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An Authoritative Crazy Bulk review

There is usually just one assured way of getting the body that you want: working out for it. When following this route, you have to go into the gym with a plan and work day in day out in order to build muscles, lose weight or get the body that you want. Although this is the assured way of getting the body that you want, it is usually the path that is least taken. This is because it is tiresome, it has the ability to frustrate you and the bodybuilding or weight loss benefits that you see following this path are usually slow and most often disappointing. If you feel that you are not hitting the mark quite right and not reaching your bodybuilding or weight loss goals as fast as you anticipated then it may be time for you to find some help. Although there are literally thousands of legal stacking supplements, I recommend that you go for Crazy Bulk.


Crazy bulk is a group of products that provide a number of bodybuilding as well as weight loss supplements that are very vital in bodybuilding as well as in weight loss. The one thing that stands out about Crazy bulk products is the fact that you may decide to use just one product or decide to use up to six of these products at the same time, a practice that is known as stacking up in the bodybuilding community.

Ok, that is fine but what are the pros and coins of using these Crazy Bulk supplements?

Crazy bulk is one of those stacks of supplement that have a huge following online. That said, these people are usually very vocal especially about helpful and not so helpful products. Below are some of the pros and cons that they pointed out in regards to Crazy Bulk.

The pros

  • Totally natural ingredients – All of the androgenic and anabolic legal steroids that are included in Crazy Bulk stacks are made out of 100% natural ingredients. This means that you will not experience any side effects from the use of these products.
  • Rapid action and results – All of the crazy Bulk products are specially formulated and meticulously balanced to ensure that they do not only provide you with results but that they also deliver these results as fast as possible. Most users of the Crazy Bulk stack say that they saw changes within two weeks of starting the use of this stack.
  • Quality and efficiency – The community of bodybuilders that encompasses the users of Crazy Bulks stacks attest to the quality and efficiency of these supplements and legal steroids.
  • Legal and safe to use – Although all of the products that are included in the Crazy Bulk stack are meant to mimic the actions of other steroids, most of which are dangerous and often times illegal to use, they do this without any of the side effects commonly associated with the steroids they mimic.
  • Price – It is often said that Crazy Bulk products are costlier than products from other companies. While this may be true when the products are bought on their own, these supplements become very cheap once you consider that you are getting them as a stack and the benefits that you get from their use.

The cons

  • Cost – Although we have mentioned that the price is pretty fair considering what you are getting, there are some people who still consider the price of the Crazy Bulk stacks to be a bit high
  • Dosage issues – Due to the fact that you take about four or five supplements at the same time, there is the chance that some users may get their dosages mixed up.
  • Availability – The Crazy bulk stacks are only available online. This may put them out of reach of a lot of people specially first time users.

What is Crazy Bulk? What are Crazy bulk Stacks?

As we have earlier in this Crazy Bulk review, Crazy Bulk is a group of supplements that can be used alone or that are used as a group, stacked up, to deliver a number of various weight loss as well as bodybuilding benefits.

An Authoritative Crazy Bulk review

Although the uses and benefits are varied, some of the common uses and effects of these supplements include:

  • Helping with weight loss – A product such as HGH-X2 increases your metabolism and in this way helps raise the rate at which your body burns fat. The net effect of this is fat loss that leads directly to weight loss as well as well defined and chiseled bodies.
  • Muscle gains – By increase the amount of nitrogen retained in the muscles and in various tissues, the Crazy Bulk supplements that belong to the bulking stack help you see rapid, massive and explosive muscle gains. Nitrogen, retained in the muscles through the actions of various bulking agents such as anadrole and TBal75, is used to synthesize proteins that are then used to increase muscle mass
  • Helping increase strength, stamina and energy – Due to the increase in metabolism that is caused by some of the supplements including HGH-X2, there is an increase in the amount of energy that is released into the body once the process of burning fat is completed. This energy does not only help you push harder and further when in the gym, it also helps you recovery very fast so that you are able to train for longer and more frequently.
  • Improving sexual performance – Testosterone, whose production is boosted by such legal anaboic and androgenic supplements such as Testosterone max, is the main sexual hormone in men. Its elevated levels to not only help promote sexual health in men, they also help improve sexual performance.

What are some of the supplements that are found in the Crazy Bulk Stack?

Before we go ahead and look at the various other aspects if Crazy Bulk supplements, it is important to have a look at all of these supplements and have a grasp of how they act, what they do and what they are. So without further ado, I present to you the supplements that are included in the Crazy Bulk stack.

