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A Buyer’s guide to Buying Hemp Protein

These days it is becoming more and more common to use a supplement especially if you are an athlete or a bodybuilder. This is so that you give your body all that it needs to perform at those optimum levels as well as have the strength to get you through your training. You may also need to incorporate different types ... Read More »

Hemp Protein meets all your muscle building needs

A lot of bodybuilders understand that in order to build muscles and have the body that they aspire to have, they ought to have a long hard look at their diets and make the necessary adjustments. One of the adjustments that a lot of them end up making is incorporating supplements into their diets so that they are able to ... Read More »

Creating Your Own Hemp Protein Shakes and Meals

In almost all cases, Hemp protein supplements are supplied as powders. It is usually up to you to find a way to create your own shakes or find a way to take the supplements in creative ways. This is because taking your supplements in one way can get boring quickly. In this discussion, we are going to look at some ... Read More »

Amazing Benefits From the Use of Hemp Proteins

Hemp protein is made out of ground hemp seeds. All the benefits that you get out of the use of Hemp proteins, be it in powder form or supplied as a supplement can be directly and wholly attributed to the hemp seeds from which it is made. It is for this reason that we are going to discuss the benefits ... Read More »

Hemp Protein, Fulfilling all Your Protein Needs

One of the most important food classes is proteins. This is because they contribute to muscles which are what most of our bodies are made of and they play a huge role in the repair of muscle and growth of other body parts such as healthy nails and hair. Although the human body is able to synthesize some proteins on ... Read More »

Buy Testosterone online – How to do it right


There are many reasons why one would want to buy testosterone online. One of the most common reasons is that they need it as part of their bodybuilding stack. There are others who need to supplement their bodies’ production of this vital hormone due to age related reasons. Whatever the reason may be, the reality is that there is a ... Read More »

How to increase Human Growth Hormone

how to increase human growth hormone

The human growth hormone is one of the most significant hormones in the human body and for good reason. As its name implies, it is the hormone that is responsible for growth, increase on muscle mass and has also been shown to be vital in helping with weight loss. When people begin to understand the importance of the human growth ... Read More »

Testosterone Boosters: A review of three of the best


Testosterone is arguably one of the most important hormones as far as bodybuilding is concerned. This is because it not only helps with muscle gains, it also helps with fat and weight loss. This may be the reason why a lot of people turn to testosterone boosters when they notice their levels of testosterone falling off. For men especially, it ... Read More »

Garcinia Cambogia Extra – Magical Weight Loss in a Bottle

Garcinia Cambogia Extra

One of the biggest issues that most of us, especially women, struggle with is weight gain. This is partly due to the way our bodies are made up. In the male bodies, there exists testosterone. This is hormone that helps burn fat while at the same time promoting the growth of muscles. In the female body, there is estrogen. This ... Read More »

CrazyMass.com Review – Crazy Bulking and Cutting Stacks

In and of itself, bodybuilding can be quite challenging. This mostly due to the amount of effort that you have to put in in order to see the gains that you need. Often times, these gains are gradual and very frustrating. This level of frustration can drive a lot of people away especially those who really need to improve their ... Read More »

Testogen review – The Number One Testosterone Booster


Basic biology tells us that men are controlled by a number of hormones and chemicals with the most important one of them all being Testosterone. Apart from controlling the male sexual and emotional well-being, it is also responsible for a lot of other vital aspects of the male bodies. For example, it is responsible for allowing men to bulk up ... Read More »

An Authoritative Crazy Bulk review

There is usually just one assured way of getting the body that you want: working out for it. When following this route, you have to go into the gym with a plan and work day in day out in order to build muscles, lose weight or get the body that you want. Although this is the assured way of getting ... Read More »

Legal Steroids Reviewed – A look at the 5 best

Getting a well defined, chiseled, muscular body can be a lot of work. This is because you may have to train as many as five times a week in order to make any traction. The problem is that most of the changes that you see are going to be gradual, slow and in most cases frustrating. This is especially so ... Read More »

Anvarol Review – A Burst of Raw Power and Muscle Growth

Anvarol Review - A Burst of Raw Power and Muscle Growth

One of the best way to have a lean, chiseled body is to work for it. The other is to bulk up and then cut down on the excess fat in order to be left only with the muscles that you attained when bulking up. Those who decide to go the working hard route usually notice something very fast: after ... Read More »

Winidrol Review – For Rock Hard Muscles & Rapid Fat Loss

Crazybulk Winidrol

As most bodybuilders will tell you, having the prefect physique is hard work. This is because apart from the workout that is needed in order to maintain the perfect muscle mass, you also have to ensure that you have as little fat as possible in your body. This is so that you are able to maintain a near perfect fat ... Read More »

HGH-X2 Review – Rapid Muscle Gains & Fast Fat Loss


There is a common definition for a good-looking body that is synonymous within the bodybuilding community. Such a definition indicates the amount of body fat that one ought to have in relation to their total muscle mass as well as the vascularity of their form. Now, it is not easy to get to that sweet spot that guarantees just the ... Read More »

