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Alpha BRAIN by Onnit Full Review

Keep your mind on track when you try the Onnit Labs’ brain-enhancing supplement, Alpha BRAIN®. Made with Amazon’s Rainforest Super Herb, this brain supplement is geared to enhance your focus and sustain your energy levels.



Commended by numerous reviews and articles, Alpha Brain stood out among other nootropics because of its efficacy. Learn more about the pros and cons of Alpha Brain below:


downloadImproves the quality of your sleep. Stress is one of the common caused why a person is having trouble sleeping. Most of us are not capable of controlling our thoughts which result to extreme anxiety even before going to sleep. Alpha Brain enhances your sleep quality by alleviating your stress and inducing calmness.

downloadCombats physiological and psychological stress. Cortisol is a steroid hormone which our body releases in response to stress. Bacopa, L-Theanine, and Phosphatidylserine minimize the production of cortisol in our body and make our brain less susceptible to oxidative stress.

downloadEliminates the post-lunch productivity downtime. As a writer, we are forced to be in the zone especially when meeting deadlines. Inevitably, we sometimes feel the sensation of needing a nap in the middle of the day, encouraging us to drink tons of coffee in order for us to become determined.

downloadInduces lucid dreaming. Alpha Brain has an active ingredient called Huperzine A which is known for increasing the possibility of having lucid dreams. It has been proven that when you take Alpha Brain four to six hours before you go to sleep, you are more likely to experience a vivid dream wherein you are highly aware of your environment.

downloadImproves Neurotransmitting. Alpha Brain boosts two feel-good neurotransmitters: serotonin and dopamine. These two chemicals of pleasure can be enhanced by Bacopa, and L-Theanine, which are both present in Alpha Brain.

downloadAlternative for Coffee. Many professionals use the power of caffeine to survive the morning rush. However, this results to caffeine dependence which usually encourages us to drink more and more cups of coffee to stay focused throughout the day. Although coffee is rich in antioxidants, it also contains mycotoxins which damage our brain in the long run. Plus, it makes our body produce more sweat—which indeed, is unpleasant and unhygienic.


1194985626525719339tasto_11_architetto_fran_01.svg.medSide Effects. According to some Alpha Brain reviews, some consumers suffered from headaches after using the product. This is because; some people are not capable of reacting with some choline supplements that is present in this product. If this kind of symptoms persists, it is best to see your doctor for further examination.

1194985626525719339tasto_11_architetto_fran_01.svg.medOverpriced. Each 30-pill Alpha Brain bottle costs $35. This means you can only enjoy 15 servings of brain-enhancing supplements for this amount of money.



Proven to enhance the reflexes of many athletes, the Alpha Brain also helps many speakers and performers to become articulate and confident. Learn more about what is inside this amazing brain-enhancing supplement by reading through its essential ingredients.

1. AC-11®
After years of intensive research, the creators and founders of AC-11 have already formulated a safe, all-natural, water soluble made from the bioactive Amazon rainforest plant extract. Whenever you feel stressed about your work or personal life, this extract will surely help you combat everyday problems by fixing your damaged DNAs caused by environmental and external factors. Through this, you will have extra energy to do all your routines because it provides your immune, circulatory, and all other body systems with lesser activities to deal with.

2. Alpha GPC
Having a good memory formation requires a perfect coordination of neurological processes. Alpha GPC assists in your brain’s new memory formation by increasing the release of Ach in the hippocampus. Hippocampus is an essential region of your brain that is necessary for memory forming, organizing, and storing.

3. Huperzia Serrata
Most commonly known as Club Moss, Huperzia Serrata has become popular for its effective medicinal benefits. Because of its active compound, Huperzine A (HupA), Huperzia Serrata has been proven to relax muscles and tendons and even improve blood circulation. Furthermore, the use of Huperzine A (HupA) as a treatment alleviates memory impairments for people, especially adults.