  • 1.Testosterone Max – As briefly mentioned earlier in this Crazy bulk review, this is a supplement that stimulates the body to synthesize more testosterone. It works though its main ingredient, Tribulus terrestris, to stimulate the pituitary gland to release more lutenizing hormone. The lutenizing hormone then stimulates the testes to produce more testosterone. An increase in the amount of testosterone in the body drives muscle growth, increases energy, strength, power performance and a lot more such as emotional stability and health. With Testosterone Max, be prepared to experience insane workout stamina, explosive strength, rapid muscle growth and very short recovery times.
  • 2.Dianabol – Also known as D-Bal, this is a bulking and strength anabolic-androgenic supplement. It is meant to mimic the effects of the hormone methandrostenolone. It creates an anabolic state in the body that is conducive for maximum muscle growth. It causes increased nitrogen retention in the muscles leading to increases protein synthesis which equals massive increase in muscle size as well as explosive strength.

NO2 Max helps with Endurance, Strength, Fast Recovery,Energy and Enhanced Performance

  • 3.Anandrole – This is a bulking anabolic supplement that helps increase nitrogen retention in the muscles, the effects of which, as we have seen, are rapid muscle growth and an explosive increase in strength. By mimicking the effects of the steroid oxymetholone, it helps with increased strength and stamina, extreme muscle growth as well as that boost that you need in order to start a new bodybuilding cycle.
  • 4.TBal75 / Trenbolone – This is an interesting legal steroid because it is both a cutting as well as a bulking agent. It helps increase nitrogen retention in the muscles as well as the number of Red blood Cells in the blood. By doing so, it helps with immense muscle gains, physical conditioning as well as awesome power and strength. It also increases the rate at which the body burns fat and thus helps you build lean muscles as well as lose weight. By increasing Red Blood Cell production, TBal75 helps supply a lot more oxygen to your muscles during exercise which not only gives you ore strength and power, but also helps reduce exhaustion by helping breakdown the by-products that are produced during exercise such as acetic acid.
  • 5.Decaduro – This is another anabolic supplement that increases nitrogen retention leading to increased protein synthesis. Apart from that, it improves Red Blood Production leading to awesome muscle growth and increased strength. It is a safe alternative to the steroid Deca-Durobolin
  • 6.NO2 Max – No2 Max is nitric acid booster. It is designed to improve blood flow as well as oxygen circulation during work outs. This gives you amazing pumps, increased energy and endurance that helps with rapid recovery rates.
  • 7.HGH-X2 – This supplement mimics the effects of the hormone somatotrophine. It signals the body to increase metabolism whose end result is an increase in the rate at which the body burns fats. It is used to aid in weight loss through increased fat burning, fast recovery, lean muscle gains and is an integral part of most bodybuilders’ cutting cycles.

Regarding the Safety of Crazy bulk

One of the most talked about topics in the bodybuilding community is how safe the most used supplements are. Crazy Bulk often features in these conservations because it is one of the most popular bodybuilding stacks in the world. The verdict, confirmed by thousands of users and people who leave reviews on various online and offline platforms, is that Crazy Bulk products are 100% safe. This is because they are first of all made using 100% natural ingredients. Secondly, although they are meant to mimic the effects of other anabolic steroids, they do so without all of the side effects that are associated with the direct use of the steroids whose effects and modes of action they are designed to mimic.

Third all of the supplements in the Crazy Bulk stack are formulated as oral supplements. This means that apart from their dosage and administration being very easy, the chances of an overdose are almost nil. There is also no need to use a needle when using the Crazy Bulk supplements meaning that users are exempted from all of the nasty side effects that often arise from the long-term use of needles.


General Advice and Warnings

Although there is overwhelming support to show that each and every supplement included in this stack is effective and safe, these supplements are not to be used by pregnant or nursing women as well as persons who are below 18 years of age. Further, although the chances of an adverse reaction manifesting from the proper use of these supplements is more than unlikely, you are still advised to discontinue the use of these supplements and talk to a healthcare professional should you experience anything out of the ordinary.

Of course these supplements are not a replacement for medication and should not be used if you are taking any non-Crazy Bulk Supplements or medication. They are also not to be used by anyone undergoing any medical procedures or preparing to do so in the near future.


There are a lot of good things that can be said about Crazy Bulk, more good things than this Crazy bulk review can cover. Backed by thousands of positive reviews and stamped by the authority of a company that has been doing this successfully for a long time, there is no doubt that the Crazy Bulk stack is the right solution for you no matter your bodybuilding needs. You are bound to find one, two, three or all of the supplements in this stack of great help to you.