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A Comprehensive Review of Shroom Tech Immune

Our bodies are constantly fighting diseases, bacteria and viruses. This is a feature that makes the human bodies some of the most fascinating things on earth. Now, from time to time, our immune system fails us and the end result is that we get sick. The good thing is that there is a way to give your immune system that extra boost so that when it comes time to defend your body, your immune system will be up to task. Onnit have developed a supplement known as Shroom Tech Immune that is designed to directly influence your body’s ability to maintain a healthy immune system and recover faster form disease and inflammation.

Shroom Tech Immune

Shroom Tech Immune is made up of a combination of mushrooms and other key ingredients that are known to be some of the most potent as far as nutritional value is concerned. Shroom Tech Immune also contains a special blend of bio-active fungal polysaccharides as well as beta glucans. These beta-glucans are particularly useful in helping our bodies produce killer T- and killer B- cells that are vital in the functioning of our immune systems. These killer cells are directly involved in fighting end eliminating all elements of disease including viruses and bacteria.

What are the Pros and cons of Shroom Tech Immune?

The Shroom Tech Immune supplement has been hailed as one of the best supplements as far as boosting immune systems and functions is concerned. Below are some of the remarks actual users of Shroom Tech Immune posted online, aggregated from different sources and from actual users:

Shroom Tech Immune pros:

  • All of the ingredients in Shroom Tech Immune are highly potent. This means that they do not only act fast to reinforce your immune system, they also stay active for longer thus giving you more value per dosage.
  • There are a lot of studies that have been conducted to have a good look and have a better insight into the safety and working of Shroom Tech Immune. An overwhelming majority of these tests and studies back the claims made by Onnit as far as Shroom Tech Immune is concerned: that it is safe, highly active, fast-acting and potent enough that you will see and experience awesome results within a few days of using this supplement.
  • Since the capsules are taken once a day, it is very easy to keep track of where you are at as far as taking your supplements is concerned.

Shroom Tech Immune cons:

Although the majority of the users who posted reviews said they have seen great benefits since they started using Shroom Tech Immune, there are a few cons that came out of those reviews.

  • Since Shroom Tech Immune is not loaded with high amounts of multivitamins as other supplements in its class, users had to use an extra supplement in order to complete their daily dosage of required multivitamins.

shroom tech immuneA comprehensive look at how Shroom Tech Immune works.

As noted above, Shroom Tech Immune is an immune system supplement. This means that is is used to strengthen and improve the immune systems of its users. Through availing a number of potent and highly beneficial ingredients and components to everyone who uses the supplement, Shroom Tech Immune is able to assist your body in producing mass quantities of killer T- an killer B-cells that are vital to your body’s immune functions. In order to understand how Shroom Tech Immune works and what its benefits are, it is paramount to have a look at the science behind it.

The science behind Shroom Tech Immune

The new food-based Shroom Tech Immune is composed of the same proprietary micronized medicinal mushroom blend manufactured by Onnit known as Immune Assist™. This special mushroom blend which is mostly made up of reishi mushrooms, cordyceps, maitake as well as other additives has been micronized so as to improve its rate of absorption into the body. This blend of highly bio-active mushrooms also contains very potent beta glucans which gives our bodies a positive immune response.


Included in Shroom Tech Immune is Chaga mushroom. This is a traditional immune stimulating mushroom that has been in use all over the world for the better part of the last millennium. The new Shroom Tech Immune is based on the idea that all supplements ought to be food-based which ensures that one can use higher amounts of Shroom Tech Immune without any adverse effects as well as be able to use this supplement intensively for long periods of time.

Also included in the new Shroom Tech Immune is a combination of turmeric mixed with 95% astragalus, lemon peel, curcuminoids as well as oregano leaf. Ginger has also been added to provide an all-round tonic which helps greatly with overcoming a vast number of immune challenges.