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For More Focused Mind

4. Bacopa Monniera
Known for its memory-boosting elements, Bacopa Monniera is one of the most commonly used active ingredients in producing natural nootropics. This extract comes from a herb that is grown in North India. Once used by Ayurvedic medical practitioners, Bacopa was also proven to enhance your cognitive ability and brain health.
Clinical investigators say that Bacopa is an effective anti-oxidant that protects mental health against stress. It has Bacosides, an active compound in Bacopa, which guard synapse in the hippocampus.

For Better Performance

5. PhosphatidylserineAlpha Brain
Popular in the athletic and bodybuilding industry, Phosphatidylserine (PS) aids in muscle recovery after full-body workout and training. PS supplement is a lipid compound that boosts your exercise capacity, helping you reach your peak physical performance.

6. Oatstraw (Avena Sativa)
Avena Sativa is a natural stress-management ingredient that is clinically proven to promote a well-balanced neurological response to exhaustion. Alpha Brain consists of 20:1 Avena sativa concentration, making the brain supplement a powerful nootropic.

For Optimum Performance

7. Vinpocetine
A semisynthetic derivative of the vinca alkaloid vincamine, Vinpocetine is an extract from the seed of a lesser periwinkle plant. Best known for its neuroprotective effects, this extract can also ease the blood circulation and oxygen flow in our body.

8. Pterostilbene
New studies has shown that Pterostilbene is chemically similar to resveratrol—but with better, more visible results. It is also proven to have powerful anti-oxidant elements which rejuvenate brain cells by repairing stress-related damages. Pterostilbene is also capable of restoring brain functions.

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The flagship brain supplement brand of Onnit, Alpha Brain, has been making its rounds on the internet because of its overwhelming benefits to some consumers. Touted to enhance our concentration and memory, few may ask: Is Alpha Brain safe to use? Does it have any health risks or side effects?

In order to be classified as a nootropic, a brain supplement must be proven to have lower harmful effects and toxicity to our body. The Alpha Brain ingredients are meticulously selected and are scientifically researched to create a fully-balanced nootropic with no side effects and health risks.

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Onnit has developed a new wave of nootropic especially designed for people looking for a reliable source of energy and focus. This will also help you achieve your maximum performance level without the need of drinking cupful of caffeine or energy boosters.

Nootropic may sound familiar to us but only few know how this supplement actually works. Nootropic comes from two ancient Greek words noos which means “mind” or “thought” and tropos which means “to turn to towards.” This means “achieving something through your mind.”

As a brain supplement, nootropic consists of essential ingredients proven to make us sharp, focused, and productive. One of the significant jobs of nootropic is to increase the levels of various neurotransmitters Acetylcholine. This chemical messenger is associated with learning and memory and is responsible in the communication of your brain’s gray matter and body muscles. Acetylcholine is also an active ingredient of Alpha GPC which is present in Onnit Alpha Brain ®.


The normal dosage of Alpha Brain is taking one to two capsules every after your breakfast or brunch. For best results, it is recommended that you take Alpha Brain every day so you can monitor the permanent increase of your neurotransmitter levels. This provides a long-term effect on the production and restoration of your brain cells. Some students and examiners increase their dosage to two or more pills when they are studying or preparing for an exam.


If you weigh 200 lbs or more, it is best to increase your initial dose to a maximum of three capsules every day. You may want to take one to two pills four to six hours before going to sleep to enhance your dream state and improve the quality of your sleep. Keep in mind that it is not advisable to take more than three capsules within 24 hours, if it is not prescribed by your doctor.


 You can buy Alpha Brain directly from the Onnit Labs website or you can use their  store locator to find the nearest outlets near you. Sometimes, Onnit Labs offers  coupons and discount offers especially for returning customers. However, if you are  a first-time buyer, you can also save money by purchasing Alpha Brain bottles in  bulk. You just have to make sure that this type of brain supplement is what you  really need.

 Each bottle of Alpha Brain costs $34.95. This comes with 30 pills which can last up  to two weeks to one month, depending on the dosage or prescription you are using.  Onnit Labs offer a 15% discount if you purchase two bottles and 25% if you buy  three. You can also take advantage of other special promos they offer if you  purchase Alpha Brain along with other Onnit Labs products.

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