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A Review of Onnit 180

Most if not all of us have done it: going out on a Friday or Saturday night and having too much to drink. For those who travel a lot, there is not doubt that at one time or another you have experienced the beat-down that a lot of people who travel like to call jet lag. Then there comes that Saturday or Sunday morning you regret what you did the previous night or the day following the flight that you wish there could be something, anything, to help you deal with feeling bogged down.

Onnit 180

Onnit brings you Onnit 180. This is a rejuvenating drink mix that is specially formulated to help your body recover from almost all forms of hangdowns. Onnit 180 is born of the idea that from time to time, we need to give our bodies a jolt of energy and we need them to be up to task in the shortest time possible. Included in Onnit 180 is a unique combination of some of the ingredients that make up some of the best Onnit products there are in the market. There is the inclusion of ingredients from the revolutionary Alpha BRAIN Drink Mix which are mixed with other specialized nutrients to ensure that Onnit 180 gives your body a much needed revitalizing boost.

Working together with the neurotransmitter agents of Alpha BRAIN are adaptogens added in from Shroom Tech sport, a little bit of 5-HTP from New Mood as well as some minerals for your immune system. All of these ingredients come together to help multiple body systems recover from different forms of stress. Apart from the above well-known ingredients, Onnit has also added in some few specialized ingredients to give you an ever better blend.

So, What are The Pros and cons of Onnit 180?

The pros

  • Onnit 180 helps give your body the power it needs to overcome stress.
  • It also helps improve your immune system due to the addition of a few immune-boosting ingredients.
  • Since it is advised only for those times that you really need to recover from stress, you do not have to follow a dosage system.
  • Due to the addition of neuroactive neurotransmitters to Onnit 180, it is fast acting and thus helps you recover faster from all forms of bodily stress.
  • Since it is a combination of a number of other Onnit products, you only need to consume one product to get the benefit of 3 products.

The cons

  • Since it is advised for those times that you need to recover from stress, you cannot use it regularly and thus you do not get to enjoy the benefits of Onnit 180 day in day out.

How does Onnit 180 work?

The Onnit 180 Drink mix is made up of ingredients from the revolutionary Alpha BRAIN nootropic formula as well as other antioxidants, vitamins, ashwagandha and 5-HTP. Onnit 180 is formulated to be absorbed very fast and its delicate balance of ingredients are formulated to help you clear the mental fog that is associated with sleep deprivation, hangovers and laborious travel and helps you make a quick recovery from these three conditions.

It is a well known fact that physical as well as mental fatigue can lead to irritability and less than stellar performance. One of the solutions that Onnit proposes to counter this is to supplement your diet with potent antioxidants as well as vitamins to help fight these symptoms. Onnit 180 contains a number of neuroprotective antioxidants, such as bacopa monniera and vinpocetine that help with increased cerebral blood flow and healthy brain cells. These antioxidants have also been known to help with mental agility and clarity.Onnit 180

The stress of jetlag is associated with a change in time zones that leads to an imbalance in the production of cortisol in our bodies. Although the most common remedy for this is rest and sleep, not a whole lot of us have the luxury of taking a nap right after a flight. Sleep depravity, which is also common when one travels, can make the symptoms of jetlag worse. In order to combat these two bodily stresses, Onnit 180 incorporates Phosphatidylserine which has been proven to help with the leveling of cortisol levels which allows individuals recover and improve their cognitive performance fast.

Remember how I stressed the importance of getting up and running as soon as possible? Well, Onnit 180 contains neurotransmitter precursors for serotonin and dopamine. These precursors help our bodies synthesize the dopamine and serotonin that is required in order to deal with the irritability caused by mental fatigue.

In addition to this, Huperzine Serrata and Alpha-GPC help boost bodily acetylcholine levels in order to help improve concentration and alertness. The ashwagandha found in Onnit 180 has stress-reducing and anti-fatigue properties which help in improving physical performance. As you can see, Onnit 180 is the perfect solution for you if you are looking for a quick solution when you need accelerated recovery.

As an icing on the cake, Onnit 180 also adds in B Vitamins, Siberian Ginsen, potassium iodide and zinc in order to combat the effects of radiation that are experienced by passengers who go on long high altitude flights.

