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Amazing Benefits From the Use of Hemp Proteins

Hemp protein is made out of ground hemp seeds. All the benefits that you get out of the use of Hemp proteins, be it in powder form or supplied as a supplement can be directly and wholly attributed to the hemp seeds from which it is made. It is for this reason that we are going to discuss the benefits of hemp seeds and what they contain which translates to what is found in hemp protein. In no way are we saying that whatever you get in your hemp protein supplements is 100% what was picked from the farm but about 95 % of what is in your hemp protein supplement was at one time or another inside a hemp seed. So without further ado, the benefits of using Hemp proteins attributed to hemp seeds.

Hemp seeds

As mentioned, they are the main source of hemp proteins. It is from them that we get hemp protein powders that go on to be incorporated into various forms of supplements. There are various components of these seeds that give hemp powder supplements the important position they occupy in body building, athletic and general health arenas.

In summary, they contain various types of amino acids, essential fats and fatty acids, vitamins and a wide assortment of proteins which makes hemp seeds a kind of super food. Due to their unique composition of nutrients, they are considered some of the most potents foods available as they offer a number of benefits that we are going to discuss below.

Increased energy

It is no secret that Hemp proteins are loved the world over by athletes and body builders alike. The reason for this is because they have been proven to offer an improvement in energy levels in people who use them. Hemp proteins are made up of long chain proteins and amino acids. These proteins and amino are a very potent source of energy in the absence of glucose.

Contained in Hemp proteins are what are known as branched chains amino acids. There include isolucene, lucene and valine. When performing strenuous activities, the body first of all utilizes glucose as it is the energy source that is most readily available. In the absence of glucose, the muscles start utilizing the above named amino acids. There amino acids provide rapid bursts of sustainable energy because their metabolism does not undergo processing in the liver.

Muscle building properties

We know that muscles are built from proteins and proteins are built from amino acids. By supplying your body with proteins and amino acids, hemp seeds are able to put you on a path that ends in rapid muscle growth and huge increase in muscle mass.

Health benefits of essential fatty acids

It is a fact that for our well being, our bodies need a certain level of fatty acids. These fatty acids help offer benefits such as reducing inflammation, helping maintain a healthy heart as well as provide vital energy to cells. Hemp seeds contain 75-80% polyunsaturated fatty acids which are considered to be the good fats and only 9-11% of the saturated fatty acids that are not desired in the body.

Apart from the fact that these fatty acids are important because our bodies do not produce them, it has been proven that certain illnesses and medical conditions such as the ones mentioned above can be prevented by the intake of proper amounts of fatty acids in the body.

Long term health benefits

There are a number of other equally important health benefits that come from incorporating hemp seeds and hemp protein powders and supplements into our diets. Some of the most notable ones include:

  • Reducing the inflammation that is caused by a number of long term diseases such as arthritis
  • Faster recovery from disease and injury due to the role they play in the repair of injured muscles and tissues
  • Improvement in circulation. This is of particular importance to diabetic patients who may notice their feet get warmer and less discolored feet.
  • Improved immune system which may lead to less disease incidents
  • Improved circulation system due to reduced cholesterol levels in the body.
  • Improved blood pressure and decreased risk of stroke due to a healthier circulatory system.

As you can learn from the above discussion, there are lots of great health benefits that come from incorporating hemp seeds and hemp proteins into your diet or training regiment. All you have to do is ensure that you are getting the right supplements from trusted manufactures and distributors so that you see all the benefits out lined above.