Clenbutrol Review – For Fat-Burning & Fast Weight Loss

Clenbutrol – For Fat-Burning & Fast Weight Loss

There are usually two phases of bodybuilding: the bulking phase and the cutting phase. The bulking phase is where the bodybuilder eats foods that will help them gain muscle mass as well as increase their body size without overly increasing in weight. During this phase, a lot of bodybuilders will use a number of supplements to help them gain the ... Read More »

Testosterone Max review – Experience Massive Bodybuilding Advantages

crazybulk testosterone max

Perhaps one of most well-known hormone among bodybuilders, testosterone is something of a legend. It is known as the male hormone as it is the hormone that drives all of the major masculine body looks as well as sexual functions and the growth of sexual organs but that is a discussion for another day. The reason why this hormone is ... Read More »

NO2 Max Review – For Strength, Endurance and Enhanced Performance

CrazyBulk No2 Max

When people first start working out, they are often full of energy. They will go to the gym daily and workout for a pre-decided number of hours. As the days go by, these people start to lose track of the hours they work out. They start working out for fewer and fewer hours a day. After that, they start working ... Read More »

Full Review of Spirulina & Chlorella by Onnit

The secret to a long life is no longer hidden. Since we were young, we have been   told that in order to stay healthy and strong, we should include “green food” in our diet. However, today’s vegetables no longer offer the same concentration of nutrients they once did. Thanks to Onnit Labs for creating the super green supplement, Spirulina ... Read More »

DecaDuro Review – Massive Muscle Gains in a Short Time

DecaDuro (Deca-Durabolin)

Getting the perfect body can be hard work. There is usually the change in diet, certain other changes in life choices as well as the work out phase. A lot of people who are looking to change the way they look often start with losing weight. This is often achieved through increase the rate at which the body burns fat ... Read More »

Anadrole Review – For Massive Muscle gain and Bulking Up

There is nothing worse than booking a hotel room in an exotic location with the intention of hitting the beaches and doing a lot of sunbathing and finding out that you cannot leave the hotel room in whatever you would like to because your body is a flabby mess. The inability to wear whatever or even go shirtless is a ... Read More »

Comprehensive Review of ViruTech™

With our tight deadlines and limited time to hang out with our friends or loved ones, we would not want to waste our time off lying in bed with a high fever. If you want to perform well in your work, school, or sports while simultaneously enjoying life, you will need Onnit’s ViruTech to help you combat oxidative stress and ... Read More »

A Detailed TBal75 Review and a Look at Trenbolone

A Detailed Look at Trenbolone in This TBal75 Review

There are fewer things that we as humans are ashamed of more than than we are about our bodies. Everybody has that one part of their body that they do not like. That one part they would like to change or “improve”. Sadly, changing or improving it is not usually as easy as it sounds. One has to make a ... Read More »

A Comprehensive Dianabol Review

People generally go to the gym for two reasons: to lose weight or to gain muscle. As far as losing weight is concerned, it is pretty easy. All you have to do is get in touch with a trainer who will show you what exercise regiments to follow and what foods to avoid plus any other life choices that you ... Read More »

Alpha BRAIN by Onnit Full Review


Keep your mind on track when you try the Onnit Labs’ brain-enhancing supplement, Alpha BRAIN®. Made with Amazon’s Rainforest Super Herb, this brain supplement is geared to enhance your focus and sustain your energy levels. Alpha BRAIN ® REVIEW SUMMARY Commended by numerous reviews and articles, Alpha Brain stood out among other nootropics because of its efficacy. Learn more about ... Read More »

Want Stronger Teeth and Bones? Get Onnit’s Coral Calcium

onnit coral calcium

As we all know, the main support structure in our bodies is the skeletal system. This is composed of bones and muscles but bones are mainly what people mean when they talk about the skeletal system. Movement and protection of vital body organs such as the brain all depend on the skeletal system. Apart from that, the muscles which aid ... Read More »

Product Review of Stron BONE™ & Joint

No matter how much we exercise, our bones still need nutrients which our food could not solely provide.  Although proper exercise can greatly improve the strength of our bones, we still need supplements that will increase our bone-forming cells. To answer all our problems, Onnit Labs’ all new Stron BONE™ & Joint is here to rescue our broken bones and ... Read More »

Product Review of ONNIT’s Warrior Bar

Onnit warrior bar

The best health comes from great food. We can only obtain an optimum performance from authentic and natural food. We mostly neglect our physiological need and do not take care of our diet which ends up in consuming food with improper protein content. If somebody wants to perform their best in their workplace, school, sports and other miscellaneous talent competitions or ... Read More »

Hemp Force Review – The complete Overview of Pros and Cons

In a quest for a delicious complete organic health drinks that can provide you all time energy supply, your search will end here! For the health conscious people who need an extra protein supply to meet the need of physiological requirement, ONNIT brings an entirely new vegetarian combination named as Hemp FORCE™. Hemp FORCE™ is a standardized blend of natural ... Read More »