleted soils to satisfy our continuously growing food demands. Because of this, the majority of the food options in the market contain a lesser amount of nutrients than they usually have. Not to mention all the nutrient-stripping processes our foods have to go through—canning, preservation, and packaging. But you need not fret because Spirulina & Chlorella is here to fulfill our nutrient-deprived diet.

Improve Liver Health & Detoxify Our Body

Studies have shown that chlorella plays a vital part in eliminating mercury, which we normally get from dental fillings, vaccine, and other food we eat. It removes exogenous toxins away from our body while simultaneously protecting our liver. This can also prevent our liver to absorb too much heavy metal, so it can function well.

Diminish all your oxidative stress

Spirulina & Chlorella has potent antioxidant properties capable to alleviate health-related issues. According to studies shown by Virginia Commonwealth University, smokers who are more at risk and are exposed in oxidative damage has significant plasma antioxidant status after supplemented with chlorella.

Enhance your immune system

After taking Spirulina & Chlorella for more than two months, you can easily notice a significant increase of production of natural killer cells, helping our immune system to respond to various stresses and challenges. This proves the wonderful immune-enhancing effects of Spirulina & Chlorella on our cells.



If you have tried a supplement powder claiming to be the “superfood”, chlorella and spirulina is no longer alien to you. This is because they are the most common and powerful superfood ever discovered. Learn how these algae similar to one another and what are their unique characteristics.


  • Spirulina and chlorella are both superfood.
  • Spirulina and chlorella are both algae.
  • These algae are complete sources of protein and B vitamins, and other nutrients needed by our body.
  • Both can be used as cleansing and detoxifying supplements.
  • Both are affordable and easy to transform into pills, powder, or tablets.


  • Spirulina is not capable of removing heavy metals because it lacks a cell membrane.
  • Chlorella produces chlorophyll ten times more than spirulina.
  • Spirulina contains more protein than chlorella. In fact, it contains more protein 12 times higher than a beef could provide.
  • Unlike spirulina, chlorella features a true nucleus.
  • Unlike spirulina, chlorella contains hard cell wall, making it almost similar to the characteristics of a plant.



With Spirulina & Chlorella, you can get two forms of algae which both offer extremely dense nutrient profiles. This immune-boosting supplement contains a variety of phytonutrients to give you extra energy throughout the day. Onnit Labs created Spirulina & Chlorella for individuals who are:

  • Looking for alternatives to leafy and green vegetables
  • Cleaning out their digestive system
  • Always on the go– Green food has shorter life than products which are being canned and preserved. So bringing Spirulina & Chlorella along with us will ensure we are eating a well-balanced, nutrient infused diet.
  • Wanting to have an overall wellness
  • Aiming for a healthier liver


For adults, it is best to take four to eight tablets daily, preferably after your meal. Unless recommended by a licensed medical or health practitioner, do not take more than 12 tablets in a span of 24 hours.


You can purchase Spirulina & Chlorella directly from the Onnit Labs website or you can use their store locator to find the nearest authorized Onnit products distributor near you.  You can also take advantage of their special promos if you purchase Spirulina & Chlorella along with other Onnit Labs products. Each bottle of Spirulina & Chlorella costs $12.95. This comes with 80 pills which can last up to one to two weeks, depending on the dosage or prescription you are using.



Keeping up with their commitment to providing high-quality products and top-notch customer service, Onnit Labs is offering a 30-day money back guarantee for unsatisfied consumers. To process a refund or for more information about their money-back guarantee, you can simply visit the official website of Onnit Labs.


Onnit Labs is dedicated to providing exemplary dietary supplements that are packed with high levels of nutrients needed by our body. Learn what the continuing users have to say about the amazing benefits they get from Spirulina & Chlorella.

“When you’re looking at quality, utilizable proteins, Spirulina & Chlorella are at the top of the list. Animal-based protein is only about 20 or 30% utilizable. Spirulina & Chlorella protein is about 60% utilizable, and the phytonutrients that come with it really help to boost the nutrient profile.”
-Dan Engle, Psychiatrist, MD

“This is another supplement I believe helps with my digestion and overall well-being. It feels good to take some of these throughout the day to ease your stomach and make you feel as if you did get enough greens on days when whole foods weren’t available.”
–AJ Hawk, Super Bowl Champion

“With a busy lifestyle of traveling and living on the road, Spirulina & Chlorella come in handy for a powerful boost of nutrients and super foods. I take four in the morning and feel fueled and energized throughout the day.”
-Bobby Robins, Professional Hockey Player

Watch the video testimonial of Dr. Dan Engle on Onnit’s Spirulina & Chlorella below:


As a person who loves to travel and is constantly on the go, Spirulina & Chlorella is the answer to my problems. This supplement greatly helps me because I do not need to bring whole foods with me anywhere I go. I also feel lighter every morning that I no longer feel the need to drink tons of coffee to boost my energy. For gym-goers and sport enthusiasts, I would suggest you take this supplement. This will help you recover from your workout and regain energy to start your day.


Spirulina and chlorella have unique characteristics that complement each other. The main functions of chlorella are to rebuild and boost our immune system and enhance our blood circulation. On the other hand, spirulina, which is known for its detoxifying and cleansing properties, can provide a high amount of nutrients such as protein, iron, and vitamin B12 for our body. So if you want a total wellness, spirulina and chlorella can complement each other to help you achieve your goals.