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Buy Testosterone online – How to do it right

There are many reasons why one would want to buy testosterone online. One of the most common reasons is that they need it as part of their bodybuilding stack. There are others who need to supplement their bodies’ production of this vital hormone due to age related reasons. Whatever the reason may be, the reality is that there is a huge number of both mean and women who buy testosterone online. Although there are lots of reputable online marketplaces and websites that one can buy Testosterone boosters online, a huge number of these places are scams.

What they do is sell you something that does not work, a placebo as it is called in the medical community. Those who do this will send you a product without any active ingredients. Although you will be taking something thinking that it is the real thing, you are not going to see any of the benefits that are associated with testosterone-boosting supplements. Keep in mind that you do not know what you may be taking and you end up putting your body at risk: risk of liver and kidney-related illnesses and conditions.

Buy testosterone online

Another very common scam is where you pay for something that never arrives. Yes, you go to a website and place an order. After you checkout and pay, you wait and wait and then wait some more for your shipment to arrive. The sad thing is that it never does and you are left with a stupid look on your face.

Regardless of this, there are reputable online marketplaces and websites that do not only sell you genuine and working testosterone supplements, they also ship them to you on time. I am going to be doing a review on three of the reputable market places that I have personally used to get my testosterone supplements shipped over. Before you buy testosterone online, be sure to read this review to the end.

The Pros and cons of buying testosterone online

Of course there are some pros and cons of buying testosterone online.

The pros of buying testosterone online

  • You do not have to spend any time walking around looking for the supplements, some of which may be in high demand and therefore not very easily available offline.header
  • If you get your testosterone supplements from a reputable dealer, you do not have to worry about the safety of the products. All of the manufacturers that we will be looking at in this review sell genuine, legal and safe testosterone supplements.
  • Buying your testosterone supplements online means that you are able to a lot more easily research the product before buying since you are online anyway.
  • Buying testosterone supplements online also opens you to choice in that you are able to read on and choose between a wide array and selection of supplements.

The cons of buying testosterone online

  • There is always the chance that you will be conned especially if you try to buy your supplements from websites and marketplaces that are not certified.
  • Due to the success of a few well-known supplements, there are so many knock-offs in the market. This means that you have to be really careful and research really well so that you may get the right product.
  • You also have to be really careful with whom you give your credit card number. There is always a chance that your identity, details or even money could be stolen or sold to a third party.

Some of the reputable places to buy testosterone online

legal-steroidsGranted, there are lots of reputable, trusted websites and marketplaces from which you can buy testosterone online. That said their sheer number makes it impossible to have a look at all of them right now. There is also the problem that most of these websites sell the same sets of products so I am going to look at three that I have personally used in the past and that I continue using.

1.Testogen – On this website, you will find a testosterone-boosting supplement by the same name. Testogen boasts of having the best testosterone supplement on the market. This is because this supplement contains a higher amount of Tribulus Terrestris, a very potent testosterone-boosting ingredient, than most other supplements. The Testogen website is well designed and this makes it very easy to buy from. Apart from that, there are lots of positive review online from people who bought from this website and had a good experience.

There are three buying options on this website: you get one bottle for $54.95, you can buy two and get one free for $119.95 and my personal favorite, buy three bottles of Testogen and get two plus a free ebook that gives you all of the information that you need regarding Testogen for $179.95.

Testogen-buy online

2.Crazy Mass – This is actually one of the earliest testosterone supplement vendors online. Their reputation precedes them as they have a huge following of bodybuilders and athletes who swear by their products. They are also supported by very strong and numerous positive reviews online. Their website provides quite a lot of information about their product, Testosterone Max Elite Series.

On this website, you will be able to buy their products, among them Testosterone Max Elite Series. As far as this supplement is concerned, I did not see any offers and you get a bottle of 90 tablets for $59.99. If you want to learn all you can about testosterone-boosting supplements, the Crazy Mass website is one of the best to do that from.

3. Crazy Bulk – There has been a very big rivalry between Crazy Mass and Crazy Bulk with each of them accusing the other of “stealing” their name. We will never know who stole from whom but their product names are also very similar. This can be confusing to people who are looking to buy testosterone online. That said, Crazy Bulk also has a huge positive reputation online with a lot of people saying that their products are the best in the market. Their website is also choke-full of information and from here, you get to buy a bottle of 90 capsules for $59.99. I did not see any offers on multiple orders or more than one bottle.

Regarding money-back guarantees

buy two get one free entire storeA lot of websites from which you can buy testosterone supplements will often give you a money-back guarantee. This usually serves to reassure you that their product is safe. I know for a fact that any products that you buy from all of the three websites we have looked at are safe so you wont be needing the money-back guarantee.

That said, all of these websites offer a money-back period that varies between 60 and ninety days. Basically, if you do not like the product before the 60 or 90 days are over, you can return it and get refunded for the product as well as any and all shipping costs incurred.

Be sure to look at the money-back guarantee fine-print for each of the products though because sometimes there are small discrepancies and differences regarding the length of the money-back period as well as the refunds that you can claim.

A word of Caution on buying testosterone online

You can never be too careful when buying anything online. This is why I urge you to buy only from reputable websites. Be sure to check out the legitimacy of the website, their money-back guarantees as well as what people are saying about them online. One of caution when buying testosterone onlinethe biggest problems with buying testosterone online is that there are so many unscrupulous people just waiting to take your money. Just make sure that you are on a reputable website before handing out any personal details. That goes for credit card numbers or paypal email addresses.

Your biggest asset in this regard is research and keeping in mind what people say about the website that you are looking to buy from. Trust me, if there are more than a few people saying bad things about a website or its products, please do not buy testosterone from them. It is best to steer clear than to disregard wise counsel.


There are lots of reputable places and websites where you can buy testosterone supplements online. There are also equally bad places where if you do not tread carefully you could lose your money or even worse, your identity. The three websites I have pointed out above are good examples of reputable websites from which you can buy testosterone online. Although this list is far from being completed it is a great staring point.

To recap, be sure to research the website you are buying from as well as its products, but only from reputable websites and be sure to keep in mind the suggestions, reviews and opinions of those who came before you.

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