The science Behind Onnit 180 as well as the Key Ingredients

As mentioned earlier, Onnit 180 is a combination of the best ingredients from a number of best-selling Onnit products. Some of these products and the respective ingredients they contribute to Onnit 180 are:

1.New Mood – The 5-HTP found in Onnit 180 is also included in New Mood. It is a naturally occurring amino acid. 5-HTP helps the body synthesize serotonin and thus helps you gain tranquility, overall peace as well as a positive mood.
2.Alpha BRAIN – Alpha BRAIN helps provide a number of vital components that help increase the amount of acetylcholine in our bodies. The net result of this is an elevated neurological status that helps us remain calm, focused as well as mentally driven.
3.Shroom Tech Sport – Also known as B12, the formulation of methylcobalamin found in Onnit 180 provides non-stimulant energy. It also helps the body moderate its 24-hour clock, also known as the carcadian rhythm. This is of vital importance for those who travel frequently.

The science Behind Onnit 180

There is also a number of other helpful ingredients that are included in Onnit 180 and they include:

  • Ashwagandha – This is an ayurvedic adaptogen that helps provide non-stimulant cognitive energy.
  • Alpha lipoic acid – This acts as a very strong antioxidant and it helps with eliminating toxic substances from the body.
  • Sodium bicarbonate – This is beneficial in hydrating dehydrated muscles.
  • Grape seed extract – Another antioxidant that helps mop up any free radicals that might be slowing you down.
  • Silbinol – This is useful in helping the body maintain the blood sugar levels in their normal range.

Does Onnit 180 really work?

One of the biggest deterrent to intentional travel is jetlag. A huge number of people who love traveling say they they cannot do it as much as they would like due to the fact that there will be jetlag waiting for them at the end of their flights. When introduced to Onnit 180, all of our participants swore that it helped them kick off their jetlag faster and thus helped them do a lot more with their limited time on their destination. So the answer to the above question is absolutely yes. Onnit 180 does work!

And it does not work only for those who travel often. I have also used it for those Friday nights I have gone out not keeping in mind that I had to be on my desk by 9 A.M the following morning. I just take one serving in a glass of water, hop into the shower and by the time I get out, I am as good as new.

Onnit 180

How to use Onnit 180

Before I lay down the instructions for how you ought to use Onnit 180 . There is one thing to keep on mind. Onnit 180 is not designed to be a daily supplement. It is specially formulated to help your body rebound from a number of specific stressful situations that may include the following:

  • For those who fly – If you would not like to experience any of the nasty effects of flying, take 30 minutes before your flight and within 30 minutes of landing. If your flight is less than four hours, then make sure that you distribute your servings evenly on either side of your flight.
  • For those who are looking to pull an all nighter – There are lots of reasons why one would like to pull an all nighter. In order to fight the sleep deprivation that this will obliviously cause, take one serving of Onnit 180 to help you stay awake. If you would like an extra boost, have one more serving after getting your beauty sleep.
  • For the pity party – Everyone who has ever partied a little bit too hard will attest to the fact that a hangover is the worst. If you have the blues, just have one serving of Onnit 180 in a tall glass of water. After you are done, go for a walk or take a long shower. You will feel as good as new after that.

When to take Onnit 180

How is Onnit 180 served?

The way that you use Onnit 180 depends on what you are using it for but there are some general rules that apply. For adults who are over 150lbs, one sachet mixed with or served in at least 12oz of water should suffice. If you are below 150lb, then take a serving that contains about half a sachet. A second serving of the same quantity as the first (half a sachet) may be consumed after six hours have passed since the first consumption.

How is Onnit 180 served?


Onnit advises that you should not exceed more than one sachet in a 24 hour period unless you are otherwise advised by a qualified health care professional.

Side effects and warnings

As far as Onnit is concerned, there are no documented side effects of using Onnit 180 as directed. Onnit 180 is also safe to use as it has been approved by various medical bodies. That said, as with any other drug or supplement, Onnit 180 is not to be used by pregnant or nursing women. It is also to be kept away from persons who are below 18 years of age. You should consult a health care professional before using Onnit 180 if you are taking any other drugs especially those designed to interact with neurotransmitters or blood thinners.

Onnit 180 contains Niacin which can cause a temporary flush of the skin. Please be advised that this is not an adverse reaction. If you experience any adverse reactions when using Onnit 180, please discontinue using it and talk to a health care professional.

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When people talk about miracle products, I often wonder why they do not mention Onnit 180 in the same breath. How could a potential cure for jetlag and hangovers not be a miracle? If you are constantly in stressful situations that require that your body recovers very fast for you to perform at optimum levels, then this is the drink mix for you. Easy to formulate and use, you will have fun using it. Since it is also rapidly absorbed too, you can expect to feel a change immediately you consume it.