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Comprehensive Review of ViruTech™

With our tight deadlines and limited time to hang out with our friends or loved ones, we would not want to waste our time off lying in bed with a high fever. If you want to perform well in your work, school, or sports while simultaneously enjoying life, you will need Onnit’s ViruTech to help you combat oxidative stress and immune challenges every day.


Onnit Labs brings this all-new innovative immune-enhancing supplement to support individuals who just want to live life to the fullest. Formerly known as Vitamin C & Lysine supplement, ViruTech is an extremely powerful combination of amino acids, trace minerals, and other essentials proven to fight immune system challenges and stress.

ViruTech™ Summary: Pros and Cons

Committed to exceeding their consumer’s expectations, Onnit Labs improved their Vitamin C & Lysine formula to provide us with safe and even more effective nutritional supplement. Here is the breakdown of the positives and negatives of ViruTech™:

ViruTech™ Pros

download Effective defense strategy on eliminating immune threats.

download A steady source of lysine and selenium.

download A good complimentary supplement with ViruTech and Shroom TECH™ Immune.

download Faster immune response. If our body is able to respond with a disease-causing virus, our immune defense can immediately create an action against them.

download Proprietary blend. ViruTech consists of amino acids, flavonoids, trace minerals, and vitamins that have significant functions in supporting our defense system. Each ingredient has gone through in-depth and comprehensive research to create a solid protection against immune threats.

ViruTech™ Cons

1194985626525719339tasto_11_architetto_fran_01.svg.med Newly released. When buying products, it is always best to rely on product reviews to see if it really provides results we are looking for. For a new product like ViruTech™, it is quite difficult to determine if this supplement is effective and safe. In my opinion, products manufactured by Onnit Labs are always worth trying because of its proven record of providing high-quality supplements.


How Does ViruTech™ Works With Our Defense System?

Our modern society has introduced us to various worldly things that can be detrimental to our health. Alcohol, nightlife, and technology—all the works. To continuously enjoy life, ViruTech is here to help you keep up with your current lifestyle, without having to worry about catching a cold or so.

Onnit Labs blended the most popular immune supplement, Vitamin C, with other minerals and powerful flavonoids to work with our body’s defensive system. To sum up the benefits of ViruTech ™ to our body, here is a brief explanation:

A Reliable Armor against Oxidative Stress

Vitamin C enhances our natural defense system and enables us to recover faster. This antioxidant also counters free radicals and cell inflammation we get from everyday stress and other activities. Through this, our body can able to alleviate immune challenges caused by excessive oxidative stress.

Stronger Immunity

According to studies, individuals who have higher selenium status are capable of responding to disease-causing virus. The faster our body can detect threats, the quicker we can eliminate immune system issues. In a parallel study, individuals with low level of selenium have been proven to have impaired immune response, making their body incapable of setting proper defense.

Although selenium is not capable of directly treating or killing illness-causing pathogens, studies proved that there is a great impact on our ability to respond to immune threats if our body has sufficient selenium levels.

Targeted Pro-Immune Compounds

Combining flavonoids, minerals, and vitamins, ViruTech is your ultimate source of defense against immune-related threats. Therefore, supplementing your diet with well-tolerated immune enhancing compounds is a feasible strategy to prevent potentially harmful effects on the human body.


Is ViruTech™ Similar to Shroom TECH™ Immune? What Are Their Differences?

According to some consumers, ViruTech is just the same with Shroom TECH™ Immune because of its effects to our immune system. Both may sound similar to one another, but it greatly differs in terms of their mechanism of action. Here are the breakdown of their similarities and differences:


• ViruTech and Shroom TECH™ Immune are both beneficial to our immune system.
• ViruTech and Shroom TECH™ Immune prevent us from having immune-related diseases.
• ViruTech and Shroom TECH™ Immune provide us nutrients needed by our immune system.


• Shroom TECH™ Immune helps our immune system become stronger while ViruTech helps our body reduce immune system challenges.
• Shroom TECH™ Immune is a food-based supplement while ViruTech is based on compound elements.
• Shroom TECH™ Immune is geared towards our cells by controlling the power of micronized mushrooms. ViruTech works with our body to eliminate immune-related challenges.


What Makes Up the Virutech Formula? What Are the Essential Ingredients and Their Benefits to Our Body?

