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Clenbutrol Review – For Fat-Burning & Fast Weight Loss

There are usually two phases of bodybuilding: the bulking phase and the cutting phase. The bulking phase is where the bodybuilder eats foods that will help them gain muscle mass as well as increase their body size without overly increasing in weight. During this phase, a lot of bodybuilders will use a number of supplements to help them gain the muscle mass they need and reach their weight gain goals. The problem with this phase is that if one is not very careful, they may end up gaining weight in the form of fat deposited in their muscles. This fat is often stored from all of the excess glucose that may be in their system.

After the completion of the bulking phase, most bodybuilders will enter into the cutting phase. In this phase, they seek to lose as much body fat as possible. This so that that they are left with hardened, more pronounced muscles after all the fat that could be reducing the visibility of the muscles is shed off. The problem is that, shedding fat can be hard work. Fat is resilient and most of the time, the body is reluctant to lose it since fat is one of the most important stores of energy for the body. If you find yourself having problems with losing excess fat, Crazy bulk are here to offer you some help though their cutting supplement known as Clenbutrol.

Clenbutrol – For Fat-Burning & Fast Weight Loss

If you have been in the bodybuilding community for any amount of time, I am sure that you are looking for the relationship between this supplement and the now banned and illegal Clenbuterol (notice the extra “e”). Clenbuterol is illegal and banned in most places due to rampant abuse by athletes, bodybuilders and even celebs. We will see later in this Clenbutrol review how Clenbutrol differs from this illegal hormone whose actions, effects and results it is formulated to mimic. But first, the pros and cons.

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Let’s have a look at the pros and cons of Clenbutrol

First, the pros

  • Clenbutrol will help cut down your fat levels fast and allow you to retain only lean muscle mass. This is what makes it so important in the creation of the hardened and chiseled muscles that all bodybuilders crave.
  • Clenbutrol is formulated through purely scientific procedures. It has been proven to work over and over and is backed by hundreds of positive user reviews.
  • It is formulated to mimic the actions, effects and results of one of the most potent and well-known bodybuilding steroids of all time, Clenbuterol. This is why Clenbutrol is able to deliver amazing fat cutting and weight loss results.

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  • Apart from helping you shed weight, through increasing your metabolism, Clenbutrol is able to increase your strength and stamina so that you have the bodily supply of all the components that you need to achieve all of your bodybuilding and fat loss goals.
  • Although formulated to mimic the steroid Clenbuterol, this supplement comes with none of the side effects that arise from the use of the steroid.

Second, the cons

  • Clenbutrol is only available online which may be a problem for first time users.
  • It is advised to stack Clenbutrol with other bodybuilding supplements. This has the effect of increasing supplement budgets and costs and may make people shy away from buying it.
  • Because of the very obvious and pronounced similarities between its name and that of an illegal and potentially unsafe steroid, Clenbuterol, Clenbutrol has some negativity attached to it in some circles.

A detailed look at Clenbutrol: what it is and how does it differ from Clenbuterol

crazy-bulk-stacksThe steroid Clenbuterol was a one-time favorite among athletes, bodybuilders and even celebrities. This is because it delivers some of the best weight loss and fat cutting properties of any natural steroid. The problem with its use is that it produces some nasty side effects. The other issue is that it is now illegal and banned by most professional sporting bodies. This is because it is thought to give its users undue advantages. Crazy bulk knew that people still needed to lose weight and build muscles, a fact that rang truest for bodybuilders. So, they came up with Clenbutrol. This is a supplement that eliminats the risks of using the steroid and is a safe, legal alternative that has the same and, as some dare say, better fat burning and muscle defining properties than the steroid. It does its job very well while at the same time helping enhance user stamina and increase endurance.

How does the supplement Clenbutrol work

After seeing how it differentiates itself from the steroid Clenbuterol, it is important at this point of this Clenbutrol review to look at how the supplement that is the subject of this review does its job.

Clenbutrol is classified as a thermogenic. As you may have guessed from the name, it helps increase the core body temperature through certain mechanisms that are triggered by the various ingredients it contains. The net effect of this increase in the core body temperature is the increase in the Basal Metabolic Rate of the body or the BMR in short. By helping elevate the levels of metabolism in the body, this supplement forces the body to look for energy sources to help maintain the now elevated metabolic levels. Remember we mentioned that fats are one of richest stores of body energy and resources?

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The body usually has no choice but to turn to its fat reserves for its energy. By doing this it increases the rate at which it burns this fat for energy purposes, the net effect of which is rapid shedding of body fat, weight loss and rapid muscle definition.

Another very important action that is propagated by the use of Clenbutrol is the increase in the rate of oxygen flow in the blood. By increasing and improving the rate of blood flow to the various organs, tissues and muscles in the body, Clenbutrol is able to help you train for longer without tiring out. This is due to the increased rate of oxygen delivery to the muscles as well as the improved and increased rates of removal of toxic wastes that are by-products of muscle performance and exhaustion.