The key ingredients behind Shroom Tech Immune’s goodness

Shroom Tech Immune is made up quite a number of ingredients, all of which work together to activate various components of your immune system giving you that all-important immune system boost. There are too many ingredients to mention here so we are going to look at the major ingredients which are believed to be at the heart of Shroom Tech Immune’s ground-breaking immune-boosting functions.
1.Turmeric – Turmeric has been in use as a spice for at least 1,000 years and is believe to contain a long list of healing properties. The active compound in turmeric that is used in Shroom Tech Immune is curcumin. Curcumin is a poly-phenol that has been proven to help the body have better inflammation responses as well as an improved immune system. Curcumin helps with inflammation action through its ability to suppress the production of inflammatory cytokines which are the major bodily components involved in the inflammation process.
2.Chaga Mushroom – This mushroom grows on tress in colder climates most notably in Russia. The active constituents of the chaga mushrooms are thought to be a balanced mix of triterpenes which include sterols, polysaccharides and betulinic acid.
3.Astragalus root – The root of the astragalus plant has been used by the Chinese for centuries for its immune-boosting properties.
4.Lemon peel – As Onnit notes on their website, lemon peel contains a high amount of quite a number of antioxidants. Lemon peel also contains a number of compounds that come in very handy in helping stimulate healthy immune system functions.
5.Oregano root – Best known for its culinary and therapeutic uses, this herb has long been a symbol of happiness for both the ancient Romans and Greeks. Oregano contains a much higher amount of anti-oxidants than most fruits, cereals, berries and vegetables and it has been proven that eating oregano is very helpful in dealing with immune challenges.

6.Ginger root – Ginger has long been used to treat various ailments and body pains. It helps with digestion, reduces nausea and has also been shown to improve oestioarthritis.
7.Another vital ingredient that we cannot fail to mention is the reishi mushroom. This mushroom has been used for centuries to improve longevity and recent studies show that this mushrooms greatly helps HIV and cancer patients improve their immunity. The reishi mushroom has also been shown to help with lowering blood pressure and cholesterol levels both of which are important in improving flow of blood to the heart and other vital organs.

Does Shroom Tech Immune really work?

This is the most frequently asked question as far as Shroom Tech Immune is concerned. Short answer, yes it does! There is a lot of documented evidence where people who use Shroom Tech Immune report improved immune systems and general well being as well as a decrease in the frequency that they fall sick. Although it is hard to judge the effectiveness of Shroom Tech Immune on the surface due to the way it works, not experiencing any illnesses over the period of taking this supplement shows that it truly does work.

There are also added benefits of using Shroom Tech Immune

We have mentioned adversely in this article that Shroom Tech Immune helps improve and strengthen your immune system, But did you know that Shroom Tech Immune also helps replenish your immune system faster than usual should you fall sick? Apart from these immune system benefits, Shroom Tech Immune also helps prevent and fight inflammation. It is a known scientific fact that inflammation is a natural response when your body cannot effectively get rid of antioxidants and bacteria.

Shroom Tech Immune

With the addition of the reishi mushroom, one of the most acclaimed benefits of taking Shroom Tech Immune is its ability to help in fighting certain kinds of cancer cells as well as helping with improved immune systems for HIV patients. Astragalus, one of the key ingredients of Shroom Tech Immune, is known to promote the utilization of ATP by the body as well as improve the production of white blood cells. The effects of these two actions include not only being able to fight off fatigue for longer but also improved energy levels. As you can see, there is a myriad of benefits that are to be had from incorporating this supplement into your daily routines.

So, who should take Shroom Tech Immune?

No one wants to fall sick, and apart from the amount of time wasted lying in a hospital bed, there is also the financial toll that sickness takes on us. This is why Shroom Tech Immune is recommended for anyone who wants to improve and strengthen their immune system. Shroom Tech Immune is also recommended for those who are looking to increase the amounts of antioxidants and decrease the amounts of free-radicals in their bodies.

Side effects and warnings

The fact that there are no documented side effects that arise from the use of Shroom Tech Immune can be explained by understanding that Shroom Tech Immune is made of natural ingredients. This makes it as safe as taking any other herb, plant, root or leaf. Be that as it may, we are all different and our bodies react to different substances and their mixtures differently. This is why Onnit advises that if you experience any adverse effects when using Shroom Tech Immune, you ought to see a professional health-care specialist. Shroom Tech Immune should not be used to diagnose or cure an ailment.

As with ever other supplement, you should not use Shroom Tech Immune when pregnant or breastfeeding. Please talk to a health-care professional if you are pregnant or breastfeeding if you would like to benefit from the use of Shroom Tech Immune. You are also advised to see a health-care professional if you are taking any other drugs, especially those that are designed to suppress the immune system and would like to start using Shroom Tech Immune. Shroom Tech Immune should not be used by people who are under 18 years of age.


Our immune systems are vital to our health and well being. This is why we ought to take steps and measures to take care of, improve and strengthen our immune systems. Luckily, Shroom Tech Immune by Onnit has been designed with this particular use in mind. Through a potent mix of bio-active ingredients and components, it gives out bodies that push they need to straighten and improve their immune systems. This is a supplement that ought to be on the shelf of anyone who understands the importance of a strong and active immune system.