Just like other parts of our body, our immune system functions better when protected from environmental stresses and reinforced with supporting nutrients. Onnit Labs has developed a stack with a powerful formula designed to eliminate immune threats and support in the defense against immune challenges.

Key Ingredients

Quercetin. Containing a potent anti-oxidant, Quercetin is a plant flavonoid which is commonly found in fruits, vegetables, leaves, and grains. One of the notable health benefits of Quercetin is its support in optimizing our body’s working condition. Having a powerful inhibitory effect, this plant flavonoid has been used to deal with severe immune-related complications. It is also capable of fighting stress as it can suppress the enzyme needed for cortisol release.

What is cortisol?

Cortisol is a hormone that produces the “fight” or “flight” response that occurs when our body perceives a harmful event, attack, or threat to survive. Even though this phenomenon is perceived to be normal, when our stress levels are excessive, cortisol can damage our tissue leading to protein breakdown.

L-Lysine. This essential amino acid is used by our body as a foundation of growth and maintenance of health. Since our body cannot manufacture them, Onnit Labs provide a supplement with L-Lysine as a key constituent. By increasing lysine intake, our body can absorb calcium, synthesize collagens with much ease. This also helps us become less susceptible to diseases by antagonizing the growth of infected cells. Rounding its benefits, L-Lysine can actively reduce the discomfort and frequency of various immune challenges.

ViruTech_1903Alpha-Lipoic Acid – Alpha-Lipoic Acid (ALA) is a chemically produced lipoic acid, our body’s naturally occurring compound, and is synthesized by most plants and animals. Commonly found in green vegetables, this antioxidant is vital in cellular energy production a key player in a “triple antioxidant” combination used to shield the liver from free radical damage.

What is free radical?

Free radicals are byproducts which are produced during the conversion of nutrients to cellular energy. As they oxidize, these compounds can become highly reactive and harmful as it distorts the metabolic efficiency and vital components.

Selenium. The recommended dietary allowance (RDA) includes a daily dose of selenium from foods and supplements. Selenium is an essential trace element which has attracted the attention of many supplement manufacturers. Having a potent antioxidant property, Selenium protects our cells from further damage and optimizes our immune functions. Among individuals who have immune-related diseases such as HIV and Crohn’s disease, a majority of them is associated with having low selenium levels.

Zinc. Naturally present in some food, Zinc plays a significant role in body’s defensive system to work. Failure to take sufficient amounts of zinc might generate a negative impact on bodily functions. Zinc is tied closely to selenium. Research has been shown that individuals who have low levels of Zinc and Selenium have weak immune systems and intolerable mood swings.

Vitamin C is the most familiar vitamins among other nutrients needed by our body. Because of its potent antioxidant properties, this water-soluble vitamin is important in protecting our cells from immune threats.


To Whom is ViruTech™ Made For?

There are two things which help our immune system eliminate immune threats: fast immune response and ability to setup defense strategy.

For Improved Immune System
ViruTech™ is for individuals who want a holistic defensive strategy against illness-causing virus and other immune-related challenges.

For Faster Recovery
If you are currently experiencing illness caused by weak immune system ViruTech™ is here to help you get up from your sick bed. This immune-boosting supplement also induces sleep, helping your body get the rest it needs.


Boost your immune system when you add ViruTech to your daily regime. For adults, take a serving of two capsules twice a day. Unless recommended by a licensed medical practitioner, do not take more than six capsules in a span of 24 hours. Take ViruTech™ in tandem with Shroom TECH Immune to achieve an illness proof immune system.

My Personal Verdict

Investing on health supplements is one of the wisest decisions I have ever made. As a professional who is burdened with financial responsibilities, working beyond office hours has become my everyday routine. With this kind of lifestyle, I have become constantly sleep deprived and stressed. Little did I know, my immune system is slowly deteriorating that I began to catch colds in a slight change of weather. After I took ViruTech, I eventually felt lighter and unstoppable. I no longer worry about catching a cold or go crazy using a sanitizer whenever I was exposed to bacteria.


Spending some extra dollars in exchange to a well-maintained immune system is a good investment. It may not produce funds, unlike other kinds of investments, but it will help us achieve our life goals. More than vitamin C, ViruTech provides all the immuno-supportive nutrients needed to eliminate disease-causing virus. This supplement is geared to support our body’s defense system by enhancing the response mechanism of our immune system.