This coupling of the fat burning and oxygen delivery is very important because it allows users of Clenbutrol train for longer. That said, it is important to note that this supplement only takes care of fat loss and leave the muscle mass as it is. This means that as you shed the fat, you still retain the muscles and thus are able to maintain a perfect fat to muscle ratio.

Let’s now check out the ingredients included in Clenbutrol

add to cart 2for3-bottomThe actions of this supplement are obviously dictated by the ingredients that are included inside it. Some of the most important active ingredients of Clenbutrol are:

1. Citrus Aurantium (or bitter orange extract) – This ingredient is extracted from the peel of the Seville orange. The benefits that one as from this ingredient come from its ability to increase metabolism by huge margins as well as suppress appetites. Citrus Aurantium is thought to be a cousin of the once-popular diet and weight loss substance called ephedra. Ephedra was very popular in the mid-to-late 90’s. Everyone including professional athletes and bodybuilders were using it to lose weight as well as to get a real increase in energy in order to boost performance. The reason why citrus aurantium works as well as it does is because it targets beta-3 receptors which are adrenergic receptors located mainly in adipose tissue (fat cells) and are very closely involved in thermogenesis. Citrus Aurantium also contains a compound known as Synephrine which has similar properties to another compound known as amphetamine. Synephrine increases thermogenesis and in this way helps the body burn more fat and do it a lot more efficiently than it would have done otherwise. Synephrine also helps reduce your appetite to make sure that you only eat the right amount of food.

2. Guarana Extract – Guarana is a shrub that Grows mostly in Brazil. The power and potency of the guarana extract is because of its dark brown seeds. These seeds look a lot like regular coffee beans. The only difference is that the guarana seeds contains more than twice the amounts of caffeine that is found in regular coffee beans. Apart from the high amounts of caffeine that these seeds contain, they also have very high concentrations of theophylline and theobromine. These two compounds have similar characteristics and effects as caffeine although they have a number of different effects on the body.

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Guarana also contains other compounds known as tannins. These tannins cause the caffeine contained in the guarana seeds to be released slowly into the boodstream. A huge number of bodybuilding experts have endorsed guarana for the metabolism-boosting effects it has. Many herbal supplements that contain guarana add it in order to offer appetite-suppressing advantages. And finally, due to the fact that it is a very powerful stimulant, it goes a long way in reducing physical and mental fatigue.

And if increasing energy, boosting metabolism, reducing mental and physical fatigue, and suppressing appetite aren’t enough reasons to use Clenbutrol, what about the fact that guarana is also used to reduce blood clotting, promote cardiovascular health and cleansing the blood ?

3. Nicotinamide (B3) – Nicotinamide is a water soluble vitamin that is part of the vitamin B family. It plays an very important role in energy production as well as in nutrient synthesis.

Although there are a host of other benefits to using nicotinamide (e.g. It is vital in the prevention of Type 1 Diabetes, cancer, pellagra, among others ) , in this Clenbutrol review we will just look at the role that it plays in nutrient synthesis and energy production. Nicotinamide is one of the most important vitamins as far as the supply of energy to all cells in the body is concerned. It also plays a critical role in the transport of fat from tissues to other sites for fat metabolism for the production of energy.

Benefits of using Clenbutrol

Some of the notable benefits that stem from the use of Clenbutrol include:

  • Increased mental and physical energy levels
  • Improved metabolism
  • Efficient and faster burning of fat in the body leading to reduction in overall body fat levels.
  • Improvement of mental acuity and focus.
  • Long-lasting and slow release of energy throughout the body.

How safe is Clenbutrol?

Since all of the ingredients included in Clenbutrol are natural, this supplement is 100% safe. Apart from that, the thousands of actual users who have left reviews on various online platforms attest to the fact that is actually very safe. There have not been any reported side effects from the proper use of this supplement.The ingredients included in Clenbutrol

How to use Clenbutrol

Since it is formulated as a tablet, Clenbutrol is very easy to use. You are advised to use one tablet three times a day even on days that you are not working out. For days that you are working out, you are advised to take one tablet 30-45 minutes before going to the gym.

Warnings and General advise

Although Clenbutrol has been proven to be very safe and without any documented side effects, the misuse, overuse and/or overdose of this supplement could cause some adverse effects and is potentially lethal. Although the chances of experiencing side effects or adverse effects with proper use of this supplement are slim, you are still advised to discontinue the use of Clenbutrol and talk to a healthcare professional should you experience and side effects or adverse reactions.

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Remember that this supplement is not for use by pregnant or nursing mothers. Clenbutrol is also not for use by persons who are under 18 years of age.


My positive recommendation of Clenbutrol stems from the evidence that is laid down by actual users of this supplement. From its fat burning and bodybuilding properties, this supplement has proven itself to be of critical importance to those looking to burn fat, lose weight and have a chiseled and better defined body.

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